Huawei may have been wrong to pass up the world premiere of the Mate 40 for a 5nm chip phone

Huawei should be feeling the pressure of the iPhone 12 more and more intensely!

The iPhone 12 has been a topic of conversation since it was released on the 14th to today, a full week ago.

It’s been a common groan since the beginning of the release, no high brush, low range, no fast charging and no charger, in addition to the price to what nothing.

But with the iPhone 12 pre-sale started, the wind suddenly changed, the promised 12 not fragrant 13 fragrant gone, online shopping platform instantly sold out!

Now even one blue for the iPhone 12 can punch the hotspot and overpower the Mate 40 look!

And according to the latest predictions, the iPhone 12 and Pro versions could reach 9 million sales in the first week.

9 million units, knowing that the stockpile of Kirin 9000 chips could be in the tens of millions! So there’s no doubt that the iPhone 12 will crush Huawei’s sales in the remaining 2 months of 2020.

The only suspense is how much capacity the iPhone 12 will leave for the Chinese market, which will determine whether the Mate 40 goes all out to gain a temporary sales advantage in the domestic market.

Why was Huawei wrong to pass up the Mate40’s global 5nm chip phone debut?

Let’s think about it from Huawei’s point of view according to first principles, what is the biggest heavy burden that the Mate 40 carries?

Is it saving Huawei’s phone from a crisis? No!

Is it sniping Apple to try to keep second place in sales? Apparently not even more so!

Yu has already made it clear before that the Kirin 9000 chip on the Mate 40 will be extinct.

So the biggest task for the Mate40 is to burn off the last bit of energy and make a powerful counterattack to the US sanctions!

Based on this principle, the decision that should be made is what the Mate 40 release to market is going to achieve.

Is it to surpass the iPhone in performance and become the most powerful Mate ever?

As I’ve analyzed in previous articles, Apple has the fullest 5G band with millimeter waves. While Huawei can figure out a higher peak 5G rate by working with its own 5G network, that’s not a real world usage scenario. Apple’s A14 chip isn’t a match for the A77+24 core G78 either. The screen and camera, while stacking parameters for quick results, are no match for the law of true fragrance! And while EMUI can bring the spotlight, as you can see from the news released by Huawei’s terminal official these days, Android as a whole hasn’t been able to surpass iOS, and Apple has just released iOS 14.1.

So, Huawei’s passing up on the Mate40’s global 5nm chip phone debut seems like a big mistake!

Gave up a debut in exchange for the Mate 40 and iPhone 12, but the truth is a meteor hit the Earth!

It seems Huawei still doesn’t really understand the root cause of its rise in the domestic market.

The root cause is not that Huawei phones have the most powerful hardware, nor is it that Huawei has the most feature-rich software.

The root cause is that Huawei has self-developed chips, has the most powerful technology in the country, and carries a lot of domestic dreams as the best one among a cadre of indisputable peers!

So, think according to first principles.The most important thing the Mate40 should do is to show Huawei’s technological prowess to the maximum in the present.

Even if it is only like an erupting volcano, it can moisten the land for a number of years after erupting!

If the Mate 40 was aiming to grab the glory of being the world’s first 5nm chip phone then, that glory could also light the way in the early stages of Huawei’s next transformation!

Now, all will only depend on the performance of tomorrow’s launch, and the pre-sale of the Mate 40 after the meeting.

Bless Huawei and bless the Mate 40!