Fox Anchor: If Biden wins, it will begin an era of oligarchy

Tucker Carlson, a popular Fox News anchor, said on the November 6 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that if Biden wins the presidency, the high-tech companies, the big banks, the Beijing administration and the vested interests will have won.

On the show, Carlson said, “Who the hell is Joe Biden, who could be president on January 20? The truth is, as of right now, we don’t know.

We don’t know what Joe Biden is thinking, or even if he is still capable of thinking. For a whole year, he didn’t tell us, and no one asked him to tell us. In fact, it’s clear that Joe Biden doesn’t even exist. The man you remember from the ’80s is gone.

All that’s left is a projection, a hologram designed to mimic the behavior of unthreatening political candidates: “Relax, Joe Biden’s here. He’s smiling and everything’s fine.” That’s the message this illusory candidate is sending.

So who’s operating the projector? The first thing you need to know is that the people behind Joe Biden are not liberals, as we often incorrectly call them. A liberal believes in the right of all Americans to speak freely, earn a living, worship the god of their faith, defend their families, and do all of those things, no matter what political party they belong to, what race they were born into, or how far away they now live from midtown Manhattan.

A liberal believes in universal principles and applies them fairly. And interestingly enough, all of these are characteristics of most of the 70 million people who just voted for Donald Trump this week. Most of them don’t want to hurt or control anyone. They’re not interested in silencing the opposition on Facebook or anywhere else. They just want to live in the country they were born in, which doesn’t seem like a big ask. So, by any traditional definition, they are liberals.

And yet, our language has become so politicized, so distorted, you don’t even realize it anymore. What is certain is that the people behind Joe Biden are not people who uphold these beliefs at all. They don’t believe in dissent. “Is that what you think? It’s okay if I think differently.” No, they’re not like that at all. In other words, reasonable differences between people are the last thing on their minds. What these people are looking for is absolute sameness, complete uniformity. Are you happy with your corner coffee shop? They want you to drink Starbucks every day from now until forever, no matter what it tastes like. That’s the future (that America faces).

If you think these are the values of big business, then you understand what’s happening. Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is a purely corporate enterprise. It’s the first campaign in American history to come this close to the presidency. If a multinational corporation decides to build a presidential candidate, a former credit card scammer from Wilmington, Delaware just works, and that’s exactly what they got. What’s good for Google is good for the Biden campaign, and vice versa. We’ve never seen such a soulless project. They really did pick Kamala Harris (He Kamli) as Biden’s running mate, a man who can’t even pronounce his own name. But that didn’t matter because it was purely an advertising stunt.

We watched it all happen. We stood there dumbfounded, in utter disbelief that a man without any apparent voter support had been promoted, as if by magic, to the highest levels of our political system. It may be that in the end, Joe Biden himself never convinced a single voter during his entire presidential campaign, but he didn’t have to. Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination because he’s no Bernie Sanders. He’s only where he is today because he’s not Donald Trump. This is the shortest political story ever told.

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, they both did it in the traditional way. Each of them had the support of actual voters. There are living people who love them, who believe in them, who put their hopes in them, who agree with them, and who have made their ideas clear. But big American business hates them both with a passion. They can’t be controlled, especially by Donald Trump, whose total unwillingness to capitulate makes him the biggest threat (to these big businesses). That’s why they hate Donald Trump, because he doesn’t submit.

It would be an insult to say that it was Joseph R. Biden who won this election, so to speak, if he was indeed elected. (Actually), it was the tech companies that won. It was the big banks that won. It was the Chinese government, the media establishment, the permanent bureaucracy, the billionaire class, who won, and not in a way that promised democracy. If one person equals one vote, such a coalition can never win anything. They are not large enough.

But as a group, they have something that Donald Trump’s voters unfortunately don’t, and that’s power. They have a lot of power, and they plan to wield that power whether you like it or not. It’s all starting to look a lot like oligarchy at this point. Those who think they should have been in power all along, may actually be in power now.

So what does this mean for us ordinary people? Will big American business declare victory and then back down? Can we speak freely again? Are they going to take the boots off our necks? The Orange Emergency is over, can we get back the America of yesteryear? So, can the mandatory lying order finally be lifted?

These are the issues we need to focus on, because we intend to stay in this country. One more thing, who will be excited to welcome our new corporate overlords (translator’s note: referring to the new president-elect)? Who’s going to work with that, especially those on the right, those on the Republican side who say they’re going to protect you? Who’s happy about all this happening? It seems worth tracking, because we need to know who we’re dealing with.