“Sanctions against China” joint signatory to the German parliament will hold hearings.

In September, Kwong Chung-ching, a Hong Kong resident and former spokesperson of the “Keyboard Front”, submitted a proposal to the German Parliament, calling on the German Federal Parliament to impose sanctions on China and formulate relevant policies under the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, which was signed by more than 50,000 people. In her FB post today, she said she had received an official document from the German Parliament confirming her eligibility for the hearing, but she did not know the date of the hearing yet. She plans to reflect on issues such as the 12 Hong Kong people detained by the mainland at the hearing, describing it as one of the small steps in the “light recovery” process.

She said that Germany is under lockdown due to the epidemic, and the hearing is not expected to be held until the blockade is lifted, i.e. early next year, but she believes that as long as the hearing is held before the German election next year, the result will not be too far off. She added that she hoped to express her views on the importance of saving the 12 Hong Kong people detained by the mainland, the only remaining freedom in Hong Kong, and the collapse of the political system at the hearing. She hopes that the German members of the committee will take a stand on China issues, and she also believes that the hearing is one of the formal occasions to discuss China issues before the German elections, in order to draw more people’s attention to China issues, as well as concerns about Taiwan, Xinjiang and other places.

Kwong added, “the hearing may not be like a magic lantern to realize the wishes of Hong Kong people”, but it will be one of the small steps in the process of “recovery”, and there will be follow-up lobbying work in the hope that Germany will be tougher on China. However, she stressed that relying on other places will only put Hong Kong into a cycle of being influenced and manipulated by other countries, saying, “We must save our own businesses”, and advising Hong Kong people to “recover ourselves and take care of ourselves”.

In September, Kwong and David Missal, a German student from Tsinghua University who had been deported from China, signed a joint petition to Germany with nine requests, including an appeal to the German Federal Parliament to impose entry control, asset freeze and sanctions on all those who violate international law and human rights; urge the German government to charge China with violating international law in the International Court of Justice, and impose more sanctions on dual-use goods. (c) Mandatory export controls to prevent the misuse of military weapons by Hong Kong’s security forces. The petition was signed by more than 50,000 people on 13 October and was declared to have met the target.