The U.S. election is in a stalemate, and the mysterious prophecy is revealing?

It’s November 6th and the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election are still not in. All sorts of strange and bizarre things are happening regarding this election. The Trump campaign claims that the Democrats lied, cheated and stole across the US, and legal action has been filed in at least 5 states.

So, did Trump end up winning or losing this U.S. presidential election? Some people have come to different conclusions based on their analysis of various visible and tangible facts; others have come to their own conclusions based on their belief in “theism”. Here, we will focus on four kinds of theories about “God helped Trump to win”.

(1) Sun Dassault’s prophecy

In a video posted on YouTube on October 18, Sun Dasho, a priest of the Evangelical Church of Jesus in India who possesses some kind of supernatural powers and is considered by some to be a “prophet,” said, “I don’t know anything about red and blue (red for Trump’s Republicans and blue for Biden’s Democrats). I don’t know anything about their politics, I’m just conveying a voice from heaven.”

Sun Dassault said the first time he prayed, the manifestation he saw was an eagle, and that eagle was America, and the eagle was crying to him and telling him that if America elected the wrong person, he would fall and never rise again.

Sun Dassault also said that God showed him the heart of President Kawakami, Kawakami’s heart is bleeding, don’t look at him in front of people with a big heart and strong look, but he is very lonely, he is fighting alone, he will secretly cry when he faces God in prayer, he is very sad.

Sun Dassault told the Americans, “You must never choose the wrong person, God has given America another 4 years, never choose the wrong person. Trump is a warrior, a resister, he is strong, he is willing to shoulder the burden of the American people and America, he is willing to fight for America.”

Sun Dasho also mentioned that God has sent three archangels to protect Trump. But he reminded people that it’s not that all is well until the Nov. 3 election, because there are people who want to turn everything upside down.

“You have to keep praying, not just until November 3, but until January 20, because there will be big events in between.”

(2) The prophecy of the Volnor preacher

Lance Wallnau, who successfully predicted Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, says God has sent St. Michael, the biblical “archangel,” to lead a group of archangels from the Holy Land to the United States, according to an Oct. 9 NewsMax report. Heaven comes down to help Trump. In the biblical story, the archangel St. Michael takes on Satan, the Devil, and his evil warriors, and ultimately defeats the devil.

Currently, the Archangel St. Michael is observing the political and social chaos in America and will respond in a way.

Volno said, “God picked Trump” and “once you pick him, you strike him, you are striking God’s choice”. He believes, “Whoever strikes against Trump is striking against God.”

Vorno reminded the American people to ignore the pessimistic polls, that God’s grace and mercy on America is not over, and that if Trump is not in the presidential seat, then America is over. Vorno predicted that Trump will be re-elected.

(3) Bishop Vigneault says God helped Trump.

Vigneault is the former archbishop of the Catholic Church in the United States. On June 7 of this year, he sent his first open letter to Trump, saying that humanity was experiencing an unprecedented war between good and evil.

On October 25, Vigneault wrote another unanimous letter to President Trump. He wrote, “At this moment, a global conspiracy against God and humanity is threatening the fate of the world.” A battle to the death between good and evil is underway, with Trump being the one who “stands in the way” of the forces of deep darkness and the last man to attack the sons of darkness, while God Almighty is lining up to help Trump.

The letter also said that the forces of evil are using the virus global pandemic, the implementation of the so-called “great reconstruction” of the global agenda, in the name of the health crisis, the blockade of the world, demanding that people surrender their freedom and property, the establishment of global tyranny. But evil knows only hate, and good people have God to watch over them. “If God is with us, who can be against us?”

(4) The Bible mentions “God’s Trump.”

In the United States, and even in Britain and Canada, the legend that Trump is the “Chosen One” has long been spread in various grassroots churches. Even the highly conservative, uninformed Amish, who have been hidden in the deep woods for hundreds of years, also believe that Trump is the “Chosen One”. It has become a spectacle in this presidential election that they ran out of their seclusion to vote for Trump in a horse-drawn carriage.

It has been reported that these conservative Christians saw a description of “Trump” in the original English Bible, and they believe that the current U.S. President is the same person mentioned in the Bible. Trump’s name, Trump, is identical to the Biblical Trump. The chapters in the original English Bible where Trump is mentioned are in 1 Corinthians 15:52 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

In these two passages, Paul uses his epistles to tell the same story: that when the end-time judgment comes before the end, Jesus Christ will bring his devout followers back to heaven to be reunited with him, and those devout believers who have died will also return to heaven and receive an eternal body of glory …… Last Trump in the Bible, and Christians are elevated The “last trumpet” heard in the Kingdom of God means that they are saved. Therefore, this Trump is written as Trump of God in the original phrase of 4:16.

According to the above four statements, although the current U.S. presidential election appeared all kinds of chaos, but, “the last laugh, the best laugh” the person, certainly is still Trump.

Trump’s miracle The tribulations he has gone through

In 2016 without any experience in politics, Trump, running for the presidency, the whole United States, the whole world, a considerable number of people with power, money, knowledge and status, all believe that Trump absolutely can not win, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary 100% will be elected.

At that time, Zeng Qingjie, a political science doctor who had studied in the United States for many years and was a teacher at the School of International Relations at Fudan University in Shanghai, wrote before voting day: “Hillary will definitely win. As a scholar of politics, if you can’t even make such a simple prediction correctly, I won’t come to teach you.” After the election results came in, he left another message, “Students, I no longer have a face to see you all again, but I will still be teaching next week’s class and will have a midterm. But you don’t have to study for it, because all the general knowledge in political science is useless.”

It is undoubtedly a miracle that Trump surpassed “10,000 Impossible” to the White House. Afterwards, Trump surprised many celebrities, scholars, all kinds of experts unexpectedly created a lot of world-renowned miracles. For example, Nobel laureate in economics Krugman once said that Trump was elected president, the United States economy to collapse, but also engaged in 1100 economists signed, including more than 10 Nobel laureates, the past 30 years, the economic adviser to the President of the United States. However, until the Great Plague happened, the U.S. economy not only did not collapse, on the contrary, the United States became the strongest economic growth in the world. After the Great Plague, the U.S. economy surged by a record 33.1 percent in the third quarter of this year.

Another example, some people say that Trump is “war fanatic”. The Balkans bring hope for peace. Norway parliamentarian Gide, Australia’s Flint and other four law professors, Swedish parliamentarian Jacobson, etc., all nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize candidate.

From the first day of the White House, Trump has been almost all the mainstream media, the Democratic Party, “deep government” strong opposition, encountered difficulties one after another: for example, continued for three years, spending $30 million “Russiagate” investigation; to “The initiation of his impeachment on trumped-up charges; the use of every means to block his nominee, Kavanaugh, from serving on the Supreme Court; the preparation by House Speaker Pelosi of the use of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution just three days after he was released from the hospital with the “Chinese Communist virus”. He was ousted from office on health grounds; almost all mainstream media continued to be anti-Trump for four years, posts were censored by social media Twitter Facebook, and so on. But, all these difficulties, he has survived one by one.

Why can Trump create so many miracles and overcome so many difficulties at the same time? Trump said a very famous quote, “In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.” Trump was a devout believer in God. Whenever he encountered a difficult situation, he turned to God and asked Him for wisdom, courage and strength.

concluding remarks

Will Trump get through another big hurdle this presidential election?

A friend in Taiwan posted “This is the boldest election prediction I’ve ever made” on Facebook. It reads.

“The U.S. presidential election in 2020 was caught up in unprecedented drama and change, but it was no coincidence. Biden, having flip-flopped along the way, ended up watching Trump win the election. Trump was right to go through the legal process. The scandal of the Democratic Party’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party and selling the United States to the Chinese Communist Party in the past few years will be unearthed by Trump, and that is why the Democratic Party will do whatever it takes to defraud the election. The Democratic Party’s various election antics and the abandonment of credibility by the mainstream media will all be revealed this time to let the world see clearly who is the bane of America’s existence. America’s immediate stability depends on conservatives, in the face of danger, self-discipline and calm, trusting in God, God bless America.”

People who believe in God believe that something miraculous is happening. Did Trump ultimately win the election? We’ll probably see what happens soon, so let’s wait and see.