Good versus evil. The election is split. The people choose the future.

Two hundred and forty-four years ago, the wise Founding Fathers of the United States established a great America through their faith in God, and four years ago, the obedient President Trump vowed to “make America great again” and stated the true meaning of what makes America great… “Worship not the Government, but God”.

The world knows that the foundation of America’s ability to lead the free world for two hundred years is the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc. laid down by our forefathers – “The following truth is self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights ……”

All human rights are rights bestowed upon man by the Creator (God). The defence of human rights is also a God-given mission of mankind, which is what makes the United States free, democratic and prosperous and what makes the United States “America”.

Today, however, the extreme leftists and the communist red devils behind them are trying to use lies and deceit to “steal” the American election, deprive the people of their rights and freedoms, and influence the American president chosen by God for mankind. This not only blasphemes man’s faith in God and brings shame to America, but also drags the American people and all mankind to the edge of danger.

Fraudulent Elections and Plague on America

Look at what has happened in the most sacred of presidential elections in the United States, the mecca of democracy that once led the world with justice and freedom.

The leftist-controlled mainstream media not only confused people with unrealistic election polls, filtered and blocked corruption and pro-communist scandals against the Biden family of the Democratic candidate, published distorted reports during the election voting process, and even took over the Constitution and public opinion to declare Biden the winner when fraud was exposed and the results of the election were inconclusive.

Equally horrific were the massive election fraud and fraud that was exposed: the inexplicable stoppage of vote counting in key states on voting night when Trump was ahead, and then the influx of nearly 100 percent of Biden votes; the illegal blocking of observers at polling centers, the obscuring of what should have been a public vote count, and the inability of Republican scrutineers to see the count up close even after a court order; and the illegal blocking of observers in one state alone, Nevada. DOJ prosecutes over 3,000 instances of voter fraud; multiple automated voting systems exposed as flawed, deliberately transferring Trump votes to Biden; countless mail-in ballots across the U.S. exposed by voters as fraudulent, including duplicates, impersonators, and even voters who have been dead for years …… is now known to have thousands of witnesses Willing to testify under oath.

Great country, fraud and chaos, unimaginable, not only hit the free world proud of the constitutional democracy, trample human civilization and moral bottom line, but also foreshadowed the United States facing a critical future: if the leftist agents really “steal” the U.S. election, the United States and the world will be evil socialist erosion and dragged into the abyss.

The election is a battle of good versus evil, and Trump versus the red devil.

All of this, as the editorial “The Devil Is Ruling Our World” of the editorial board of the Nine Review states, “The Devil has taken over our world” and “Even the United States, which is considered the leader of the free world, has almost completely fallen under the onslaught of the evil communist spirit.”

The editorial stated that “this devil is the evil spirit of communism” and that “the ultimate goal of this evil spirit is the destruction of mankind”. Under such confusing names as socialism, progressivism, liberalism, neo-Marxism, and various left-wing parties, and under such seemingly righteous banners as “globalization” and “political correctness,” the evil spirit has infiltrated education with slogans such as democracy, equality, and social justice. , media, art, law, and many other areas, “to destroy by any means possible everything traditional, including faith, religion, morality, culture, family, art, education, law, etc., and to plunge people into the abyss of moral degradation.”

The fraudulent chaos in the 2020 U.S. election means that “the plot of the evil communist spirits to destroy mankind has almost succeeded.” President Trump has already warned in the election: if Biden is elected, the Chinese Communist Party will own America.

If we look at the views and backgrounds of the Democratic Party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates, the performance of leftist forces such as the mainstream media, tech giants and conglomerates in the election and their past history of collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the positions of certain national leaders in the US election, it is easy to see that no matter what pretext or claim they make, what the leftists want to implement is socialism (communism), and the extreme left is morphing from awareness to behavior just like the Chinese Communist Party.

Since his inauguration in 2017, President Donald Trump has not only created one economic miracle after another for the U.S., but has also halted the downward spiral toward leftist socialism that has characterized the U.S. since the last century, leading the American people to restore traditional morality and uphold universal values, in the face of the vilification of the U.S. mainstream media and breaking through the constraints of the dark forces of politics, business, culture and religion.

Donald Trump was not only the first U.S. president to host a conference on religious freedom at the United Nations, he was also the first president in 30 years to actually bring the protection of religious freedom to the level of government. He is the first and only U.S. president since President Reagan to recognize the evil of communism and to begin a campaign against the Chinese Communist Party.

He led the U.S. to change its 30-year policy of appeasement of the Chinese Communist Party and sounded the alarm against it around the world. Before the election, President Trump was leading the free world in a general offensive to besiege the Chinese Communist Party and make communist evil invisible to the Chinese people and the international community.

Even after the election fraud, President Trump did not flinch or waver in the face of the ferocious sniping launched by the leftist national and even global news machine as well as the dark forces in the U.S. executive and judicial systems.

He launched legal challenges in the states where there was fraud, and at the same time intensified his purges of the Chinese Communist Party to help the Chinese people knock down the high walls of the Chinese Communist Party network.

The U.S. election is not over. President Trump is battling the left and the red demons of the Communist Party.

Choosing the Future: Right and Left, Good and Evil

As a matter of fact, the battle between “left and right” today has transcended political parties and even ideologies, and has become a battle between good and evil.

Today, the so-called extreme leftists have been infiltrated by communism, and behind them are the evil spirits of communism and the Red Devils of the Chinese Communist Party. The so-called “rightists” are in fact social forces calling for a return to traditional morality, adherence to universal values and positive faith in God.

More and more people are realizing that the 2020 U.S. election is not a battle between the two parties, or between Trump and Biden, but between traditional values and socialism, “a battle between good and evil, between God and the devil”.

In this election, President Trump confronted not only corrupt politicians, fraudulent government officials, manipulation of public opinion of the “mainstream” media, but also by the evil communism corrupted culture, education, science and other leftist forces of all walks of life and even some allied governments.

However, he is not alone. Kawakami not only has the support of political allies who adhere to the traditional values, but also has the help of new media who uphold the tradition and news principles, as well as the prayers and support of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and countries who believe in universal values.

The Chairman of the U.S. Federal Election Commission has stated that he is convinced that there was fraud in the election.

Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and numerous high-profile members of Congress and senior federal and state officials have spoken out against fraud in the election.

Many prominent lawyers, stars and celebrities in the U.S. community have spoken out against election fraud and pointed out that the left will lead the U.S. into the danger of socialism.

The international community also has many countries do not recognize Biden won the election, including Mexico and other government leaders pointed out that the U.S. election is not a foregone conclusion, it is not appropriate to congratulate the winner in advance.

And in the private sector, in the righteous media broke through the darkness of the report, many people have raised the cry in their hearts, “He (Trump) is the lion, fight for us.”

When President Trump launched his trade war to counter the CCP’s economic penetration in 2019, he bluntly said, “I’m the Chosen One, so I’m going to challenge China (CCP).”

As it turns out, he is not only fighting against the CCP and for the American people, but also for those around the world who are committed to tradition and morality.

The “Ninth Commentary Editorial” editorial, “The Ultimate Purpose of Communism,” stated, “The merciful God has not forgotten man. While the devil plots his schemes, God has also arranged for the final awakening of mankind in the midst of crisis.”

In this U.S. election, what Trump is really up against is not the U.S. Democrats or the leftist populace blinded by communist ideology. He shoulders the God-given historical mission of “returning to tradition and dismantling the Chinese Communist Party”. He is fighting against the evil communist spirits behind the leftist forces, the red devils of the Chinese Communist Party, which are the real enemies of the United States.

And what the leftist forces infiltrating the United States are trying to steal in the election is not only a presidency and power, but also the people’s natural human rights of election, freedom of speech and religion, as well as the future of Americans and all mankind.

For what the left advocates and wants to implement in the U.S. and around the world is really bringing to the table is not specious slogans or unsustainably high welfare, but the lies, fraud, corruption and power exposed in this election, and the nightmares and blood and tears of suffering that billions of people around the world have already experienced.

In more than a century of the Red Movement of Communism, the world has witnessed more beautiful utopian lies, but also more evil terror, persecution, murder and moral degradation, accompanied by poverty, famine and unrest. Communist evilism once ruled and ravaged one-third of the world’s population, destroyed splendid traditional culture and excellent morals, and brought unprecedented disasters to mankind, especially to the Chinese Communist Party.

The former Eastern European countries have abandoned communism, people from all over the world have come to the United States to pursue their dreams and freedom, and the ultra-left and the red devil behind them are trying to lead people back to socialism, to put on shackles, and to lead them to destruction.

The Chronicle editorial states, “God will surely triumph over the devil, but which side we choose to take determines the eternal destination of our lives.”

This U.S. election is like a far-reaching, all-seeing demon mirror that hits the heart and shines everyone in, so that people, governments, and organizations caught up in the battle between left and right are forced to confront, consider, and make a choice.

The will of God is clear, and the people of God are corresponding. Since the day of the U.S. election, following the different choices made by countries around the world on the election, the new coronary pneumonia (CCP virus) epidemic spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has also shown sudden changes, with a sharp increase in the number of new cases in some countries in a single day. After the outbreak of massive fraud on voting day, the number of new cases in the United States surpassed 100,000 the next day, and has remained at record highs ever since.

The red devil is rampant, the epidemic is approaching, this is really a critical juncture. The Epoch Times has pointed out that the Chinese virus is aimed at the Communist Party, and the epidemic will change because of people’s attitude towards the Communist Party.

At this critical moment of the election, any media, judge, government official, member of the public, or any party involved in the struggle between left and right has the opportunity to follow their conscience, speak the truth, and show moral courage to change the situation in the face of election fraud and malpractice. Because when faced with the threat of the evil Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Red Devils, everyone can be a victim, from man-made disasters to natural disasters, and no one is immune.

Each of us is facing an “election” that concerns our future, and we all have to make a spiritual choice: to transcend party affiliation, to reject the Red Devils, to distinguish between good and evil, to stick to tradition, and to choose the light. Only when justice is done and conscience is awakened will the dust of the election really settle.