Archbishop Three sends out letter that Trump is unbeatable and all good people should pray for him

Vote fraud in the U.S. election, with President Trump accusing him of ballot theft. The former Catholic Archbishop to the United States sends a third open letter denouncing the huge fraud in the election and saying that in this game, Trump is not defeated, as unbeatable as his sacred duty, and that good people should pray for him.

Carlo Maria Viganò, former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. and titular archbishop of the Ulpana region, said in a third open letter on Nov. 4 that President Trump is the greatest president ever and that all the good people of the world must pray for him to defeat the enemies of God.

The open letter said that as a devout Christian and faithful citizen of the United States of America, you are deeply concerned about the fate of your beloved country while the final outcome of the presidential election remains uncertain.

The Archbishop said that news of election fraud is growing, but the mainstream media is blocking the truth in order to give their own candidates an advantage. In some states, ballots were greatly outnumbered by voters; mail-in ballots were given almost exclusively to Biden. In some states, vote counts were suspended for no apparent reason, and there were even ballot-altering actions. And these actions were entirely directed at President Trump, and were absolutely favorable to Biden.

The letter says, in effect, that for months we’ve been staring at the intricacies of the news, including how they manipulate or censor information, how they cover up unexpected evidence and irrefutable testimony. It’s criminal.

The Archbishop says we have seen that the deep state has long ago armed itself in advance to engage in the worst act of electoral fraud in history to ensure that it can defeat the man (Trump) who is adamantly opposed to the New World Order that the Sons of Darkness want to establish.

The open letter says that you (Trump) are not defeated in this game, just as you are (unbeatable) in your sacred duty. You stand with God in all that you do. Others, on the other hand, are blinded and enslaved by their own vices, which stem from a hellish hatred of our Lord. So they choose to be with evil.

The letter indicates that do not think that the sons of darkness will act honestly, and do not be frightened by their lies. Is it possible for you to believe that Satan’s followers are honest, sincere and faithful?

The Archbishop said that our Lord had always warned us against the devil: “He was a murderer from the beginning and did not stand for the truth, for he never had the truth. And when he speaks he lies, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (The Bible, John 8:44).

The letter says that while the gates of hell seem to have prevailed in these past few hours, let me appeal to you, and I trust that you will respond promptly and unapologetically. I ask you to make an act of faith in God, to show humility and loyalty to the gods of war. I ask you to pray the Holy Rosary with your family, or close friends, or brothers, or sisters, or co-workers, or comrades in arms, whenever possible.

The letter cautions against letting the enemy’s lies get you down, especially at this particular time when lies and deceit dare to offend heaven.

If you will pray, the letter says, or if all of us will pray with faith and true charitable zeal, the time left to our adversaries is just a few days away. For each of us, the time that follows is very rare, because those people from all over the world have connected with you in spirit.

The letter also reminds Kawakami, “You prayed to the King of Kings to redeem your country and you will be rewarded. Your testimony will touch his heart and the gifts from heaven will be multiplied as never before. This is indispensable to achieve victory. May my appeal to you and to all who recognize the Divine Right make you a generous apostle and courageous witness to the spiritual rebirth of your beloved country and of the whole world. (We) are invincible in battle!”

Vigano has written to President Trump twice before.On October 25, before the US election, Vigano said in his second open letter to President Trump (click here) that a life and death battle between good and evil is underway.

The forces of evil are taking advantage of the global plague pandemic to implement a global agenda to carry out “The Great Reset,” blockading the world in the name of a health crisis, demanding that people surrender their freedom and property, and establishing a global tyranny. But evil knows only hatred, and good people have God to watch over them: “I can do all things by Him (God) who strengthens me.” God, the Almighty, is lining up to help Trump, the “guardian.”

Archbishop Vigano has previously warned Catholics that the 2020 U.S. election has unprecedented historical significance for this country and this planet. President Trump is waging an all-out war against this demon, which manifests itself in the form of deep government and the New World Order.