New “respiratory epidemic” hospital in Turkmenistan has been reported, but it still says “zero confirmed cases”.

In the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan, under the leadership of strongman President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, “there are no cases” of Wuhan pneumonia (a new form of coronavirus disease, COVID-19), which is spreading around the world and affecting almost every country, but the media have discovered that Turkmenistan has recently opened a new hospital for the treatment of respiratory infections.

Citing Turkmen media, AFP reports that the new hospital, which has a capacity of 200 patients, treats “infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract and those spread by droplets,” and is equipped with respiratory aids.

The report said that only a few countries such as Turkmenistan, North Korea and some Pacific island countries claim that they have not been “visited” by Wuhan pneumonia, but Turkmenistan and North Korea are not island countries, and the neighboring countries are also serious epidemics, so the “zero confirmed” statement has been questioned by the outside world.

Berdymukhamedov claims that there have been no confirmed cases in Turkmenistan due to the country’s precautions, but the Turkmen health department advised people to wear masks in July because “the air is full of many pathogens and high concentrations of dust”.