Hot pot eat half of the “mouse from the sky” shopkeepers calmly catch with their bare hands led to a hot debate

In a hot pot restaurant in Sichuan, China, a rat fell from the sky while the customers were eating, and the clerk immediately grabbed the rat with his bare hands and then threw it to the ground and stomped it to death.

Fear of explosion! Hot pot to eat half, the ceiling actually fell down a mouse, such a horrific experience recently occurred in a hot pot restaurant in Sichuan, China, customers are dining, a mouse fell from the sky.

The clerk immediately grabbed the mouse with his bare hands, and then dropped it to the ground and stomped it to death. The video was exposed and caused a lot of debate among netizens, who accused the restaurant of being unhygienic.

Comprehensive land media reports, on the 21st of this month, China’s Sichuan Pidu a hot pot restaurant, guests are dining, found a mouse fell to the table, from the picture can be seen, the clerk skillfully grabbed the mouse with his hands, fell to the ground aside and stomped to death, and then kicked it away.

In this regard, the store to order free to express their apologies to the guests, and explained that the mouse fell from the roof accidentally, no one wants such a thing to happen, stressed that “to do catering without the mouse is impossible”.

Chinese netizens have also left comments, “catching the mouse action is really skilled” “really disgusting” “hand grasp, really calm” “free … can still eat” “shows that the hot pot restaurant rats too much, not properly rectified! A look at the store owner is experienced, fast and accurate action”