Chen pokong: There’s Only One Protagonist in the 2020 U.S. Election

The U.S. 2020 presidential election drama is tumultuous and dizzying. Several key states are under judicial investigation for alleged fraud in the election. Some experts believe that there is only one protagonist in this election – Trump. The old forces are frantically fighting back, trying to bring the United States back to the old order.

Chinese political commentator Chen broke the air in an interview with the Epoch, said that the reason why I feel that there is only one protagonist of this election, Trump, is because the voters showed a clear intention. “Because Trump the man is a phenomenon, a movement, a revolution. He has awakened America, awakened the world, so that the world can see the old and the new divide.”

“Then the people who like Trump, who support Trump are supporting a change, a new kind of movement and revolution. An awakening of America, an awakening of the West, to fight back against Communist China, while making America strong again and prosperous again.” He said.

“Those who oppose Trump in turn are trying to preserve the old order, the old set, like the Wall Street moguls, the multinational owners, the Hollywood millionaires, and the international forces of East and West, including Communist China, including European appeasement. Then they all want continued globalization, and then they want to profit from the United States to take advantage of the United States, especially Communist China to take advantage of the United States.”

Chen broke further analysis, the emergence of Trump broke this old order, so the 2020 election will be seen clearly among American voters, “Those who voted for Trump explicitly said that they support Trump and like him. They want America to be strong and prosperous again.”

But whenever a reporter went to interview people who voted for Biden, they were very unclear. “Most of them voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump and voted against Biden for the sake of opposition. In other words, the Democrats will vote for him no matter who they put out.”

He criticized, “These anti-Trump anti-Trump to such an extent that they’ve lost their minds.”

Trump breaks with past globalization movement

Chen breaks down the deeper causes of the anti-Trump phenomenon in the U.S. “One of the main points of this Trump campaign to make the U.S. awake again, strong again, and prosperous again is to break the globalization of the past. Because the globalization movement is to damage the United States, to move American corporate capital, technology and money to other countries, especially to China.”

Those who have profited from globalization, he argues there are two main ones: first, Communist China has profited, because as Trump said took American money and rebuilt China; and

The second one that profits is the multinational corporations. They don’t care if American workers lose their jobs, they don’t care if American industrial workers lose their jobs, they don’t care if farmers lose their jobs, he just wants to be able to make big money and go to China or some other similar country where there is cheap labor, minimum human rights standards, minimum environmental standards, and minimum costs to make maximum profits.

He argues that the American leftist media or the social media of American tech giants are in the same line as the Democrats, Wall Street, Hollywood and multinational corporations. “Because they all want to do multinational business, in the US they can criticize the government and have full freedom of speech, but they go to authoritarian countries like China but they have to obey the so-called laws of the Chinese Communist Party, which means they kowtow to authoritarianism, and Hollywood too.”

He stressed that those multinationals that are primarily profit-seeking form a broad anti-Chuan coalition. “This anti-Chuan coalition is very powerful in the U.S., and it is also very powerful internationally. It’s the old power both inside and outside the U.S. It includes, like in Europe, Germany and France, who are appeasers and they’re also pushing welfarism or some form of socialism.”

He argues that this change that Trump has made America great again has hit Communist China hard, first and foremost, as well as the social media of these American high-tech companies that do business with the Chinese Communist Party.

“As a result of the media war, the Chinese Communist Party keeps expelling American media, including the New York Times and CNN, to their great frustration as well, and they don’t put this blame on the Chinese Communist Party, but on Trump.”

He emphasized that it is evident that the old forces of this anti-Tsunami coalition are huge and enormous.

The US leftist media has gone through four stages of anti-Tsunami opposition

Chen broke the air that reflected in the media, in fact, the U.S. leftist media anti-Trump has gone through four stages: first in the 2016 election, they do not see through Trump this new movement and revolution, they exported fake polls to mislead voters, but they failed that time, Trump was elected.

The second phase is the past four years of Trump’s administration, these leftist mainstream media unanimously become Trump’s constraints, not report Trump’s successes only report Trump’s not. For example, the peace that Trump has made in the Middle East and the Balkans, which is huge and historic, enough to win multiple Nobel Peace Prizes. They don’t report it, not a word about it.

There are also Trump’s economic achievements, including the highest employment rate, the lowest unemployment rate, the best economic growth, the highest stock market, etc., which are almost non-existent in the left-media mainstream media, and they report some of Trump’s language, this inappropriate and that inappropriate.

The third stage is that this election Trump is trying to get re-elected. They are more outrageous this time than in 2016 creating fake polls and fake news, exaggerating more than Hillary and Trump’s back then. “What with Biden clearly leading by 14 or five percentage points and swing states leading by six to eight percentage points, it’s all about trying to mislead voters. Broadly speaking they are a form of fraud, a form of malpractice.”

The fourth stage is that now after the election there is strife, there are lawsuits, and they are also beginning to selectively shield Biden and unilaterally go and report things that are not good for Trump.

The old forces are rampant Kawakami battle is not easy

Chen broke the news by emphasizing, “They’ve already lost at the polls in the election, but they’re now in the fourth phase of defending Biden and the Democrats to the death, to make the restoration successful, to practice this total restoration of the forces in the United States and abroad, wanting to restore the old order, so the old forces are making a comeback.”

He elaborated further, and the mainstream media has played a disgraceful role in the middle, by collectively covering up the Biden family scandal and not reporting it or not mentioning it at all. And this Biden family scandal is solidly hammered, to say the least, and it’s very hardcore.

“It’s completely contrary to the basic tenets of the media as neutral, objective and free speech, free press, and also some social media, what with Twitter, Facebook and so on. It’s an impediment to American democracy and constitutionalism.” He said.

“Now this revolutionary force, progressive force that Kawakami and Kawakami represent is facing such a challenge. So all of these can be seen in this stubbornness and this rampancy of the old forces, and these old forces are dominating them with an interest.”

He said, for example, that just like this time the Democrats and the Biden camp raised twice as much money as the Trump and Trump camp. Because they are backed by Wall Street bosses, conglomerates, multinational corporations, Hollywood tycoons, or high tech, these giant jaws, business jaws, and so on.

“So the old forces in the United States and abroad are hoping for a general restoration that will bring the whole United States back to the old order of the past. This old order will only benefit Communist China, and then it will benefit the multinationals, and of course it will benefit these corrupt families that are in power because they are supported by the multinationals, like the Biden family.” He said.

“If they can’t find legal and constitutional provisions to hold them accountable, at least they should be morally condemned on all sides.”

According to Chen Breaks, Trump is not alone in the rolling backlash, and is now supported by is the support of the private sector, grassroots support, workers and peasants as well as the awakening of these minorities including Latinos, Asians, blacks, etc., but he has less money from big capitalists in business, so Trump’s fight is especially difficult, and he relies on the American people.

He emphasized that if Biden relies on the so-called mainstream media, it is the leftist media that has a monopoly on public opinion, but Trump relies on the mainstream of American public opinion. Because many objective polls show that the majority of the American people, more than 70 percent of the public is antipathy to Communist China, anti-Communist China, are on the side with Trump.

Communist China also plays quite a role behind the scenes

In his campaign, Biden said that Russia is America’s biggest enemy and the Chinese Communist Party is not America’s biggest enemy, and Chen cracked that the Biden campaign is going against public opinion, “It’s entirely backed up by money, by big capitalists and big conglomerates. What role did Communist China play in the distance, behind the scenes this is yet to be researched and tested, but I believe they played a considerable role behind the scenes as well.”

Chen broke the example that the Trump administration originally banned WeChat and Shakespeare, but some federal judges came out to challenge the ban, making it temporarily inoperative. “Everyone knows that the CCP is collecting information about foreigners and personal information about Americans on a large scale through WeChat and Shakespeare. That doesn’t rule out the possibility that the CCP might tamper with that information after it’s collected.”

In the first half of this year, U.S. Customs CBP intercepted nearly 20,000 fake driver’s licenses at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, mainly from China and Hong Kong. Pictured is a fake driver’s license from China transported to New York intercepted by U.S. Customs last fall. (Screenshot from CBP’s website)

He also explained that U.S. Customs continues to find imitation American driver’s licenses, identification documents, police badges, etc. illegally sent over from China, copycats so subtle and subtle. It’s possible that many of them go undetected and are smuggled into the United States. It’s possible that these fake IDs were put into these states or counties controlled by the Democrats and played a role.

He also said, “These I can only say are speculations, and I think the relevant law enforcement agencies in the United States should do an extensive and thorough investigation, including vote counting machines or software or impersonation of these documents.”

“Also I’m afraid that appeasers, including those in Europe, have played a considerable role behind the scenes, and I’m afraid that the biggest foreign power is still the Chinese Communist Party. To use a phrase from the CCP side called domestic and foreign hostile forces, Trump did face domestic and foreign hostile forces. It’s a very tough and difficult battle and war.” He said.