General Election Update 11-13 Trump: Huge Support and Warm Feelings

At a time when each key state in the U.S. election has spread the voice of the recount, the Dominion voting software, which is full of controversy in the current election, has been repeatedly reported to be “faulty” or “human error”, giving a large number of Trump (Trump) votes to Biden.

According to an electronic voting security experts, submitted to the court earlier this year in a sworn statement (sworn statement), Dominion software settings and its mode of operation, there are a number of major security vulnerabilities, in the interpretation of manually marked ballots, it is likely to cause some ballots intentionally not be counted, and there is external interference, the risk of installing spyware.

On Thursday night Kawakami forwarded the “Fox News” film, the film criticized the Dominion software, and said that the recent incident of sending 6,000 Trump votes to Biden for unknown reasons, there may be many similar incidents in the United States. Trump wrote, “Biden didn’t win, he lost a lot!”

At present, around the election fraud chaos is gradually being revealed, the American people to the earlier prediction of Trump “mail ballots may lead to massive fraud”, but also more and more agreed. In the two presidential elections, are one of the most accurate polling agencies “Rasmussen Reports” (Rasmussen Reports), recently released the results of the survey, pointed out that nearly 60% of voters across the United States that the increase in mail-in ballots, will lead to more election fraud.

Trump’s campaign has launched multiple lawsuits in key states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Arizona alleging voter fraud and irregularities in election voting.

In an interview with the Fox News Channel on Thursday, McInerney, in her capacity as a campaign adviser, said, “He (Trump) is letting his lawyers take the lead on this and keep this lawsuit going while he’s working hard for the American people on COVID (Chinese Communist Virus) and other matters.”

She said, “But you’ll hear from the president. You’ll get a message from him on Twitter (Twitter) in due course.”

Here are live updates on the status of the U.S. election.

Trump’s Telegram sends another message: tremendous support and warmth.

Trump just posted on Telegram that it warms his heart to see the tremendous support he’s receiving from people.

“Especially with the organized rallies that are springing up all over the country, including a big one that will be held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday (Nov. 14).”

“I’ll probably try to stop by and say hello,” The president said.

As previously reported, the Trump campaign will once again organize simultaneous protest rallies in all 50 states. Millions of Trump fans from across the country will gather in Washington DC, where the president himself is said to be speaking.

“This election is rigged, Dominion all the way up and down (to get the votes counted),” In the article, Kawakami again pointed out the “glitch” in the vote counting system Dominio.

Former Democratic presidential candidate calls for cross-state voting Joe GOP chair responds

Top Georgia Republicans are calling on the state’s Board of Elections and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to launch an investigation. Prominent Democrats and the media have previously called on people to go across the state to vote in Georgia in the upcoming runoff for two U.S. Senate seats coming next January.

Earlier this week, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang tweeted that he and his wife would both be traveling to the Peach State (Georgia’s alias) to campaign for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. They will face off against the state’s Republican senators, David Perdue and Loeffler, respectively.

On November 6, Young suggested that out-of-state Democrats should “get ready to go to Georgia” and “give Joe Biden a unified government.” He said time is running out to mail absentee ballots, and the state has set Nov. 18 (as the deadline).

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman also told CNN that he hoped “everyone” would be able to “go to Georgia in the next month or two and register – and vote – for the two Democratic senators”.

The move prompted warnings from several university political science professors that people crossing the border to vote in Georgia may be violating voting laws.

David Shafer, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, said he was calling on Ravnsborg’s office to address the idea of “provisional” voters.

Team Trump: Americans owe a fair election

Trump’s campaign communications director says getting a clear election result isn’t just about the 72 million Americans who voted for President Trump.

Voters must be able to trust the process of electing their representatives, he said. “They should know that every legal vote was counted and no illegal vote was counted.”

At a press conference with the Trump campaign, legal counsel Matt Morgan told reporters that everyone who voted for Joe Biden should be treated the same way.

He noted, “This isn’t just about this election, it’s about every future election.”

He called this the foundation of the Republic. Without this foundation, America is lost.

He said, “The president has placed this in the hands of every American to make sure that this process is fair and is acting in accordance with the law.”

White House press secretary and campaign adviser Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News that President Trump has kept a low profile after Election Day.

McEnany told “Fox & Friends” that while he continues to work hard for the American people, he is also letting the lawsuit “play out a little bit.

She said that Americans will hear from President Trump “at the appropriate time.

White House business as usual: Navarro: Presumptive re-election of Trump

White House economic adviser Peter Navarro said Friday that the administration is operating under the presumption that President Donald Trump will be re-elected and is therefore operating under that premise.

In an interview with Fox News on Friday morning, he said, “We presume that Trump will be re-elected and the White House is operating under that premise.”

He continued, “We think he won the election, and I think that any speculation at this point about what Joe Biden might do is unrealistic.”

Navarro said that Trump looked like he won on Election Day. Then, he said, after Nov. 3, the other side’s votes caught up with “the president.”

“But if you look at what happened statistically, the president clearly won the election and was ahead on Election Day. And then, after Election Day, in these key battleground states, (Biden) somehow got enough votes to catch up with the president.” He said.

On Tuesday, another Trump administration official, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, half-joked at a news conference that “there will be a smooth transition into the second term of the Trump administration.”

Trump Telegram tweet: democrat rigging!

On Friday, Trump posted a short post on Telegram about election security, pointing out how the Democrats are “rigging” it.

“For years, the Democrats have been preaching how unsafe and rigged our elections are. Now they’re saying that the Trump administration is doing a great job of making 2020 the safest election ever. That’s true, except for what the Democrats have done (to) manipulate it. Manipulating the election!”

Expert: Chinese Consulates and Pro-Communist Groups Control Hundreds of Thousands of U.S. Voters

Trevor Loudon, former vice president of the New Zealand Action Party, said at the “Committee to Address the Current Dangers of the Chinese Communist Party” seminar in Washington, D.C. recently that pro-communist groups in the United States have established a huge voter registration network to attract hundreds of thousands of voters to vote for Biden, in an attempt to flip the results of state voting and influence the U.S. election.

He said that the Chinese consulate and the “Chinese Progress Association” forces, involved in the U.S. election. Loudon is also an expert on Marxist radical activities and terrorist groups.

The Chinese consulate in San Francisco and the Chinese progressive Association play a ‘key’ role here,” Loudon said.

“Over the past 15 years, massive voter registration organizations have been established across the United States, concentrated in the South and California. This is largely run by a pro-Communist group, Liberation Road, which provides staff for the ‘Chinese Progressive Association’.

“This agency pulls in hundreds of thousands of strongly pro-Democratic, mainly minority voters, many of whom don’t usually vote. So they focus their attention on these people, registering them to vote.

“They’re flipping the election results in these states in this way.”

House Minority Leader: recount and lawsuit Trump will win

U.S. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Nov. 12 that although Biden is temporarily leading in some states, after proceedings and recounts, those states will flip and President Trump will ultimately win the election.

McCarthy told the media in Washington, D.C., that “Georgia has announced a full hand recount. The hand recount will take some time. The margin in Georgia is very small, very close. Some of those states (that went to litigation and recounts) are very likely to reverse.”

The two presidential candidates are separated by less than 1 percent in Georgia, where the Georgia Secretary of State has announced a hand recount on Nov. 11.

Trump’s team also simultaneously called for recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and called on Arizona to audit the ballots. Arizona is still continuing to count ballots and Trump’s vote count in the state is steadily increasing.

Pompeo: U.S. has commitment to freedom Form new coalition to crush CCP

On Tuesday (November 10), U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Mike Pompeo) in the United States at the Reagan Institute (Ronald Reagan Institute) speech entitled “America’s Promise”.

In the speech, Pompeo mentioned that no country has ever been established, like the United States of America, to keep the promise that the role of government is to protect the inherent rights of the people. This is the core of U.S. foreign policy, and the source of the confidence and strength that the United States has.

Pompeo said President Reagan upheld this philosophy and pursued a “strength and candor” strategy to dismantle the former Soviet Union. Now, the Chinese Communist Party is the biggest threat to global freedom, President Trump will continue President Reagan’s “strength and candor” line to form a new international coalition to defeat the Chinese Communist Party.

Pompeo said, in dealing with the CPC, the United States has changed the past 40 years of wrong approach, no longer obey the CPC (core interests) delineated by the exception, untouchable rules and regulations, no longer tolerate the CPC’s behavior. The U.S. will help the Chinese people knock down the firewall and put stopping the CCP’s world expansion at the top of the U.S. diplomatic agenda.

In the speech, Pompeo also mentioned that due to the special mission of the United States, the United States can not sacrifice its natural leadership, the international multilateral institutions, has been broken beyond repair, will form a separate international coalition to replace the original multilateral institutions.

The voting machine employee broke the news: tens of thousands of votes that arrived in the early morning all voted for Biden.

Former New York City mayor and Trump (Trump) campaign litigation lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani) on Wednesday (November 11) in an interview with the U.S. television program “Actionable Intelligence” revealed that a voting machine company employees testified that Michigan early morning sent tens of thousands of ballots all voted for Biden, not a single vote for Trump.

Giuliani focused on Michigan and Pennsylvania when discussing the status of legal cases challenging election results in key states under President Trump. Trump has already filed lawsuits in those two states.

He said there hasn’t been half as much fraud in any of the past elections as there has been this year.

Giuliani mentioned voting machine manufacturing company Dominion Voting Software, which has more than one-third of the U.S. voting machine market and operates in 28 states, which hired Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff in 2019 to do lobbying work.

Giuliani said Trump’s campaign legal team obtained a Dominion staffer’s testimony in the Michigan case. The staffer said 100,000 ballots came in at 4 a.m., all of them for Biden and none for Trump.

The staff member was told that these were used to “catch up with Trump” because Trump was so far ahead.

Famous Anchor: Dead Vote is real, Democrats abetted fraud.

Tucker Carlson, a well-known Fox anchor, tweeted on Wednesday (Nov. 11) that Trump (Trump) voters thought the election was unfair, and they were right. The dead vote was real, and the Democrats are abetting fraud by pushing this fraudulent event.

More than a week into the U.S. election, Carlson says, many of President Trump’s 72 million voters still believe the election was fundamentally unfair. They’re right. “Democrats have completely changed the way we vote in this election. Our system has never been more confusing, and it has never been easier to manipulate,” Carlson said.

So was there election fraud last week, he said? In times like these, truth matters more than ever. Election fraud is real, it’s not a theory, it does happen, it’s well documented, it’s just that big media companies choose not to do it.

The position of these mainstream media outlets, Carlson says, is simple: “There is no election fraud. They say it over and over again, but they won’t tell you what they’re really talking about.”

House GOP asks USPS Inspector General to explain federal agent pressure on whistle blowers

Trump’s war room tweeted Friday morning that “House Republicans (GOP) are asking U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Inspector General Tammy Whitcomb to explain her unusual handling of whistleblowers and incidents of pressure on witnesses by agents.”

Arizona GOP files second lawsuit to audit some Election Day ballots

The Arizona Republican Party filed a lawsuit Thursday night against the recorder of Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county, seeking a broader audit of electronic voting.

The lawsuit alleges that under Arizona law, county recorders are required to conduct a random sample of ballots from the counting locations and a manual count of electronic machines in at least 2 percent of the precincts or two precincts, whichever is greater, according to Arizona law. The lawsuit alleges that the secretary of state’s manual violates state law by defining the sample set to include polling places, not precincts.

The lawsuit alleges that the recorder should have drawn ballots from 15 of Maricopa County’s 748 precincts, not from 2 percent or 3.5 percent of the 175 polling places.

The lawsuit is the second Republican-sponsored lawsuit in the state.

Texas attorney general: we refuse to use Dominion for a reason

As the Dominion voting system software comes under increasing scrutiny in the 2020 presidential election, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Newsmax TV that Texas tested the software and refused to use it.

“There’s a reason why Texas rejected it (Dominion software),” Paxton said, “and we didn’t do it arbitrarily. We knew these systems were unreliable. We didn’t want to trust them.”

“We don’t want to get into the situation that some other states are in right now where we’re questioning the results, so we clearly see this as an issue,” Paxton said.

Paxton added that since 2012, Texas has conducted as many as three different tests of the Dominion software, and each time the system was found to be faulty in terms of hardware and software.

“We have found that these systems are subject to all kinds of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,” He said.

Giuliani: Too much fraud in too many places can’t be a coincidence

Giuliani tweeted Friday morning, “Too much fraud in too many places for it to be a coincidence.”

Fox News : Democratic insider gives New Times the scoop, exposes election cheating

[Blogger’s note: That should be the New York Post, not the New Times.]

Twitter: 300,000 tweets tagged “or misleading” before election day.

Twitter stated on 12 November that it had tagged approximately 300,000 tweets as “controversial and potentially misleading” during the two-week period between the 27 October and 11 November elections. This represents approximately 0.2 per cent of the total number of election-related tweets sent during the two-week period.

Of those tweets, 456 were also overlaid with warning alerts and had limited engagement features. This means that these tweets can be quoted and tweeted, but not retweeted, replied to or praised.

Twitter said that after seeing these tweets that were tagged or warning alerts, 74% of people persisted in viewing the tweets in question.

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has issued numerous warnings to Donald Trump’s (Trump) account. Trump’s tweets expose widespread cheating in the presidential election.

Between Nov. 3 and 6, more than a third of Trump’s tweets were the target of such warnings, according to The New York Times.

Trump and some other Republicans say Twitter’s fact-checking initiative has silenced conservative voices.

Twitter said it would keep some election-related changes in place for the foreseeable future, including prompting users to add context before retweeting, so-called preventing misinformation from being retweeted.

The social media outlet also said that since making the change, retweets have decreased by 23 percent, while quote tweets have increased by 26 percent. On net, however, the total number of retweets and quoted tweets has decreased by 20 percent.

Georgia is conducting the largest manual vote count in U.S. history

Election officials in 159 Georgia counties are conducting a manual recount of all ballots cast in this election, a “risk-limiting audit” under state law. Once completed, this audit will be the largest manual recount in U.S. history.

Under state law, the purpose of a manual audit of a race is to test the accuracy of computerized vote counts.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger chose to audit the presidential election vote count. He said Democrat Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by just 14,072 votes, which means all ballots will need to be counted manually.

An audit of the ballots was incorporated into the state law in 2019. The state purchased the new vote counting system from Dominion Voting Systems for more than $100 million, based on guidelines provided in that law.

President Donald Trump (Trump) said in a tweet that the Dominion software “removed 2.7 million Trump ballots nationwide”. The presidential campaign announced that it would file a lawsuit in Michigan seeking a review of the Dominion software, in addition to allegations of voting irregularities.

The software is known to have problems in several states, including voting machines crashing in several Georgia counties.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and other Republican officials said the Dominion software “glitched” and cast 6,000 Republican ballots for Michigan Democrats. The problem was corrected after it was discovered.

Trump tweets: a must read

President Trump tweeted early Friday morning, sending people to watch Fox News host Sean Hannity talk about the Dominion Voting System, which is malfunctioning in this election. Calling the system “inaccurate, unsafe and abysmal. Caused thousands of our sheets to be stolen in the states and given to Biden.”

Trump also tweeted a recommendation for a show about the software done by Fox Business Channel host Lou Dobbs.

On the show, Dobbs said the Toronto-based Dominion voting system “was rejected by the Texas Secretary of State in 2019. The reason was a serious flaw in their software. Why is it being used in six key states and 22 other states this election?”

REPORT: Michigan GOP state lawmakers seek election audit

Two Republican state lawmakers in Michigan reportedly called for an election audit Thursday. They allege anomalies in the vote count and cite affidavits from a lawsuit challenging the counting process in Detroit and other parts of the state.

State Senators Lana Theis and Tom Barrett hand-delivered a letter to Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson “urging” her to conduct a formal audit before the state’s counting board confirms the results of the 2020 presidential election.

According to FOX 2 Detroit, Tessis and Barrett wrote in the letter that “every citizen should have confidence in the integrity of the election process and its results.” “As elected public servants, it is our responsibility to assure the people of Michigan of the integrity of this process through complete transparency and a credible investigation of any allegations of misconduct, fraud or abuse.”

Audit requests are usually made after the results are certified. In this election, a “glitch” in Dominion Voting Systems, the software used in the state’s Antrim County, resulted in thousands of Trump votes being attributed to Biden. And absentee ballots were counted at the TCF center in Detroit, prompting numerous allegations.

The letter also cites more than 100 affidavits provided in numerous lawsuits related to the election fraud. The Detroit News reports that at least three of the lawsuits have requested that the certification of the ballots be suspended to allow more time to investigate the allegations made in the affidavits.

Antrim County later fixed the software problem, saying the “glitch” was caused by a clerk who forgot to do a software update, according to the report.

The software is used by 47 other counties in Michigan.

Trump tweets that Biden didn’t win, he lost a lot!

President Trump tweeted on Thursday night that “Fox News” host Sean Hannity had tweeted the video, which reported that there was a “human error” in the Dominion software that counted 6,000 votes cast for Trump for Biden, and that there may be many more similar incidents across the United States.

Hannity said, “Is it true that Dominion just had a human error, 72 million Americans who voted for Trump, all of them, all of us, should know the answer to that?

In the report, Hannity quoted Princeton University computer science professor Andrew Appel (Andrew Appel) said in October 2018, that the Dominion voting machine has “major design flaws”, when people cast their ballots, the machine can print out more ballots. In addition, several experts have repeatedly warned about the company’s software and equipment in recent years.

In a tweet reposting the film, Trump wrote, “These contested states should be immediately classified as Trump wins, Biden didn’t win, he lost a lot!”

E-Voting Security Expert: Dominion System Has Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Earlier this year, an electronic voting security expert who served as a poll watcher in Georgia’s statewide primary election made a legal statement that further highlighted the system’s many significant security concerns.

In an Aug. 24 statement, Harri Hursti, a well-known expert on electronic voting security, described the problems he saw firsthand during the June 9 Georgia statewide primary and the Aug. 11 runoff election.

Hirsty was acting in an expert capacity, inspecting and observing at certain polling places and at the Fulton County Election Preparation Center. He noted that “the time it takes for the scanner to accept or reject a ballot changes.”

Hirsty said that no dedicated system should have variable delays (variable delays). He noted, “We’re always skeptical of any unexpected variable delays because it’s a common sign of many problems, including the possibility that unauthorized code has been executed.”

Hesti observed different processing times at different locations, further raising concerns that the same equipment “should not behave differently when performing the same task of scanning ballots.”

In addition, there appears to be a tendency for Dominion system staff to completely outsource operations to contractors and for Dominion technicians to have full access to the mainframe and to arrange for remote troubleshooting.

Hirsty noted that this complete outsourcing of the operation of voting equipment to a vendor “is highly unusual in my experience and is of serious concern from a security and conflict of interest perspective.”

He noted, “If in fact remote access to the servers is arranged and allowed, this has serious implications for the security of the Dominion system.”

“Remote access, no matter how protected and organized, is always a security risk and it is moving control beyond physical boundaries and taking away the ability to regulate any activity.”

He also noted that the Dell computers running the Dominion server did not appear to be “hardened” and he found it “unacceptable that the EMS server was not hardened prior to installation”.

Hesti noted that the computers used in Georgia’s voting system appeared to have “home or small business software packages” on them. This raised serious concerns for Hesti.

He said, “One of the first steps in system enhancements is to remove all unneeded software. Removing game icons, game software, installers, and all other software that is not necessary in the election process will be the first and one of the most essential steps in the strengthening process.”

“In my professional opinion, an independent investigation of all 159 counties should be conducted immediately to determine if this major flaw is also present in the statewide Dominion system.”

In addition to the aforementioned suite of software, Hesti also found an icon of one of the computers, a 2017 video game called Homescapes. Hesti noted that this raises questions about “whether all the computers in the Georgia Dominion system have the same version of the operating system, or how the game came to be in the Fulton County Dominion voting system.”

Survey: 59% of U.S. Voters Concerned Voting by Mail Will Lead to Election Fraud

The Rasmussen Reports, an opinion polling organization, is one of the most accurate pollsters in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. According to Rasmussen Reports, which released the results of the latest poll, 59% of voters are concerned that “an increase in voting by mail will lead to more election fraud.

Forty-four percent are “very worried,” while 15 percent are “somewhat worried,” 13 percent are “not too worried” and only 27 percent are “not at all worried.

Nevada voters tell of being denied scrutiny

Thursday, November 12 was the last day of counting in Clark County, Nevada’s largest percentage of voters. Voter Rade Zone went to the election office headquarters to monitor the final counting process, but was refused.

Zorn said he wanted to monitor the final vote counting process. “I thought being a member of the public would allow me to come in and observe (the counting).” However, when he arrived at the headquarters of the Clark County Registrar of Voters office, he was told there would be a wait.

“They (Elections Office staff) said you have to wait 20 minutes until the Elections Ambassador comes back from lunch. So I signed in on a document first.” Zorn said, “and then the Elections Ambassador came to the window and she said, ‘There’s nothing to see, all the votes have been counted.'”

However, as of Thursday morning, Clark County still had some ballots that had not yet been counted, including 60,000 provisional ballots. Therefore, it was unacceptable to Zorn for Clark County to refuse to allow voters inside to monitor the ballots while the counting was still not complete. Not only that, but when the request for a supervisor was denied, the staff called the police and “asked” him to leave the building where the elections office was located. But under Nevada’s Revised Statutes, anyone can supervise and no special identification is required.

Zorn was not the only voter who was refused permission to supervise the count that day. Another voter also told the newspaper that he had already worked as a poll watcher and was turned away from the Clark County Registrar of Voters office on the 12th, again because there was nothing to supervise.

McInerney: Voters will hear from Trump in due time

White House press secretary and campaign adviser Kayleigh McEnany says Americans will hear from President Donald Trump “at the appropriate time” after his suspension of appearances and last press conference.

In an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on November 12 as a campaign adviser, McEnany said, “He [Trump] is letting his lawyers take the lead on this and keeping this lawsuit going while he’s working on behalf of the American people! work, dealing with COVID (Chinese Communist Virus) and other matters.”

She said, “But you will get a message from the president. You’ll get a message from him on Twitter (Twitter) in due course,”