Wake up more people! Marines and “1776 Forever Free”

At last weekend’s “Recall Governor Newsom” rally in Ventura County, the “1776 Forever Free” booth stood out, with many people buying clothing, hats and logos that read “1776 Forever Free.

The 1776 Forever Free booth at the Recall Newsom rally.

The significance of 1776

In January 1776, the American Revolutionary War began; on July 4, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence to the Kingdom of Great Britain, which was also the founding day of the United States; and in December, General George Washington led his troops to victory at the Battle of Delaware.

Cordie Williams, co-founder of 1776 Forever Free, a community-based organization, said, “We support the constitutional rights and freedoms of all Americans, regardless of people’s race, religious beliefs or color.” The organization was born in response to the Communist virus (COVID-19) and Governor Newsom’s tyranny. on May 1, 2020, Williams’ speech in front of the California State Capitol in Sacramento received more than 8 million views on Facebook, plus more than 15 million views on other platforms.

The “1776 Forever Free” sign.

The American Declaration of Independence of 1776 created a free nation, and it was God who gave us freedom, not a tyrannical governor or official, and when tyranny came to our doorstep, I took the oath of office to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic. “

“These harsh communist policies are affecting the upbringing of our children and cannot be called left or right, in fact one must call it pro-American or anti-American. Now the 1776 Committee is being removed, speech is being restricted, and a host of other policies that are damaging to America will make us slaves to other countries. If communism takes over this country, we will have nothing, and that makes me fear for the children and fear for America.”

“Children are welcome to attend 1776 Forever Free’s weekly online constitutional talks, and Williams said, “No matter how powerful the evil, we must have courage in this fight because God is behind us. We need to awaken more people to the fact that your faith can move people until our God-given freedom is restored.”

Marine Corps

According to the official website, the Marine Corps was founded on Nov. 10, 1775, before the Declaration of Independence was issued. The Marine Corps’ dark blue uniform (dress), the only uniform in the U.S. military designated to include the red, white and blue of the American flag, embodies the values of the Marine Corps’ survival and dates back to the American Revolutionary War. in 1775, Captain Samuel Nicholas established Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the first Marine Corps recruiting headquarters to find those who would fight for America, and he subsequently led an attack on a British warship with more than two hundred men.

The core values of the Marine Corps are honor, courage and commitment, and after 1883 “Semper Fi” became the motto to ensure that Marines support the common moral cause in every battle. Honor is interpreted as refraining from lying, cheating and stealing; adhering to an uncompromising code of integrity; treating others with respect; and fulfilling obligations and holding oneself and others accountable for every action. Williams, a former Marine, said I learned in the Corps to be assertive and lead by example, and how to adapt to situations and overcome difficulties.

In 1945, the Marines won the Battle of Iwo Jima after a grueling 36-day bloody battle in the Pacific that ended with some 20,000 Marines wounded and nearly 7,000 killed. The Battle of Iwo Jima was not the most tragic battle; the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp with a photo of six soldiers raising the American flag atop Suribachi, but three of them later died.

Williams often called like-minded people “brothers” when he greeted them, perhaps reflecting a spirit of shared suffering and eternal loyalty. “We lost nearly 7,000 brothers in that battle who died without even getting to say goodbye to their loved ones. This country is really going down the wrong path, and we must give our heroes enough respect and defend the cause they fought for.”