Grey pet industry chain: no money to be made with a conscience

Love it, are you wrong.

Once a cat sucker, always a cat sucker.

It’s cool to jerk a cat for a while, but it’s not cheap to keep jerking a cat all the time, especially monetarily.

If you think that most people in the pet industry are very loving, you’re wrong.

The cats that look expensive, “pedigree pure” cats, most of the cat through the cat market low-cost purchase, and then spend money online to solve the pedigree certificate, the price can be ten times, or even twenty times sold.

The pet shop, pet hospital display of cat food, most have experienced the baptism of the dealer.

Only choose the expensive, not the right, is the shop owners get rich with high rebates.

This microscopic story is about a group of practitioners in the grey pet industry chain, among them.

(b) Some people are responsible for selling low-quality cat food and purchase it from Hebei feed mills, mixing it with Kratom powder in order to reduce the cost of cat food, which has an excessively low protein ratio and an imbalance of calcium and phosphorus, leading to kidney failure and a shortened life span of the pet.

Those who opened catteries for the love of cats but were unable to make ends meet due to their unwillingness to cage cats and give their kittens as oxytocics, and were eventually forced out by unscrupulous peers.

Others have been running a veterinary hospital for several years and have seen too many people who cannot afford the high cost of pet care and abandon their pets.

How much are you willing to give for your furry friend? Love is priceless, but love that is used is royally overpriced.

Here is the true story about them.

“Poisoned cat food” mostly from Hebei feed mill. I quit after the leader poisoned an Alaskan.

Chen Lu, 26, former marketing manager in the pet industry.

Five years ago, I graduated from college and joined a pet e-commerce company just because I love pets.

This company produces cat food in the top three domestic cat food sales list, and I am responsible for the sales of this cat food.

The actual actual time, the actual time, the actual time, the actual time, the actual time, the actual time, the actual time, the actual time.

So, dog and cat food has been considered a windfall industry, our profits can reach about 40%.

Because of the amount of money we make, the company pays me a very high salary, which can go up to 5,000 yuan per month.

I’m from the Northeast, and this salary is about 2,000 yuan higher than my classmates who work in other industries in the Northeast. Together with all kinds of five insurance, benefits, etc., it’s a very enviable job.

In pet food sales, the most important thing is the sales channel.

At that time, we worked with distributors around the world to distribute our products, which were mainly sold in e-commerce, or pet supply stores.

Supermarkets were the lowest-priority channel – supermarket price transparency would suppress distributor profits.

Our internal slogan is, to take “every cat, dog’s first food”.

After all, many pets are still relatively picky, and dog and cat food easily 5 pounds, 10 pounds, as long as the pet can accept the beginning, the owner will generally continue to buy, and become a loyal user of the brand.

At the time, online introductions to pet food were still incomplete, and consumers were more willing to trust the recommendations of pet store owners, as well as veterinarians, when making their choices.

So most of my work was spent negotiating with catteries, vets, and pet stores to get the “first ration” at all costs.

We’ll have the cattery fill a gift bag with our products for the new shoveler.

Work with pet hospitals and pet stores to get them to recommend our products and we split, return deductions and bonuses with the referrers.

So you’ll find that most of the cat food the vet hospital puts out you’ve never heard of because it’s not the best quality or the best reputation, but the most profitable.

My leader is the company’s regional manager, although the monthly base salary of 6,000 yuan, but by 5% commission, the end of the hand can have more than 20,000 yuan, the end of the year can also have more than 100,000 dividends.

Industry professionals know that foreign cat food is of better quality.

Cats’ kidneys are very fragile, so they are especially delicate on cat food. Many domestic cat food ration problems, easy to increase the cat’s kidney burden, is “poisonous cat food”.

But how many people will really do a post-mortem examination on a cat? Even if you think it’s caused by “poisonous cat food”, it’s hard to get legal support to enforce your rights, and even more impossible.

In addition, there is a chain of despise in domestic food, the worst of which is “Hebei grain”.

Hebei feed industry developed, pet food after the rise of many feed mills transition to do cat food, and even the straw crushed mixed in the cat food, a kilogram of a few dollars cost to sell to hundreds of pieces.

In addition, there are many “pseudo-imported” cat food, such as royal cat food.

Royal Cat Food’s raw materials, production sites are in China, but the trademark is foreign, so it has become an imported cat food.

Imported cat food is expensive and profitable, so it is sold at a high price with the same quality and cost as domestic cat food.

The cat food market is also particularly confusing with competitors smearing each other and writing negatively about the situation.

Some new brands of cat food, which mainly focus on low price and high quality, are rumored to be “poisonous cat food” during the promotion period because they affect the profit margin of other low-quality food.

As long as a few “owners” said that the new brand is “finished”, the new brand is basically “finished”.

Sometimes these rumors are spread by the distributors in order to get these new brands to work with them and give them more money.

Most of what I’m talking about is also the first-tier cities, and the cats in the “sinking market” are having an even worse time.

Most of the pet stores in fourth and fifth cities sell “poisonous cat food”, after all, most of the owners there use leftovers to feed their pets, and for them, buying professional cat food is already a kind of love for their cats.

Therefore, they will not choose expensive cat food, and trust the recommendation of their vet more.

I remember one year when I went to do market research, visited a pet shop in a third-tier city in Sichuan, where almost all the shelves are Hebei cat food.

Although now online shopping to break the price opaque situation, so that the profit of cat food from 40% to 20%, but many dealers also began to find other profiteering products.

For example, pet toys, a cost of less than 2 yuan laser pens, set a plastic cat claw shell, can be sold for 100 yuan.

There are also scented candles for pet deodorization and tooth cleaning powders, all of which cost hundreds of dollars.

I’m a cat owner myself, and I eventually left the industry because I couldn’t live with my own conscience.

My leader once caused the death of his always very cute Alaskan dog because he had peddled a certain non-compliant drug.

But instead of blaming himself in any way, the leader traded in a Tesla and showed it to me because he made a huge profit during that time.

The industry is so twisted that if you’re going to make money, you must tread in your pet’s blood, so I chose to leave.

Nowadays, I buy cat food more carefully than ever before, looking first at the reliability of the import channel, then at the brand, nutritional ratios, and even googling test reports or professional evaluations.

After all, having been in this business, I know better how black-hearted these people are, and my cat is a family member I want to protect.

Don’t open a cattery if you love it, and be fed oxytocin underage in order to have more female cats

Zhang Juekuan, 29, former owner of the family cattery.

I ran the family cattery for three years.

At first, I didn’t think there was money to be made in pet ownership. I had two silver gradient layer cats, one male and one female, neither of them was neutered, and then the mother gave birth to three good-looking kittens, and I realized that kittens with breeds are actually very popular.

I thought, I know cats anyway, can help them take care of the moon, why not open a family cattery, while taking care of kittens, while still able to support themselves.

I have a spacious house in my hometown that is big enough for a cattery.

I made up my mind to set aside a few empty rooms for the cats, and purchased a lot of imported food toys, cat nests, cat climbing frames and everything else.

After all, I had to sell other people’s children to make money, so how could I not provide a better environment?

Also stopped by to buy things like cat litters, cat climbing frames, litter boxes, scratching boards, cat toys, etc.

I picked up some breed cats from the Northeast Cat Market. The northeast is closer to Russia, and the breed cat breeding industry there is quite developed, so the quality of the cats is good and the price is cheap.

I can say that most of the high-priced ragdoll cats you see in Hangzhou catteries are from the Northeast, and the wholesale price is estimated to be less than 1000 yuan.

According to the plan, female cats per litter can be bred 4 to 5, one sold for 2000 yuan, excluding the cost of cat food, nutrition and vaccines, each litter I can earn several thousand yuan.

I have a total of five female cats, each of which is born three times a year, so I can make 100,000 yuan a year.

I also plan to sell a few more pet products to go along with it, which should earn me more money than I would as a hitter in a year.

But reality soon gave me cold water.

It’s best not to breed cats until they’re a year old, which meant that I only had input and no income for the year.

Although there were many shady dealers in the industry who would breed with underage kittens, that would be too damaging for me to do.

It was hard to survive until the kittens reached adulthood, but the conception of the free-range cats did not go well.

A friend suggested that I should buy a breeding cage and keep the cats locked up for breeding to increase the efficiency of littering.

I had no choice but to put my cat in a breeding cage, but how can a free-ranging cat stand being locked up? They screamed pitifully in their cages every day, and within a few days, I gave up and resold the breeding cages.

That’s when I learned that the catteries that could often sell young cats not only caged the cats, but also put oxytocin on them, forcing them to have more than one litter a year, and the cats were skinny to the bone. Because my cattery has no reputation or clientele, and the number of cats is small, it was identified as a “backyard cat” by the netizens.

The comments on the internet say that most backyard cats are born with congenital diseases because they are not properly immunized and their breed origin is questionable.

As a result, many young cats are left in my hands until they are 4-5 months old.

But by that time, the price has already dropped, and as we all know, only the two-month-old kittens are in the tightest demand in the milk cat market.

Many catteries, in order to sell adult cats for the price of kittens, will reduce the cat’s diet and starve a one-year-old cat to the size of a five-month-old cat.

In general, I did not make any money from raising cats this year, but instead I put a lot of money into it because I was too soft-hearted and cared too much about the animals.

At present, the catteries that make money in the industry can be divided into two categories: one is the chain catteries, which operate according to regions and master the mainstream clientele; the other is the black-hearted catteries that breed in bulk and rely on quantity to win.

The result of cats smashed in the hands is that the cost of acquired feeding is too high.

If a cat is sick, it is necessary to feed all the cats, and I often grabbed them one by one with a syringe and fed them, and got scratches all over my body.

In addition, large cats like Muppets and Maine also eat a lot, and if you want to sell them at a good price, you have to feed them salmon and beef, which is very expensive.

Later, I gave up and transferred the cattery.

Office of the cattery, I did not feel the slightest “windfall”, the degree of hard work than I worked overtime in the company even more, which also confirms the words of the industry: caring people do cat kennels / kennels is not profitable.

Spend 10 million can not cure cats “terminal illness”, open a clinic 40 million to start, a physical examination more than 1000 yuan!

Ms. Chen, a veterinary clinic owner for 89 years, Xiamen, China

I ran a pet clinic for four years.

After graduating from college, I adopted two stray cats. At that time, my impression of pet clinics was one word, expensive, and outrageously expensive.

After I started my own clinic, I realized that the expensive pet clinic was a windfall on the one hand, and the cost was really quite high on the other.

A pet clinic in a suitable location of about 200 square meters will cost a lot of money just to rent, plus the most commonly used X-ray machines, animal ultrasound machines, biological microscopes, urine analyzers, blood analyzers, anesthesia machines and other equipment, which will cost more than 300,000 yuan.

This is a great way to get the best out of your home.

The first thing you need to do is to do a physical examination of the young body, antibodies and infectious diseases, and so on, is to sterilize surgery, vaccines, daily care, these are all essential.

In Xiamen, the full set of antibodies and infectious disease examinations for a puppy is 500 yuan. An elaborate physical examination for an adult dog will cost more than 1,000 yuan.

It’s also a good idea to have a few more of the same.

The cost of spaying and neutering is also not small.

In our clinic, to a female dog weighing less than 10kg sterilization surgery, pre-operative examination, anesthesia, surgery costs, intra-operative infusion costs, charges in about 1500 yuan.

Pet supplements are also essential if you want to keep your dog a little more delicate. For a grooming of your dog’s appearance, a single visit costs around $150, which is more than what a male adult would spend on a haircut.

This is all based on the premise that the pet is relatively healthy, and if the pet is unfortunately sick, the cost is a bottomless pit.

It’s also a good idea for people to know about cat-borne peritonitis, which has a 95% fatality rate.

It wasn’t until the last two years that two special drugs for feline diarrhea, GC376 and GS-441524, or 376 and 441, were discovered.

Both cost between $200 and $400 a shot, with prices varying by manufacturer.

However, most hospitals do not have these two drugs, because they have not passed our domestic pet drug testing, and are also in the observation stage in foreign countries.

But if you love your cat, you can’t give up these two drugs that have been proven to be initially effective, after all, cat abdominal infections are basically the same as terminal illnesses in cats, using drugs may not be good, but if you don’t use drugs, the cat will definitely die because of other organ failure caused by ascites.

The scary thing is that this medication needs to be given daily, a course of treatment in about two months. If you stop in the middle, you’ll need to start again on the two-month course of shots.

In other words, if you want your cat to live, you first need to be prepared to pay $12,000 for the first stage of treatment.

If the treatment is complete and the ascites is not completely eliminated, you will need to continue to start the next two-month course of treatment.

I’ve seen too many owners who end up having to give up on treatment because of financial reasons.

I’ve also seen many an owner who has sold his family’s car just to renew his cat’s life – because his cat’s ascites persistently recurred.

It’s also quite torturous for the cat, as the ascites can compress the lungs and eventually lead to respiratory failure.

But the continued injections, which many owners use incorrectly, have also led to thick tumors under the skin and the entire area of the injection has been declawed by the medication.

All this effort, time, and money, however, has only increased the survival rate of the affected cat to about 20%.

In my limited career, I have rarely seen anyone willing to endure such an expensive treatment.

In our clinic, we often encounter pets that have been abandoned due to illness or other reasons.

I still have a soft spot for such abandoned ones, and we try to rescue them, cure them and help them find new families.

If it’s not possible, we will also properly euthanize and follow through with the paperwork.

Pets are like family, and I say all of this in the hope that you don’t buy a head of steam and think it’s cute, and be sure to follow up backwards that you’re responsible for its life.

So, before you decide to get a pet, think about it carefully, and treat it well if you do.