An American Coup in a Political and Business Media Conspiracy

While Taiwan society is debating whether the pro-China CTS should be removed from the airwaves under freedom of speech, the leftist media in the US and the rightist media bought by red money are playing a “kingmaker” game to protect Biden.

Trump launches judicial counterattack

After Trump’s camp began judicial proceedings, November 10, the U.S. RCP official website quietly removed Biden’s votes, back to 259 votes, showing that Biden has not crossed the 270 threshold, Georgia and Michigan two states also agreed to restart the manual ballot inspection, this time, there is drama to see.

On election day, the first to announce the election of Biden is “Associated Press”, now really embarrassing, the Associated Press is a national news agency, take the government’s salary, but can not wait to anti-Trump, the position is very strange, according to reason, the Associated Press in the past election will comply with the “Federal Election Commission” signal, before following up, this time inevitably run too fast, the Associated Press issued a release, other media to follow up, and now prove that the Associated Press announced too fast, too fast, trying to cooked rice skills, “first to shout first to win” strategy, as clear as day, the behind-the-scenes conspiracy, but also with the passage of time to show out.

The biggest problem is now in Pennsylvania, the other five controversial swing states problems are not small, US Attorney General Barr has approved a judicial investigation of these controversial state governments, Trump’s lawyer said: “the Democratic Party machine and the leftist media and anti-Trump businessmen are splitting hairs and conspiring to promote this coup to exploit the election and pull down Trump”, more and more evidence that the shadow warriors behind the shadow warriors have been called out, Pennsylvania is rumored to have a lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook CEO, Zukerber and Ducey can not get away from the relationship, because these two guys in Pennsylvania to spread big money to assist the Democratic Party vote count.

Pompeo said in an interview on the 11th that the United States and the Chinese Communist Party have not finished settling accounts, and that the United States will enter a second Trump administration, the tone of confidence, although the possibility of a reversal is theoretically not high, unless you really get evidence of Democratic Party bureaucrats manipulating the election, the problem is that this kind of evidence is the most difficult to obtain, Trump’s legal team currently holds more than a thousand people, willing to appear in court to testify to the strange phenomenon they witnessed. A voter in New Jersey said, “he saw more than a dozen ballot boxes were sent away by truck to another place to open the ballot count”, Pennsylvania also appeared more than 10,000 dead people out to vote, as for other vote counting software failure, the ballot logging errors, and so on the news also chills people, straight out of American democracy to this point, in the end how?

Some people think that Trump has offended the media too much in the past, so the media backlash, which Trump deserves, the problem is, such an important election, the future of the country at stake, the media has the responsibility and morality to abandon the past stereotypes of Trump, just after the vote, Trump spoke, midway cut out by the three major television stations, this method not only does not abide by journalistic ethics, if, this move behind the lack of manipulators, it is really hard to believe. Even if there was a lack of evidence for Trump’s talking charges, the media could have let Trump finish his sentence and then made a note, which is more normal news handling and a minimum of respect for the Führer, but instead gave Biden the green light all the way, and before the election, deliberately did not report on the Biden family scandal, which is more selective than journalistic ethics, so this election was set up from the start, and it was a so-called liberal left media, and the big Lesson Learned.

America’s left media manipulates elections

The manipulation of an unfair election, itself a coup d’état, happened in Belarus, just ended, Belarus is still considered a beginner in the democratic system, now this kind of manipulation, can happen in a country like the United States, that is not just regrettable, an immigrant to the United States Chinese in an interview, said: “The factor of immigration to the United States is to envy the democratic freedom of the United States, if the election can be manipulated, the future will not go to the polls”.

Mao Zedong believed that words are better than guns, using words to brainwash the enemy can pull them over and turn them into your helpers, then drive these people to fight over, this is the “pull over and fight over” united front theory practice.

Before the U.S. election, Chuan Pu has seen the red media harm, declared more than a dozen media as “foreign agents”, especially to combat shaking and WeChat, red infiltration of the U.S. media, see Chuan Pu in power since, the danger is gradually approaching, so use the election to drill troops, gather power for a big counterattack, this time the U.S. election, we see the media, financial big money, and Democratic Party politicians comprehensive handshake cooperation, subverting the United States of America’s story is being staged, said this is a coup, just right.