College students are shocked: these words are not from Trump, but from Biden!

The Breitbart News reports that students at the University of Florida, were shocked to hear Biden‘s comments defending Chinese Communist concentration camps.

Students at the University of Florida were shocked by Biden’s recent comments about Chinese Communist concentration camps, which Biden said “culturally, each country has different norms that their leaders are expected to follow,” the report said.

Ophelie Jacobson of Campus Reform went to the University of Florida and asked college students what they thought of Biden’s recent comments about the Chinese Communist Party‘s genocide.

Regarding what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to the Uighurs and Taiwan, Biden said, “Culturally, each country has different norms that their leaders are expected to follow.”

Jacobson asked the students which president they thought said the quote, and most responded that they believed Poo said it. After learning it was Biden who said it, the students were shocked.

One student reacted to the Communist government putting Uighurs in detention camps, “I think it’s very important that we all understand what’s going on to make sure that we can take action to stop these things from happening,” said one student.

Another said, “It’s obviously very scary.”

When students answered which U.S. president made the comments about the Chinese Communist Party and Uighurs, none guessed Biden.

One student responded, “I’m going to guess Donald Trump. Another student said, “Trump. A third student replied, “Trump or Clinton,”.

After being told that it was actually Biden who made the comment, the students were “very surprised.”

One student said.” I was surprised to hear that these words came from Biden, it doesn’t seem like what he believes in.”

Another said ” Joe Biden has campaigned heavily on, for example, uniting people, strengthening ties with other countries and, in general, being a very humanitarian person. So the fact that he believes in that kind of policy and that he has that kind of mentality blows my mind.”

The students added that they were concerned about Biden’s essentially making mass genocide a cultural norm.

“Yes, definitely,” one student added.” I voted for him. So it would be, he doesn’t represent my views.”

Another said, “Yes, I’m disappointed that a sitting U.S. president would say that.”

The students also said they think Biden should be tougher on the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think he needs to work on improving the genocide by, like, being more involved,” one student said.

Another said, “Absolutely.”” Because genocide is not okay, whether it’s in our country or 1,000 miles away.”