A key that will never come home again.

Nov. 11, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.

Guo Yi lives in a room on the 11th floor of a hotel in the city, next to the bed is a soft sofa, on the sofa, covered with a coat, it seems there is a person lying flat underneath, but the reality is not.

What is covered underneath is several sets of neatly folded clothes and a black shoulder bag. Inside the bag, there were also some cosmetics – but now, all of these things are relics.

Guo Yi’s wife’s name is Zhou Sufang, a native of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, born in 1975.

In the early hours of November 5, 2020, Zhanjiang City Development Zone Wanda Center, someone fell from the 43rd floor, just hit Zhou Sufang who was returning from a late night snack with her husband and partner at the moment. Zhou Sufang and that fallen person, the same, left this world.

“I always feel my wife is still there, I can’t believe this is true. “November 11, Guo Yi told reporters, today is his wife’s first seven, the past seven days, he was unable to sleep every night,” looking at the sofa side covered with her belongings, always thought that She’s still there, a touch, cold clothing, no warmth, and the reality repeatedly tells me that she’s really not there, ever. “

The first thing that you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking at, and what you’re looking at, and what you’re looking at. “

“She loves beauty and is afraid of weight gain, always giving herself weight loss. “Guo Yi said. Nowadays, Zhou Sufang, who loved to talk and laugh and loved beauty, has left his world, leaving him with only the paper death certificate in front of him, which seems to bear witness and tell that she had come to this world, but left again in a hurry when she turned 45, leaving behind her 51-year-old husband and her son, who is in his third year of college.

In her shoulder bag, Zhou Sufang still has the ticket she came with, as well as the key to her home, which was broken by Yang, but it was a trip with no return journey.

Moments before going on a business trip into a hotel

The wife behind him was knocked down half a meter away.

The train ticket provided by Zhou Sufang’s husband, Guo Yi, shows that at 9:59 a.m. on November 4, Zhou Sufang took the G98 high-speed train from Xi’an North Station to Guangzhou South Station, and at 18:26 that day, she changed to the D7485 train from Guangzhou South to Zhanjiang West Station.

The company was accompanied by Zhou Sufang’s husband, Guo Yi, and Zhou Sufang’s company in charge of Mr. Dang. The company is in the education and training, the trip to Zhanjiang is mainly to negotiate business.

“That night about ten o’clock to Zhanjiang Wanda Plaza to stay in the apartment hotel. “The person in charge of the company Mr. Dang told reporters, then they went to the Wanda Center 5 building diagonally across the street to eat a late night snack, November 5 at midnight checkout to return to the residence, when they returned to the Wanda Center, ready to step into the entrance of the 5 “I turned around and she was on the edge of my lap, just about…” Half a meter. “Mr. Dang choked up,” said Mr. Dang, “it was 00:05 a.m. on November 5, and I remember it very clearly “.

“We men walk fast, I and the party always walk and talk, my wife slower, follow behind. ” Guo Yi told reporters, “If all three of us were faster or my wife slower, we might not have been so unlucky. “

But this is only their well-intentioned assumption, and life has no assumptions. Guo Yi and Mr. Dang are also in deep self-pity as a result.

“Our two children have known each other since they were in kindergarten, and are good friends who have known each other for 20 years. ” said Mr. Dang, “Zhou Sufang is cheerful, lively and helpful, and our colleagues in the company still find it hard to accept the fact that she left us. “

The man who hit Zhou Sufang – Yang Mouming, and later bounced in the right side of Zhou Sufang about 2 meters, also died on the spot.

On November 5, the Zhanjiang Public Security Bureau issued the “police report” shows that 4 days at 19:00, Yang Mouming (male, 55 years old, Zhanjiang Chikan District) in Zhanjiang Chikan District, Xinjiang Road, Lane 10, Miao Mouming (male, 54 years old, Zhanjiang Chikan District) home, because of personal disputes with a knife will Mouming cut, Miao Mouming was sent to the hospital to rescue ineffective Death.

The police report also said, “Yang Mouming fled the scene, in the 5th at 00:00 in Zhanjiang City Development Zone Wanda apartment 43 floor fall, just hit the middle man Zhou Moufang (female, 45 years old, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province). Diagnosed by medical personnel on the scene, Yang Mouming died on the spot; Zhou Moufang was sent to the hospital to die. “

Jumper and wife divorced for years.

Only 30 meters away from the victim’s family.

The reporter came to Zhanjiang City, Chikan District, Zhonghua Street, Xinjiang community visit to learn that Yang Mouming, real name Yang Haiming, and Miao Mouming is a neighbor.

On the evening of November 10, the reporter visited and found that Miao Mouming’s house turned a corner, about 30 meters away is Yang Hai Ming home. This is a three-story building, the outer wall also affixed a bright white tile, it seems, the home is not too bad.

But at night, Yang Haiming’s house, did not put out any little light, the house was quiet. According to nearby residents told reporters, Yang has a bad reputation in the area, some years ago, his wife has divorced him, the child also left with his wife.

In addition, Yang Haiming’s parents are also no longer there, usually only Yang at home.

The family is still in the midst of this disaster, as they live in a low-slung, dimly lit second-floor house.

It’s also chewing on this unmitigated disaster alone, and Zhou Sufang’s family.

The first day, her sister, brother-in-law, son and husband and other relatives, on the streets of Zhanjiang, for Zhou Sufang purchase of paper money, incense, flowers and candles, waiting for the seventh day of the first brought to burn her.

At 9am on the 11th, they came to the Zhanjiang funeral home. But there is no outdoor offerings to loved ones to burn paper money and other places, they took the offerings around some, had to go to the funeral home outside the gate of a deserted slope grass, with gravel and mud blocks for Zhou Sufang to build temporary can offerings of the field, while the plastic spread on the soil, place apples, bananas and other offerings, Zhou Sufang’s photo quietly rest in a bunch of yellow and white flowers on the edge.

“I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to the elderly when I go back. “Zhou Sufang’s brother-in-law sobbed as he knelt down to pray.

Currently, Zhou Sufang’s family also includes her 79-year-old father and 86-year-old mother-in-law. But since her business trip on Nov. 4, they can’t wait for her to return.

“My sister and brother-in-law live in downtown Xi’an, and my father lives in the countryside of Zhouzhi County. “Zhou Sufang’s sister told reporters: “My sister and brother-in-law would drive more than an hour back to visit my father every week and often called him, and now my father has Read, ‘Why haven’t you seen your little sister home or called?’ “

“Father loves his sister the most, and we don’t know how to ask him, but the old man is still in the dark. “Zhou Sufang’s sister said.

Outside the funeral home in Zhanjiang, the pile of paper money quickly burned out, but the family’s deeper pain has only just begun. “Now, I’m most afraid of the night, I don’t dare to close my eyes, when I do, it’s that scene, it’s so tragic! “Back to the hotel room, Guo Yi told reporters,” he (Yang Mouming) why harm people? “

This said, standing next to him is his son, his wife’s sister and reporters, but no one can answer his question, the room, quietly.

On the afternoon of November 11, the reporter came to the Zhanjiang Public Security Bureau, the relevant staff told reporters, “the case is still under investigation, there is no new information can be released to the public. ”