I wasn’t going to pay my father back after he became a bad guy.

The word “Larceny”, I believe we are all familiar with, these two years often appear in the social news, it refers to those who owe people money but refuse to comply with the court’s decision to enter into force – also known as “loss of trust in the executors”.

Some time ago, there was news on the Internet that the father of idol star Zhou Zhennan was a “rogue”, and the discussion about whether he knew it or not, and whether he should “pay his father’s debt to his son” was very heated.

Our narrator, Q Ji, is going to talk about his experience, because he was in the same situation as Zhou Zhennan a few years ago.


home of the rich and powerful

My name is Q Ji, I’m from Jiangsu, I’m 29 years old.

My family’s financial situation should be quite good, but the top is not enough than the bottom is more than enough. My father has been working in a state-owned enterprise, I do not think he is suitable for business, but in those days, there were not a lot of crooked things, just rely on friends, so he also made some small money.

As far as I know, he has bought infrastructure equipment, engaged in urbanization development, in addition to those years just in time to catch the credit company development is very crazy, a lot of companies are actually P2P, my father also participated in part, of course, these later became a hidden danger.

He was a man who valued his friends very much. He would do anything my friends asked me to do, even if it was difficult, even if I had to pay them to do it for you. He is this kind of character.

In the outside world, he was mixed really good, in the city there are several sets of office buildings, millions of mechanical car, we ourselves have built a house, also worth a million or two million it. There are even rumors that he has a sea view house in Weihai, but it’s actually a very small house.

You feel like he’s rich, but when you peel back the exterior, he doesn’t really have much of his own.


fig. the first clue (of what is to come)

After I graduated from college in 2014, I could slowly sense that my dad may have been hiding something.

He went out every night and often didn’t come back for the rest of the night or all night. I told my mom that he either had someone out there or something was wrong.

It was only later that I learned that all the money he had invested in infrastructure, development, and credit had drifted away, losing one to two million dollars. Financial out of such a big hole, but he is still apparently glamorous, his favorite saying is, “My business you do not ask, I will solve it. “

In fact he not only didn’t fix it, he poked the hole bigger and bigger.

If he had told his family and sold his house and car at the first opportunity, these holes would have been filled. But he is a very to save face, he was too embarrassed to confess to his brothers did not earn money, so he lent out more money from the bank to others, and also said that this is the interest earned.

So he sank deeper and deeper into the hole, as if he had rolled himself inside the wheel and couldn’t stop.

At that time I graduated back to my hometown, the family was going to give me a set of wedding house. In the process of looking at the house, my dad has been picking problems with the house for various reasons, delaying the progress of buying the house, I began to doubt.

As a result, we found out the problem when we took out a loan from the bank, he had multiple credit card delinquencies in his bank records, and even some accounts that are still delinquent, which are not loanable. We had to temporarily change the contract to allow me to take out a loan for a down payment.

When I questioned him about the reason for the late payments, his response was surprisingly that he just forgot.

Of course I didn’t believe him, but since my father and I hadn’t had a good relationship since I was a child, and my mother was a person who didn’t have many opinions and trusted her husband in particular, we decided not to delve into it at the time. Something went terribly wrong as a result.


go to the door to demand a debt

Around 2015, I came home one night and felt a different vibe in the house and my mom said, “Someone’s coming to the house. “

Suddenly, a stranger appeared in my house, sitting on the throne, grumbling, throwing a tantrum at my family, and saying strange things. I wondered if it was worth it to come to my house and make a scene over 60,000 won, which the man said he owed 60,000 won. It was incredible.

And then it got worse, and the small loan company came right to my house and threw red paint on it.

That noon I came back from a friend’s house, suddenly saw two men and a woman standing in front of the house. To be honest, the small loan company’s salesman dressed quite elegant, unlike the kind of other dragons and phoenixes in our imagination.

They asked me, “Who are you? “

I thought about it and replied, “I’m renting a house. “

They asked again, “And do you know the family’s last name? “My mind was spinning really fast and I said my mother’s last name. “It’s a woman”, I said.

They whispered, thinking I might indeed be an irrelevant person, and asked, “And do you know where they went? “

I said I didn’t know, went out for days, then wiggled out. Once I left the scene, I don’t know if it was because I was nervous or anxious, but I had a nosebleed.

The atmosphere at home was awful, my mom cried at home every day, and she, as someone who hadn’t worked for over a decade, had no idea how to deal with it, so she could only count my dad out one by one, saying that he had screwed all of my mom’s relatives and none of her own. People can go back to their mother’s house when they feel bad, but she doesn’t even have the face to do it.

After my dad’s financial problems were exposed, I repeatedly told my sister that you should never lend money to him. Because she is very similar to my dad, filial and softhearted, I was afraid she would help my dad do something stupid.

She didn’t listen to me. She had just gotten married at that time, and she gave my father all the money from the wedding, including the gift money and the money from the man. Not only that, she secured another $300,000 loan on my dad’s behalf.

I was very angry when I found out, and I can say that I hated my dad. He didn’t even think about my sister, she just got married, but if my brother-in-law is a serious person, they won’t be able to get through this life?

Then I realized that not only my sister, but my uncles and cousins had used all sorts of methods behind my back to lend money to my dad or become jointly responsible for his debts.

This time bomb of his had reached a critical moment when it was on the verge of going off.


The son of “Larabee”

My dad dragging loved ones into this financial storm completely crossed the line of my patience.

So I found a night to invite my sister, uncle, and cousin to the house so my dad could write down his true debt situation in front of them all.

We just found out that he had a total of more than 1 million bank loans, nearly 300,000 credit card debts, and owed more than 200,000 to a small loan company.

At that time someone pointed out to me, the bank’s money is absolutely not owed, there may be a direct sentence. So we lined up a repayment order, quickly sold the house cheap, first to fill the hole in the bank.

The rest of the miscellaneous debts, because of the inability to repay the one-time, soon my father was sued by the creditors, was listed as a loss of confidence in the implementation of the “old man”.

The first thing you need to do is to get married, or else the house will be executed, and you won’t even have a place to get married.

That night, I am also a bloodthirsty just rushed to my mother-in-law’s house.

I said I was going to get married, but the scandal was that the bride price was a card with 100,000 yuan in it, but the next day my father wanted the card back. He owed a lot of money to other people, and that was the situation.

My mother-in-law is a very nice person, she heard me say this, her face was blue. In fact, I am also looking to be scolded. She asked me if I could see her.

My object touched me so much that she said, “I’m living with him, not with his family. “

That’s how we got married in style before the house was sold. To be decent, we also got various friends and neighbors to help out. After the wedding I found out that our neighbors helped us buy the wine for the wedding, and my dad still hasn’t paid them back.



My dad has changed a lot since I became a “Larceny”.

He used to be a very pompous person who used to say, “I know someone, I know someone, I think this is so and so”. Then he became depressed, didn’t talk much, and even panicked about seeing people. He didn’t know what was going on in his head every day, he didn’t even flush the toilet, and then we were afraid to let him go to work.

He was in a state of near collapse and began to deny reality. He even asked the unit’s security guards to borrow 100,000 yuan, he thought, as long as you can get the money, the debt to hide the matter, you can go back to the past.

No matter what the reason is, becoming a “Larceny” is a very harmful state.

The impression is very deep is that there was a big sister to find my unit. Her husband is also a friend of my dad, borrowed my dad five or six million. Later, his husband’s unit economic efficiency problems, making not much, the two children at home are in school, plus my father can not pay, he broke down, and even domestic violence his wife.

At that time, this lady found me in tears and said, “I’m not asking you for money, just want to ask if you don’t have anything to give us, we really can’t live. “

I looked at her and could imagine how much her life was hurting. I called my dad right in front of her.

All my dad said at the time was, “OK, I know. ” was all he said so lightly, he didn’t even feel it. I slammed the phone down then.

This older lady even talked me back, “I’m not trying to push you, if anything. “

I was tempted to give her the salary I’d earned this month, or I’d save up tens of thousands of dollars to solve her family’s immediate needs. But intellectually I didn’t do that because if I did, something would go terribly wrong.


Give it back, don’t give it back?

When I found out that my dad had become a “rogue”, the first thing I did was not struggle, but was afraid. People’s first reaction must be that I have to pay him back, as they say, “the father’s debt is paid by the son” well, I also had this idea.

But when I consulted a lawyer, he said that if I am not jointly and severally responsible, or my financial situation and his debts have no relationship, I am not obliged to pay for his debts.

Just like Zhou Zhennan, if people earned his watch and expensive car, and his parents only supported him while he was in school, then Zhou Zhennan is not legally responsible for anything.

So I saw online that he shirked his responsibility, and said he was “the son of a rogue”, I actually quite puzzled. Because I saw his statement, my first reaction was, this person is so cool. The fact that he can say in public that he is willing to take responsibility means that he recognizes that the money his father owes is related to him.

It’s really hard to have the courage to be willing to earn the money to pay off his dad’s debts.

My dad has always been a man who cares about everyone but his family. Over the years, he may have made some money outside the home, but he has never thought of replacing the home appliances that have been used for over 20 years, all he thinks about is his brothers and his friends. That’s why I especially long for a cozy, small home where we can interact with each other.

If I were to take over my dad’s plate, not only would I have to pay it back, but my partner would have to follow suit. We’ve become one and everything has to be done by two people, and I’d be doing her a disservice.

The night before the wedding, I cried and called my object, I said I’m sorry you, other people get married family to help, we get married and have to carry some debt. In fact she did help me pay it off, and we paid the down payment on the house together until 2017.

The other question is, who do I have to pay back first when I have the money?

You give the first one, there’s no peace of mind behind it, and everyone knows you have the ability to repay. And the people who come aren’t the ones who need the money the most, they’re the ones who are the meanest.

So in the end I stopped asking questions.

My mom retired some time ago, and she thought she’d get a retirement paycheck to ease the stress of not being credited. As a result, the pay was immediately blocked.

The people on the court’s executive board spoke very directly, too, “What kind of money do you want to get? You’ll never get your money back. People are lining up to seal up your money until you die. “



I used to think I could never change my father’s personality, never prove him wrong.

He really was like a kite, always flying in the sky, living in his own bubble, and no one could control him.

Now he’s just a grandfather, helping my sister and I with the kids, forging and exercising every day, and shrinking the circle of life smaller and smaller. But there are times when I feel sad for him, like a bird in a cage, wondering if he’s happy or not.

But I think it’s better than what I used to see on the outside every day.

As for me, I’m all about stability anyway. Now the society is not like before, say make money to make money, when the wind is blowing pigs can go to heaven era is over.

We are all ordinary people, stability is the most important thing.