The US Federal Election Commission Chairman: Presidential Election Fear of Breaking the Law: Trump’s Charges Are Very Valid

U.S. Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor noted that this U.S. presidential election process does not follow the law, “then this election is illegitimate,” and President Donald Trump made “very valid” allegations.

According to Maxnews, FEC Chairman Trey Trainor was recently interviewed and noted that voter fraud is occurring in states that are still in the counting phase and that not allowing election observers to watch the counting process is a clue, “I do believe that voter fraud is occurring in these places, otherwise they would allow observers in (to watch) (the vote counting process).”

According to Traynor, election observers in Pennsylvania, as well as other states, were not given the opportunity to meaningfully view the vote counting process, which also allowed for a lack of transparency and “our entire political system was built on transparency to avoid corruption.” He mentioned that the vote counting process in places like Pennsylvania “has not been conducted in a transparent manner.”

Traynor emphasized that state law is what allows observers to watch the vote counting process, and “if the law is not followed, then this election is illegal.” He also added that the lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign carries “very valid allegations” that need to be fully reviewed by the courts, and he expects that some of the lawsuit may eventually be appealed to the Federal Supreme Court.