Panic? Another outbreak? Beijing Daxing Rongjing Lido closed for testing

On the eve of the two meetings of the Chinese Communist Party, this morning (February 26), the Rongjing Lido in Yizhuang, Daxing, Beijing, and the Beida Industrial Park in the Economic Development Zone were completely sealed off, and nucleic acid testing was being conducted in the park. As for the reason for the closure, local residents said, ask and do not say. Can’t inquire, can’t ask the reason.

26 morning more than 8 o’clock, the park is all closed, personnel only into the out, and asked to carry out nucleic acid testing.

“This morning all tested, said let wait for notice.” Daxing Rongjing Lido small area of an owner told the Epoch Times reporter, the authorities informed the owners not to open stores, but what reason is not said.

“Outside people can come in (the district), but after coming in, you can’t get out, you must finish doing nucleic acid and wait for the results to come out before you can go out.” The owner said, “I heard from the surrounding owners that there were people from outside (who took the train to contact the infected) who came to the district in the past two days and walked around and then left.”

The owner said that there are people saying that Beijing is going to hold “two meetings”, and there are leaders in the building next to the Yicheng Wealth Center, so the residents around the area have to be tested again.

A resident of Daxing Rongjing Lidu District said, “We just received a notice today that the entire community should do nucleic acid, we also asked what the reason was, but nothing was said, not allowed out, saying it was temporary. Now inquire and ask the reason.”

“There must be something, otherwise it would not be closed ah, depending on how long it is closed, is it temporary, or a week, or 14 days.” The resident said, “Just tell us to listen to the notice, at Home, do not go out, and do not let downstairs.”

The North Youth Community Newspaper reporter quoted several netizens as saying that some of them entered the park at nine o’clock and the park was closed at around ten o’clock. Nucleic acid testing has begun in the park. The netizen said, “The property said the lockdown was because there was a secret connection.”

As of 3:40 p.m. on the 26th, no official news has been released by the Chinese Communist Party.

The sudden lockdown of the park has sparked debate among local people. Some netizens said, “What’s happening? Is there a confirmed diagnosis?” “Our company is in the park, and a notice was hung in the morning that we are not allowed to leave the company.”

“I still have the video here, it was sealed in the morning, not even an hour before the nucleic acid test started! I live right next to it! There should be a confirmed diagnosis, trip track in this place! That’s what I heard! Doing nucleic acid is super fast.”

“Two meetings soon.” “Don’t come back, just finished quarantine years ago, I hope it’s okay.” “Yizhuang’s I’m going to cry.”

“How Daxing always does not stop.”