Brazil’s president asked rhetorically, after the U.S. election was delayed: is the election indeed over?

After the announcement of the election of the U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate Biden, countries have congratulated the dignitaries, with the current President Donald Trump, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro) after the U.S. election, the delay in taking a stand, became one of the few world head of state has not publicly congratulated Biden, Bolsonaro 12, asked, “the election is indeed over?”, did not acknowledge Biden’s victory.

The first thing that you need to do is to get your own copy of the book, and you’ll be able to get your own copy of the book. Is it over, indeed?” Posonaro has publicly expressed his support for Trump several times in the past and has vowed to be the first person to congratulate him on his re-election. Since the US media announced Biden’s victory on the 7th, Posonaro has been slow to take a stand.

Biden recently mentioned the Amazon’s abusive cuts and human rights issues, and said that if the Poissonaro government fails to solve the problems, it will impose economic sanctions on the Brazilian government. Posonaro was interviewed on the 10th, Biden called “presidential candidate”, criticized Biden’s comments in the debate, and warned that “when diplomatic spat does not work, fear to use firepower”, Posonaro’s attitude is expected to affect the future of the relationship between the United States and Brazil. .