Putin’s mansion rushed on the hot search again: equivalent to 39 times of Monaco’s royal palace

Mass anti-government demonstrations have broken out in Russia, with protesters demanding that authorities release opposition leader Alexei Navalny. But the demonstrations were also sparked by the recent revelations about Vladimir Putin’s palace, which alleged that Putin used a lot of taxpayer money to build a secret luxury palace. The British newspaper “The Times” said the mansion covers an area so large that it is 39 times larger than the small Western European country of Monaco.

Putin denies owning the villa

After Navalny’s arrest in his Home country, his anti-corruption foundation (FBK) announced its findings on Jan. 19, uploading a two-hour-long video on Youtube. The film introduces the mysterious villa known as Putin Palace, its interior architecture, how it was built and how it was financed, which Navalny says is “the biggest corruption in history.

The term “Putin Palace” is not “news”, as Putin denied that he was the owner of the villa, saying that it was Navalny who used the 10-year-old rumor to “brainwash” Russians. The film is not “news”.

According to the film, the villa is located on the Black Sea coast of Gelendzhik and covers 18,000 square meters. Inside there is a casino, ballroom, cabaret theater, greenhouse plantation, church, open-air theater, field hockey rink, helicopter pad, private beach and marina, and much more.

The fact that this palace-like luxury villa is not the first Time to be revealed. As early as 2012, it was reported that the villa was built by a close friend of Vladimir Putin at a cost of more than $1 billion, and in 2014, an investigation found that a wealthy friend of President Vladimir Putin had illegally funneled money to a company that allegedly built the villa.

Until recently, the subject of Putin’s palace resurfaced, with Navalny this time using a drone to get a more complete view of the villa, noting that the construction of the villa, which began early in Putin’s tenure, was funded by oil giant Rosneft and Transneft, both of which are headed by Putin’s close associates. The film became an instant

The film became an instant online sensation in Russia, with 40 million hits in just two days after it was uploaded, and more than 90 million by the 26th.

The Kremlin again denied the allegations about Putin’s palace, saying the alleged clips and footage were “boring” and that the villa had nothing to do with him or his relatives.