U.S. sees China before Europe does French Secretary of State: Europe needs to stop being naive.

The United States has long been aware of China’s rivalry and has opened its eyes before Europe on Chinese issues, according to Clément Beaune, the French foreign ministry’s secretary of state (Secrétaire d’État) for European affairs.

According to a report in the French media “La Croix” on the 13th, Beaune expressed his interest in cooperating with the US government, especially in pushing for the reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Asked whether reforming the trade system would help curb China’s rise, Boehner said that the United States had opened its eyes earlier than Europe to perceive the commercial rivalry with China. Sometimes, Europe’s attitude is too naive, it is time to end this naive.

Now France must rebuild its transatlantic ties, not with China, in order to establish itself as able to take more aggressive action against those who would harm France’s interests for their own trade interests, Boehner noted.