Why the left is anti-Trump when the US election fraud is shocking

On the evening of November 5, President Donald Trump gave a speech in which he condemned the Democrats for engaging in widespread fraud and attempting to manipulate the election. He said, “If legitimate votes were counted, I would win easily.” Citing evidence, President Trump briefly described the fraudulent chaos that has occurred in several states, and bluntly stated that the election will not be allowed to be stolen. He stated that it is not a question of who wins or loses and that “we can’t let that happen in this country and we can’t be ashamed of it.”

That night, in Phoenix, Arizona, a large number of Trump supporters held a peaceful rally to demand that the election center count every vote (as the state is suspected of deliberately suppressing Trump’s vote). The rally organizers said, “We are here to defend our land, to defend the Constitution.”

Truths and Oddities in the Eye of the Beholder

  1. the weirdness of invoicing

On the evening of November 3, as the counting of votes in the U.S. election began, Biden held a lead over Trump, which could easily have triggered the illusion that he might win. In reality, Biden’s ability to maintain higher numbers than his opponent depends on the order in which the states complete their counts, and the order in which the media determines the winner. For example, in Florida, where Trump’s advantage was clear, the results came in late and the media waited until Biden had won several West Coast states and amassed more votes before declaring that Trump had taken Florida.

Nevertheless, the public was not fooled by this blindfold, and several observers pointed out that Trump performed better than expected, taking Florida, Indiana, Texas, and Ohio, and that he received higher support from African-Americans and Latinos than he did in 2016. This proves once again that the mainstream media’s previous polls were so wrong.

At 3:00 a.m. on November 4, the data showed Trump leading in the key states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Alaska, and especially in Pennsylvania by a wide margin. The large swath of light red on the U.S. electoral map indicates that a Trump victory is a foregone conclusion.

However, at this time, these states have suddenly stopped counting votes, the two candidates’ scores are set to remain unchanged. The next day, a large number of new ballots flooded in (it is said that most of the ballots are mail ballots), with the counting of new votes, Trump’s advantage last night quickly disappeared, even in some states actually behind Biden. This bizarre “reversal” happened in front of the world audience, who would really believe that there is nothing fishy about it?

A legitimate question is: Why is it that Florida can complete the count overnight, while states like Pennsylvania cannot? Furthermore, California is the most populous state, also implemented mail-in voting, and opened three hours later than the Eastern U.S. Why did its election results come out so quickly?

The reasonable explanation for this is: when Florida and Texas did not “turn blue” as envisioned by the left, the Democrats panicked, so they suspended the counting of key state votes, obviously to prevent Trump’s victory, at least to make his electoral votes no longer rise.

  1. Election fraud and fraudulent incidents in many places

Over the past few days, numerous voters and observers have discovered and reported numerous instances of election fraud and malpractice, such as mail-in ballots being lost, misaddressed, discarded, fraudulently claimed or unstamped; deceased people still getting ballots and “voting”; residents who have moved away still voting in their home states; Republican poll watchers being denied access to polling places, and more.

In Michigan, the TCF center in Detroit was used to count all absentee ballots in the city, and on November 4, the center staff used large pieces of cardboard to block the windows to prevent people who questioned the count from seeing the inside.

Former Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck, a registered poll watcher, was inside the TCF Center in Detroit that day. He told Fox News what he observed: “confusion and a complete lack of transparency.”

Kolbeck said, “We were explicitly denied access to the ballot-counting area at the most critical moment. That speaks volumes” and “I can tell you right now that this was not a free and fair election and I’ve been following this for a long time. So please spread the word: (Democrats) are trying to steal the election results, and the best way to fight back against that is to let people know what’s happening.”

On the morning of Nov. 5, in Las Vegas, in front of the Clark County Department of Elections, President Trump’s campaign held a press conference to announce the filing of a lawsuit in Nevada alleging voter fraud. The campaign statement said that every ballot must be a qualified and compliant ballot to protect legitimate voters. If there are illegal votes being cast, it is unacceptable in our state. The local government is condoning these illegal votes, which is a corrupt voting system.

In a tweet, the Nevada Republican Party said, “Our attorneys just filed a criminal complaint with Attorney General Barr regarding at least 3,062 incidents of voter fraud. We expect this number to increase significantly. We have determined that thousands of people appear to have violated the law and are still voting here after they moved out of Nevada.”

On the afternoon of Nov. 5, officials from Trump’s presidential campaign said externally that Philadelphia Republican observers were still unable to effectively monitor the vote counting process, despite a judge’s order requiring local election officials to allow those observers sufficient opportunity to monitor the count. Philadelphia police declined to help enforce an order. Previously, Republican poll watchers were forced to watch the vote counting process from 100 feet away. Local election officials also reportedly set up barricades and some form of security to keep the observers away.

The leftist media and Twitter show

On the evening of November 5, PBS News headlined President Trump’s latest speech, “Trump makes false accusations about the election.”

In the early morning hours of Nov. 4, as key states stopped counting votes, President Trump tweeted, “We’re strong, but they’re trying to steal the election.”

About five minutes later, Twitter blocked users from replying, sharing and praising the president’s tweet on the grounds that it “contains controversial and false information.” In response, the leftist media agreed with what Twitter had done, calling Trump’s allegations “unsubstantiated.”

On what basis can the leftist media and Twitter say that what the President said was “wrong” and “untrue”? The evidence is overwhelming that the Democrats are working with the left media to manipulate the election, and for anyone to claim a “lack of evidence” at this point is ridiculous and despicable.

The quadrennial election is the most important event in American politics, and there is no room for ambiguity. In this election, a variety of loopholes and human error frequent, a large number of votes is likely to be improperly disposed of, which directly affects the results of the election, undermining the fairness of the election.

However, the U.S. mainstream media not only did not go in the forefront of investigation and exposure, but continue to spread “Russiagate” and other false news, concoct false polls, attempts to sabotage the presidential campaign, and even alleged interference in the election results.

The fact that Twitter blocked President Trump’s tweets in mid-October, following the Hunt computer-gate scandal, shows that the technology giant has lost its moral integrity. Such media, such social media, manipulating the right to information of hundreds of millions of American citizens and the information exchange activities of Internet users around the world, is worrisome!

President Trump said, “Despite unprecedented disruption from big media, big tech companies, big conglomerates, a red tide rises across the country ……”

Why the left hates Trump

Observers pointed out that before he was elected president, many mainstream media had a good relationship with him, and no one ever called him a “racist”. However, since Trump took over the White House, most of the media changed their tune, and he became their enemy overnight. Why is that?

Greg Gutfeld, an American television producer and news commentator, says it all: “Trump has broken the system, the mold, the media (monopoly) and the polls, and the whole political machine.”

For nearly four years, President Trump has staunchly defended the U.S. Constitution, guarded traditional moral values, and honored life. He has resolutely rejected socialism, courageously confronted the forces of evil such as terrorists and the Chinese Communist Party, and acted to preserve world peace, the security of the U.S. homeland, information and technology, and freedom of speech, press and worship. As a result, the multi-ethnic crowd enthusiastically chanted, “Four more years!”

However, on the other hand, many people don’t want to see Trump win because they are diametrically opposed to what he loves and hates.

A few days ago, the BBC released a video about the U.S. election, only to see several Biden supporters pulling out banners that read, “Capitalism is killing us. Fight for the socialist option.” (Capitalism is killing us. fight for a socialist alternative.)

This slogan illustrates the point: the contest between Trump and Biden is not just a political competition, but a choice about the fate of the United States towards socialism. Leftists, under the banner of “progressivism” and “liberalism,” intend to pursue the path of socialism. They suppress freedom of speech and press in the United States, mislead the public with false information, participate in inciting violence and hatred, and even openly sabotage elections, which is tantamount to violating the voting rights of the majority of voters.

Recently, the Chinese Communist authorities have said that they hope the new U.S. leader will be “non-confrontational and non-conflictual”. Is this a message to Biden? If he is elected, will he open the doors of the country to the Chinese Communist Party and allow the lies, corruption, violence, and atheism of Communism to erode and disintegrate the foundations of American society from within and without?

The Trump administration has now initiated judicial proceedings to preserve the integrity of the election. The fraud in this election exposes the manipulation of the judiciary and the media by the American left and the grave danger it poses. This is not an international “joke”, but a major crisis for the United States and a blasphemy to the American voters.