General Election Update 11-14 Trump California Receives Record Number of Votes

As the Trump campaign continues to dig deeper into its investigation, the truth about election fraud in various parts of the U.S. presidential election is gradually coming to light.

According to a new report from the Nevada Election Integrity Project, a Nevada election watchdog group, more than 1,400 voters currently living in California are registered to vote in both Nevada and California, and are voting illegally in both places.

Meanwhile, by comparing large databases, the Trump data team has found at least 1.25 million voters in various key swing states whose data is suspect, and the team is calling each of these voters to try to clear up the truth. Of those, 17,877 voters in Georgia alone may have moved out of state. There are a number of people willing to testify for Team Trump that they did not have someone vote in their name under the application for an absentee ballot.

U.S. Texas federal congressman Louis Gohmert also said, according to reliable intelligence sources, in the Spanish online voting machine company Scytl compiled the tabulation of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, there is “convincing evidence” to prove the existence of the phenomenon of ballot stealing. He argued that the information gathered by Scytl would determine how many ballots were transferred from one party’s candidate to another.

Across the nation, people are beginning to call for a recount, even in California, which is considered deep blue. They argue that California may also turn red if an audit is conducted to exclude all illegal ballots and watered down ballots. According to the count, President Donald Trump also received more than 5.5 million votes, setting a record for the highest number of votes ever cast in California for a Republican presidential candidate.

Here are live updates on the status of the U.S. election.

Connecticut’s governor isolates himself.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said Friday (Nov. 13) that he is currently self-quarantined. The reason is that one of his senior staff members tested positive for the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia).

Lamont Chief of Staff Paul Mounds said in a statement, “We are taking this case seriously and are following all regulations to ensure the safety of the governor, his family, and all of our staff and their families.”

The statement added, “This is a reminder that no testing protocol is foolproof. Even within a government that wears masks 24/7 and conducts regular checks on all individuals who interact with the governor.”

Meanwhile, Louisiana’s Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, is also in quarantine after one of his employees recently tested positive.

Nevada’s governor contracted the epidemic

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced Friday, Nov. 13, that he tested positive for the Chinese Communist Virus (Wuhan Pneumonia).

“It is important to me that Nevadans be notified of my positive COVID-19 test results as soon as possible. I do not currently have any COVID-19 symptoms and I have returned to my residence to begin quarantine.” The Democrat said in a statement.

Contact tracing or contacting people who have had recent contact with Sisolak is ongoing.

COVID-19 is an illness caused by the Chinese Communist virus.

Sisolak is not known to be showing any symptoms. However, he was feeling fatigued earlier this week.

Sisolak is the fifth governor to contract the disease, following Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

However, several subsequent tests on DeWine have come back negative. He said the initial test was a “false positive.”

Harvard constitutional expert: Trump will win Pennsylvania lawsuit over late votes

Harvard constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz said this week that President Donald Trump will win a lawsuit in Pennsylvania about receiving ballots after Election Day.

“I do think Trump is going to win the lawsuit in Pennsylvania.” He said in a Nov. 12 interview on “Breitbart News Tonight.”

The Pennsylvania legislature rejected the offer to accept late ballots, but the state’s Supreme Court upheld Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar’s decision.

“In some theory, it may be the right decision, but the Constitution does not allow anyone in the state but the legislature to make election-related decisions,” Dershowitz said.

Republicans pick up second Democratic House seat in California

Former California Congresswoman Young Kim, who defeated the state’s Democratic Congresswoman Gil Cisneros, picked up a second seat for Republicans in California this year.

In a video, Kim thanked supporters and added at the end of the election, “I hope we can move forward as one and solve the problems facing our country.”

She added, “As an immigrant …… I know there is still hope for America.”

Kim was born in South Korea and grew up in Guam. Kim is one of three Korean-Americans elected to Congress for the first time. Marilyn Strickland to win the 10th Congressional District in Southwest Seattle, Washington. Michelle Steel defeated the incumbent Democrat in California.

In a statement, Cisneros congratulated Young King and said he would take some time to think about his future, adding that he has many challenges ahead of him.

The Associated Press predicted Friday night that King would be the winner. She leads Cisneros by 1 percent in 99 percent of the precinct’s already-reported races.

Democrats won seven Republican seats in California in 2018. so far in 2020, Republicans have moved to take back at least some of the seats.

In addition to Steele and King’s wins, two other Republican candidates are also leading in this election.

In the 21st District in the Central Valley, former Rep. David Valadao leads Democratic Rep. TJ Cox; in the 25th District north of Los Angeles, Rep. Mike Garcia leads by about 100 votes in a race against Christy Smith.

In addition, former Republican U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa has anchored the open District 50 seat in San Diego County. The 50th District has a nearly 10-point Republican registration advantage. The seat became vacant earlier this year after Republican Assemblyman Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges.

King and Steele’s victory marked a surprising turnaround. There are Democrats serving in every state office in the state. They hold majorities in the legislature and congressional delegation, and have a nearly two-to-one advantage over Republicans among registered voters.

King, 58, has apparently overcome the district’s Democratic registration advantage. The district also includes parts of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

“Orange County (Orange County) is making a comeback,” Orange County Republican Party Chairman Fred Whitaker said in a statement.

Republicans to win key Utah House seat

Republican Burgess Owens is expected to win a key House seat in Utah’s 4th Congressional District over Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams.

As of Friday night, with 99 percent of votes cast, the Salt Lake Tribune considered Owens’ lead over McAdams, 2,095 votes, to be an “insurmountable” margin. The newspaper noted that as of Friday evening, Owens’ vote percentage was 47.50 percent, while McAdams’ was only 46.93 percent.

Earlier this year in May, Owens said he must take back Utah’s fourth congressional seat to help Republicans “take back our country.

President Trump tweeted in the early hours of Saturday morning, congratulating Burgess Owens: “Republican Burgess Owens defeats Democratic Congressman Ben McAdams in Utah, Great Burgess, you’re still a star!”

Burgess Owens, 69, is a former American football star who also spoke at the Republican National Convention in August.

Kawakami sets record for highest-voted Republican candidate in California

Even in deep-blue California, President Donald Trump received more than 5.5 million votes, setting a record for the most votes ever cast in the state by a Republican presidential candidate, according to the latest tally.

Not only is the vote count now pending in the swing state, but it is facing a series of lawsuits over massive election fraud. There are also popular demands for a recount in California as well. They believe that if an audit can exclude all illegal ballots, watered-down ballots, California may also turn red.

In California, Trump received 5,536,973 votes, more than the 5,509,826 votes President Bush received in 2004, and more than the 5,467,009 votes President Reagan received 20 years ago.

U.S. Rep: Biden doesn’t want a recount, media covers it up for him

President Donald Trump’s presidential victory in several states has been overturned overnight, and special attention must be paid to voting machine “malfunctions” and security issues, U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes (D-N.Y.) told Newsmax TV in an interview Friday (Nov. 13).

Nunez, the newly re-elected Republican congressman, is the vice chairman (Ranking Member) of the House Select Intelligence Committee and author of “Countdown to Socialism”. Nunez said the security of voting machines is “the biggest concern for all conservatives.”

“The concern is that voting machines may not be secure enough,” Nunez said. He stressed the need to maintain the security of the general election, which he has been raising for the past four years.

“One has to think about the fact that Joe Biden, if he wants to start his presidency, should want to recount every vote.” Nunez said Biden should join President Trump and said, “We’re recounting every vote because I want the election to be fair and impartial.”

“The fact that the Biden campaign is not doing that and the media is still trying to cover it up, I think that’s a serious problem,” Nunez said.

In his new book, “Countdown to Socialism,” published in September, Nunez reveals how the Democratic Party went from being an anti-communist party under President Kennedy to a left-leaning party led by a socialist movement that is trying to “change America. The book also exposes the connections between the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and social media companies.

In the interview, Nunes also slammed the ongoing censorship of content by big tech companies and social media platforms.

“It’s critical that people are hungry for the right, uncensored message”, Nunes said, “and Twitter has been censoring me for four years.”

Looking for evidence of election fraud, Trump team calls 1.25 million voters

Election fraud is occurring on a massive scale across the U.S. election, and in an effort to find evidence and clear up the truth, Trump’s former director of data and strategy has formed a team that is calling 1.25 million voters.

Matt Braynard, former director of data and strategy for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, has assembled a team to look for data inconsistencies in six contested states (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada).

So far, they’ve found problems with the data for at least 1.25 million voters, and they’re following up by phone and against other databases. The biggest problem they’ve found is that many voters who submitted National Change of Address forms to the post office, saying they moved out of state, appear to have voted again in the state where they originally lived in the 2020 general election.

“We’re calling them to confirm if they actually voted or if that ballot was cast by someone else, in their name,” Brainerd said in an interview with The Chronicle Times.

In Georgia, the team found 17,877 early or absentee voters who filed out-of-state relocation notices, a number that is higher than the current vote gap between the two candidates in the state of Georgia. As of 10 p.m. on Nov. 13, the current vote count in Georgia shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden leading Trump by just 14,112 votes.

This isn’t just happening in Joe, as Brainerd’s team has also identified 7,426 Pennsylvania voters, 6,254 Wisconsin voters, 5,145 Nevada voters, 5,084 Arizona voters and 1,688 Michigan voters who have filed notice of relocation but then voted in their original state of residence.

So far, they have identified 631 dual-voting voters in Pennsylvania and 987 in Nevada.

“I was surprised to find out that so many out-of-state address changes have been made. Because it was a very strong and clear indication that people were moving to live elsewhere”, Brainerd said, “and yet they still received absentee ballots, and they voted. And in many cases, as we found out, they not only cast that ballot, but they also cast another ballot in the new state where they live.”

Brainard said, “We know that there are live people who say, ‘There was a ballot cast in my name, I didn’t cast that ballot, I didn’t apply for an absentee ballot,’ and that’s an issue that needs to be addressed.”

“Ultimately, we may be able to confirm that election fraud, at least the ones we’re investigating, may not have played a decisive role in this election, but we’re happy to report that information,” Brainard said.

Brainard said, “If you’re a Biden supporter and you think this was a clean election, you should support our work, because if it was, then we’ll help you determine that.”

U.S. Congressman blasts foreign company Scytl with all evidence of vote stealing

U.S. Texas federal congressman Louie Gohmert (Louie Gohmert) said Friday (November 13), according to reliable intelligence sources, in the Spanish online voting machine company Scytl compiled the tabulation of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, there is “compelling evidence” to prove the existence of ballot swapping phenomenon.

It is reported that the United States military confiscated Scytl’s servers in Germany. According to its business personnel, at present there are more than 40 countries / regions with more than 550 government authorities choose Scytl’s online voting services.

Gohmert said in an interview with Newsmax TV on Friday that he reported the information to President Trump on Monday morning (9); he believes that this may reveal fraud in the 2020 election process.

Gohmert said, Scytl collected information will “easily determine” exactly how many votes jumped, from one party’s candidate to another party’s candidate.

Gohmert said that some people also believe that the U.S. intelligence community is “manipulating all of these matters” to cover up their own actions.

“There are people within the administration who are trying to overthrow the president, the State Department, the intelligence community and the FBI,” Gohmert said, “and just considering how corrupt the administration is in this whole Russia scam, it’s disturbing that Mike Flynn and so many others are involved. .”

REPORT: More than 1,400 people involved in illegal voting in California, Nevada

The Nevada Election Integrity Project (EIPNv), an election watchdog group, has newly reported that more than 1,400 voters currently residing in California are registered to vote illegally in both Nevada and California.

“The Nevada Election Integrity Project’s analysis of Nevada’s official voter registration files (updated on November 6) and California’s voter registration files (August 18) found that at least 1,411 people with the same first name, middle name, last name, and date of birth who are already registered to vote in Nevada can be found in California as well. identity of the registered voter’s information. This figure is a conservative estimate, as common names, which may be coincidental, have been excluded.

“The Nevada Election Integrity Project also points out that these 1,411 people are “active voters” in both California and Nevada, and since both states have comprehensive mail ballot policies for this year’s election, it is highly likely that these voters are voting in both states by mail.