U.S. election, good versus evil.

The outcome of the November 3 U.S. election is still up in the air. Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to downplay the U.S. election, Chinese netizens’ interest in the issue remains unprecedented. On November 5, four topics related to the U.S. election were once viewed more than 6.41 billion times on Weibo, ranking in the top 10 on Weibo’s hot search list and garnering 1.414 million discussions. The “Trump (Trump) team has been sued in three key swing states” topic topped the hot search list, getting more than 8 million discussions. As of the 6th, the U.S. election topic still has about 380 million viewers.

The final contest between good and evil

Mainland China’s NetEase posted an article titled “2020 U.S. Election: not a palace drama, but a war of values, the final contest between good and evil,” which sharply criticized the U.S. mainstream media’s “fake news” rampage and the Democratic Party’s legal marijuana, co-ed toilets, homosexuality, abortion and other series of policies.

The author argues that “the ‘hard drivegate’ case of Democratic presidential candidate Biden is the biggest corruption case since the founding of the United States, interspersed with sex scandals, drugs and many high-ranking officials involved in corruption.” “The biggest loser from ‘Hard Drivegate’, besides Biden himself, is the traditional media – hardly any of the mainstream media has shown a minimum of impartiality.”

The left-wing Democratic Party adheres to a set of rogue hegemonic logic of the Communist Party: the more outrageous the lie, the easier it is to become the truth; he who gets the media gets the world; he who votes says what he wants, and he who counts the votes says what he wants. The collective degradation of the American mainstream media in a leftist and even socialist direction has heavily damaged the religious beliefs, family ethics and social morals of the nation (especially generations of young people).

The emergence of a civilian president, Donald Trump, represents traditional American values. “They promote traditional marriage, family and ethics; they promote hard work and self-sufficiency and are embarrassed to receive government benefits; they know right from wrong and believe that breaking the law is breaking the law and there should be no gray areas.”

The article bluntly states that the 2020 U.S. election, “is no longer an absurd ‘palace drama’ but a jihad of values, a contest between good and evil, a watershed in the nation’s fortunes, and a matter of the future fate of the world!” The article was praised by 5,000 netizens, and although it was quickly deleted in full by the Chinese Communist Party, it is still circulating in WeChat.

The book “The Devil Is Ruling Our World” profoundly states, “In terms of morality, socialism is known in the West for its ‘anti-discrimination’, ‘anti-hate’, ‘value-neutral’ ‘ and ‘political correctness’ as an excuse to abolish moral judgment is tantamount to abolishing morality itself. That’s why we see all kinds of anti-god and blasphemous speech and actions, sexual perversions, magical art, the porn industry, gambling, and drugs being protected, ‘legalized’, and ‘normalized’ by the law. This constitutes reverse discrimination against god-believing, morally upright groups, and ultimately the marginalization and gradual elimination of these groups.”

“Elect Trump to realize the American dream, elect Biden to realize the Chinese (CCP) dream.”

It is well known that the American left wing pursues socialism and has long been deeply infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party. The Hoover Report, which came out in 2018 in the U.S., pointed out that the CCP has long been fully infiltrating and manipulating the U.S. government, universities, media, think tanks, businesses and the diaspora, and that many U.S. politicians and businessmen have colluded with the CCP to sell out U.S. interests.

According to the evidence provided by Biden’s son Hunter’s former partner Bobrinsky, the Biden family’s corruption and pornography scandal involved the Chinese Communist Party’s military-backed Huaxin Energy Company, and Biden himself held a 10 percent stake in the Chinese company. Overseas media reported that the “hard-disk-gate affair” involved Chinese Communist Party United Front Work Department businessman Ye Jianming, who in 2017 reached an agreement with Hunter to share 50 percent of another holding company with him, in addition to an annual “consulting and introduction fee” of $10 million. The holding.

In the campaign speech before the election on November 3, Trump’s daughter Ivanka told the American people: elect Trump to realize the American dream, elect Biden to realize the Chinese (CCP) dream.

When the Democratic Party rigged the election to commit fraud, using despicable methods such as “phantom votes” that outnumbered the voters to create a “Biden” curve that clearly violated the laws of ballot boxing in order to steal the presidency, the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry couldn’t resist the temptation to shout. “I hope the new U.S. administration will go along with China (CCP).”

However, as the U.S. election votes, the Democratic Party more fraud scandal was reported by the public, swing state counting point cheating video was uploaded to the Internet, cheating tactics really multifarious: the number of votes than registered voters tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people born in 1823 to vote for Biden, will November 4 received the postal ballot stamped 3, hundreds of thousands of Trump ballots thrown into the garbage, the staff overnight forged a large number of Biden ballots, directly into the Trump ballot Biden ballots, vote counting software to do the job, the Democratic Party bigwigs and leaders “accurate” predicted that Biden will be in the White House anyway ……

There have been comments that the Chinese Communist Party cheated on the National College Entrance Examination to see who would be the “successor of socialism” and the Democratic Party cheated on the National College Entrance Examination to see who would be the “successor of socialism in the United States”.

The Democratic Party’s election cheating triggered protests by the American people. As of November 7, the United States six swing states and other states of more than 60 towns of voters held a protest rally, Chuan Pu team has to the United States Supreme Court has filed a lawsuit, the Republican Party intends to have found thousands of election fraud case for criminal charges. Biden, who was going to announce his victory in the election, suddenly canceled his press conference and was late to announce the results of the vote count in states where the ballots had not yet been counted.

A Chinese netizen said, “In the United States election fraud is to go to jail, Biden intends to die after the addiction.”

Not only do many ordinary people support Trump, but the Chinese Communist Party’s Red II also supports Trump. Gao Yu, a senior journalist in Beijing, said: “Because I’m in WeChat, several groups are red second generation, there are military, because my husband, my brother they are all military, there are children of the military, and a group of intellectuals, almost all of them are all in support of Trump.”

The 2020 U.S. election is not about electing Trump and Biden, but about electing justice and evil, and indirectly about voting for the ultimate human issue of wanting or not wanting CCP and socialism.

The Gotham of Democracy and the Return to God

If any kind of social system is not based on the belief in God and the adherence to morality and traditional values, then even the most superior system will suffer from the deterioration of human morality, and democracy is no exception, especially when democracy encounters the devil of communism, and its corrective function becomes slow or ineffective due to the blurring of the standards of good and evil. The public opinion after the erosion of the desire for profit is a reflection of instant gratification and selfishness.Before the 2020 U.S. election, knowledgeable people research: people who want the good of the United States will vote for Trump, and people who want to get benefits from the United States will vote for Biden.

President John Adams once commented on democratic government and constitutionalism this way: “Our government is ill-equipped to deal with human emotions unrestrained by ethics and religion, and our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people only, and it is far from adequate to govern any other people. This Constitution is only for a people of morals and faith.”

The 2020 U.S. election fraud case presents the 200-year-old admonition of Adams.

The Devil Is Ruling Our World reveals, “Human civilization was handed down from God to man. Chinese civilization was once at its height in the Han and Tang dynasties, and Western civilization reached its peak in the mid-Renaissance. If man can maintain the civilization handed down from God to man, then when God returns, man will be able to continue his connection with God and understand the law handed down from God to man. If man destroys this cultural tradition and becomes morally corrupt, when God returns, he will not be able to understand God’s teachings because his sinfulness is too great and his thinking too mutated, and that is the most dangerous thing for mankind.” “This is a time of despair and hope. Those who do not believe in God are getting by in sensual pleasures, and those who believe in God are waiting for His return in confusion and anxiety.”

Man is doing, God is watching. When Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016, he shouted the slogan “Don’t trust the government, trust God” and vowed to make America strong again.Within four years, the U.S. economy rebounded, unemployment reached an all-time low, society returned to tradition, and took the lead in the world in pulling off a full-scale siege of the evil Chinese Communist regime, prompting the U.S. bipartisanship in the anti-communist The Chinese Communist Party has reached consensus on this issue.

It is now clear from the providence of God that no one can change the critical situation of the imminent collapse of the Chinese Communist Party and that the fate of communism is a foregone conclusion.

The U.S. emphasizes the distinction between the CCP and China, and the collapse of the CCP is now a reality.

On November 2, EST, on the eve of the U.S. election, the National Security Council launched the online version of its new book, “Trump on China: America First,” which brings together a series of speeches by President Trump and members of his cabinet on China policy and systematically presents the Trump administration’s China policy. The White House said in a statement the same day that President Trump said we will no longer turn a blind eye to the actions of the Chinese Communist Party when it comes to China.

The new book includes US Vice President Pence’s China policy speech at the Hudson Institute, President Trump’s speech at the 75th UN General Assembly, and a series of speeches by US National Security Adviser O’Brien, US FBI Director Ray, US Attorney General Barr and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Outside analysis of the White House’s move is intended to emphasize that future U.S. policy toward China will distinguish between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people.

One netizen wrote, “Never, justice will be a little late, but not absent! Kawakami’s re-election may seem in doubt, but it is by no means a precipice. The value of justice will not seem precious if the election is a clean sweep, and the battle between good and evil will be difficult to touch everyone’s heart if evil does not rise to the occasion. It is not that God is retreating, it is that God is choosing. The salvation and joy that comes when good is separated from evil will be a lasting testimony to history.

Our arrows thump our hearts, not because we cannot see the brightness of the outpost, but because the moment of evil’s demise is within reach.”