Former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich: U.S. elections aren’t over yet

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote an article on November 8 on Fox News saying that despite the media telling everyone that the results of the U.S. presidential election are in, the media does not determine the outcome of the election, and don’t be confused, the election is not over yet. Here is a translation of the original article.

Republicans are focused on the campaign, Democrats on the election. While this difference may seem small, even a word, it is one of the biggest differences in American politics and goes a long way toward explaining what we’re experiencing right now.

If you prioritize elections, you want candidates who can draw large crowds, get people excited, and have an appealing policy platform. But if you prioritize elections, you want to build a machine that can win them first, and the candidate is secondary at best.

And that’s exactly what Democrats have been doing methodically. When former Vice President Joe Biden was hiding in his basement, Democrats were building a machine that was going to win no matter what, capable of adapting to the huge increase in mail-in voting this year.

Now we are seeing their plan come to fruition. Based on the current uncertified vote totals, every major news outlet is predicting that Biden will become President of the United States in January.

However, the media does not determine the outcome of the election. The ballots are still being counted. Four states (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) are within 1 percent of each other, according to the Associated Press. No recount has begun and the challenges (which will eventually come into play) are being ignored.

This is all really shocking.

Calista and I were at the White House the night of the election into early Wednesday morning, and the president was ahead in most of the key swing states. But all of a sudden the counting stopped and we didn’t understand what was happening.

And when we got up in the morning, we saw hundreds of thousands of ballots suddenly appearing, almost all of them for Biden. You may be reasonable in explaining this development, but at the very least it’s suspicious and deserves further investigation.

In this week’s episode of my podcast, “Newt’s World,” I discuss why we need to push for further investigation and not just give up because the elites are telling us to keep quiet.

The Democrats and the media will say that even though all the votes haven’t been counted yet, President Trump should just give in, accept defeat, and walk away. Others will say that we don’t need any recount.

There is a large group of what I call accommodationist Republicans who have always believed that when things get too tough, when the elites really put pressure on them, they will side with the Democrats and the news media. Because after all, their main goal is to be liked and go to nice cocktail parties, not to serve their country.

These accommodationist Republicans will say they don’t like the president talking about fraud, stolen votes or corruption. They don’t want to look at the data and the mounting evidence that something is decidedly wrong in places like Detroit, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Those around President Trump understand that his run for president in 2016 is a direct blow to the American establishment, an establishment that has betrayed the American people and no longer represents them. This elite group represents only its own interests and sometimes those of foreign countries.

I suspect President Trump will continue to fight, as he should. We owe the American people an honest and informed election. Every legitimate vote should be counted. It’s a tall order, but it’s necessary for the sake of our republic – not to benefit President Trump or anyone else, but to ensure the legitimacy of our sacred democratic process.

“Gingrich 360” has received numerous emails from various people telling us of specific instances of people being intimidated, people being told they can’t be poll watchers, and people seeing fraud. This is why I am calling on you, the American people, to report instances of voter fraud to the website

I hope you’ll tune in to this week’s show, where I’ll lay out what we witnessed after the election and discuss how we can start working from here. The integrity of our electoral system is at stake, and we need to make sure that our electoral process doesn’t become irreparably illegitimate.

Also, as the entire American establishment rushes to embrace Biden as president-elect, be prepared. Some will do so because they want it to come true. Others just don’t want to pick a fight with the new potential president.

In the meantime, Trump’s supporters will be told to forget five years of vicious attacks by Democrats and the liberal media. We’ll be told to be nice and cooperative – while people like New York Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have publicly stated that they want to purge Trump supporters.

Don’t be fooled: It’s not over yet.