It’s a very anxious society.

We are really a very anxious society, for example the saying “don’t lose at the starting line”. However, the key to the starting line is not the competitiveness that children are trained to have when they are babies and toddlers, but the parents themselves, especially their personalities.

But without getting into that right now, what I’m trying to say is that there is actually a lot of time to waste in life, and it’s a mental capacity if you can honestly waste it on good things, as well as being able to honestly waste it on relaxing, or at least not attacking yourself violently and personally for procrastination and inefficiency.

Wow, how can you advocate wasting time? Isn’t wasting time a waste of life?

I don’t know what people think of themselves, but at least I look at myself and those around me, and what I see is that too many people, perhaps everyone I know better, are wasting a great deal of time, and yet there are still various people among them who have become cowboys, even super cowboys.

The most efficient I’ve ever been in my life was the time when I was managing to get the annual column, working six shifts a week, writing at least 16,000 words and eventually a million words. At the same time, I was still consulting three days a week. And, I also stopped one company and started a new one. In addition, I renovated a large house.

But it should also be clarified that I was quasi-shirking when I started the company, and I’ve been pretty much off the hook when I hired a design firm to renovate the house.

I would especially like to say that under these circumstances, I felt like I wasted a lot of time every day. Not counting the three days of consulting, the rest of the time, I spent too much time on web surfing, thinking, hesitating, procrastinating, etc. I felt like I wasted about six or seven days. I feel like I’ve wasted almost 60-70% of my time. So on and so forth, if I’m at full efficiency, I could write three million words a year and still maintain my standards. But in reality, I don’t think so, because inefficiently consuming time is a break for me, too.

Many of the visitors also feel that they are seriously wasting time, yet a quick inventory reveals that a number of them are quite good at reading all the way to a good major university, and have successfully completed their studies and done a good job ……

Let’s say another extreme one. A good friend of mine runs a company that is a leader in its industry, and she was talking to a top tycoon once, and she said I think my company is doing so badly, but how did it become a leader in its industry? The top tycoon lamented, gee I feel the same way you do, I also feel the company is pretty average, so how come others can’t compare.

These two don’t name their companies, everyone knows them when they do.

Maybe life is like that. There are very few things that really matter, and those who can grasp the essence will win. While hard work is quite important, even those who are diligent will find that they have wasted a great deal of time.

Perhaps the key point is that, indeed, in one’s life, there is a vast amount of time and space to make mistakes and waste, and one can make some key choices and make some important efforts.

So one can relax and relax properly.

Perhaps what life needs to avoid is inefficient efforts, coupled with severe self-attacks, which are filled with anxiety, often trying so hard to get on the surface of things that they fail to grasp the essence.

Don’t want to be misunderstood as me preaching laziness against effort. Effort is naturally important, but just wanted to say that we can learn to relax, especially if we need to reduce the internal strain from anxiety and self-attack.