U.S. military raids election cheating dens! Evidence of vote fraud has been secured.

U.S. Texas federal congressman Louis Gohmert (Louie Gohmert) said Friday (November 13), according to reliable intelligence sources, in the Spanish online voting machine company Scytl compiled the tabulation of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, there is “compelling evidence” to prove that there is the phenomenon of ballot swapping.

It is reported that the United States military confiscated Scytl’s servers in Germany. According to its business personnel, there are more than 40 countries / regions, a total of more than 550 government authorities choose Scytl’s online voting services.

In an interview with Newsmax TV on Friday, Gohmert said he reported the information to President Trump on Monday morning (9); he believes it could reveal fraud in the 2020 election process.

He cited a German-language tweet that said the U.S. Army confiscated Scytl’s servers in Frankfurt, Germany, prior to the president’s request for the information.

Gohmert said on a Facebook conference call, “Global Prayer for Integrity in US Elections”, that he had received information on Sunday (8 March) from “some former intelligence agency employees” that “could Scytl is a Spanish company that has its main office in Frankfurt.

Gohmert said that the information collected by Scytl will “easily determine” how many ballots bounced from one party’s candidate to another.

Gohmert said that some people also believe that the U.S. intelligence community is “manipulating all of these matters” to cover up their own actions.

“There are people within the administration who are trying to overthrow the president, the State Department, the intelligence community and the FBI,” Gohmert said. “Just considering how corrupt the government was in the whole Russia scam (the Russiagate investigation), it’s disturbing that Mike Flynn and multiple others were involved.”

Lin Wood, an attorney for the Trump campaign, tweeted Friday night, “Biden and his criminal relatives can’t sleep tonight. Biden probably can’t remember the name Scytl.

“His co-conspirators are familiar with the name. They also know the company called Paragon, which acquired Scytl on Oct. 20.

“Everything will be revealed.”