Revealed: Texas establishment Republicans decided not to winterize the grid because of global warming

The National Archives reported Thursday that Texas Republicans bought into a global warming report that claimed the average temperature in Texas would rise 1.6 degrees and, as a result, did not implement winter protections for the power grid.

Texas Establishment Republicans have ignored calls to address the vulnerability of the grid, and electricity providers have failed to conduct security checks for fear of contracting a Communist virus. Now, new information has come to light that the decision not to winterize power plants as required by law was based on a report by the Texas Legislature showing that global warming is occurring and that winterization protections for the grid system are unnecessary.

Ron Simmons, a Republican who once held the seat in House District 65, jumped in to suggest that the Legislature made the decision not to mandate winterization based on a report that showed global warming was occurring at such a high level that winterizing the system was unnecessary.”

Also here is the state climatologist’s report, which predicts less winter weather by 2036 and says we will be 1.6 degrees warmer than we were from 2000-2018. Simon asks, “How do the people who wrote the report know that?”

The report states that recent winters are expected to be “about 5.6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 1950-1999 average” and that winter weather is “expected to decline. But that’s not really the case, as evidenced by weather reports and winter storm warnings earlier this month.

Numerous sources have also been reporting that it appears to be the Biden regime’s federal mandate that is preventing Texas power companies from meeting the demand for electricity from severe winter weather.