Greece imposes a blockade on the northern part of Kastoria in order to contain the spread of neo-coronary pneumonia

On the evening of February 21, local time, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Hadarias announced a blockade of the northern part of Kastoria in order to contain the rapid spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the area. This is the second time since the second outbreak of the epidemic in the autumn that Greece has imposed a localized blockade.

On October 16, Greece had announced a blockade of the saffron-producing Kozani region in the north. Kastoria is located in northern mainland Greece and is part of the Western Macedonia region. According to the Greek sanitary and epidemiological services, the imposition of a partial blockade entails the following drastic measures: the local population will be required to wear masks both indoors and outdoors; no private or public gatherings will be allowed to take place; residents of the area will not be allowed to travel to other places; and shops, nightclubs, courts, hotels, stadiums, gyms and cinemas will be closed.