The backbone of “Fox” has angered the fans to change the channel. “Newsmax” is climbing against the trend.

Fox News, which is considered the most supportive of President Donald Trump, was the first to claim on election night that Democratic candidate Biden had taken the “red state” of Arizona, which was called “betrayal” and “betrayal” by Trump supporters. “In the wake of the coup, many die-hard viewers of Fox News turned to cross-platform conservative media outlet “Newsmax. Nielsen data confirms the post-election trend in the U.S., with Newsmax leading Fox Business and CNBC in all key daytime viewership slots from November 4-6.

In the midst of the frenzy surrounding the announcement of Biden’s victory by the mainstream media, Newsmax issued a stern statement that “the U.S. election is still close,” denying that Biden had already won and insisting on reporting the truth, with the number of views and video views of the original story skyrocketing.

Newsmax has seen an incredible surge across all of its media platforms, including its cable and satellite news channels. The channel’s viewership also rose steadily on online audio and video streaming platforms such as Roku, YouTube and Xumo.

Fox News is Trump’s favorite news channel to watch and most often interviewed, but in addition to pre-empting the media to announce that Biden took Arizona, the 4th more announced that Biden received more electoral votes than Trump, suggesting that Biden’s victory, the United States all over the Sichuan powder for the gas knot, have said will “no longer believe Fox News”; 9th White House press conference, spokesman Kenney (Kayleigh McEnany) accused the Democratic Party “support for making votes and illegal vote”, but before finishing, the press conference live cut off by Fox News, more so Sichuan powder gas flip, threatened to boycott.

As early as September 29th in Ohio, the first presidential debate held in Ohio, Fox number one ace Wallace (Chris Wallace) moderated, many Sichuan fans were considered him to be biased against Trump, presiding unfairly.