Hiding the report causes trouble? The source of the Shanghai Xin Guan case is unknown. It has spread across the province to Anhui.

In China, there have been a number of local cases of Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) recently.

China has been experiencing frequent outbreaks of local cases recently, following the official announcement on the 8th that an unloading worker in Tianjin was suspected to have been infected by a frozen food product contaminated with the virus due to the handling of a “German pig’s foot”, and then on the 9th that a 51-year-old man working in the cargo terminal of the western district of Shanghai Pudong Airport was diagnosed, and according to China’s National Health Commission today, a colleague living in Anhui Province has already been infected.

However, the strange thing is that the confirmed case in Shanghai has not left Shanghai since April 8, no history of travel to high-risk areas in the 14 days before the onset of the disease, no history of contact with infected people, and no history of other medical institutions in the past three months, and no transport of “foreign frozen food”, although it is suspected that a loophole in Pudong Airport, but the confirmed case of infection by the Shanghai case in Anhui described himself in the workplace has been wearing a mask, every time you enter the workplace to measure body temperature, the source of infection is still unknown.

And coincidentally, microblogging at the end of October spread a chat dialogue screenshots, the contents of Shanghai Pudong New Area due to a home quarantine personnel diagnosed, this person please plumber door-to-door, resulting in more than 30 families within the service has been concentrated isolation, found at least 5 cases of confirmed cases, although the official already “clarify” no matter, but Shanghai confirmed cases just live in Pudong New Area, inevitably increase the official to let Shanghai “Fair” held smoothly, not hesitate to conceal the report, leading to the spread of the epidemic may be.