It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the Chinese with so much political passion.

“Biden has been leading and Kawada is in danger! “

“Trump takes key Florida, steady as she goes! “

“While I don’t like Biden either, I still want the Democrats to win. “

“I’m predicting a Trump win and the vote should be around 290. “


This has to be the most magical circle of friends this year. Never before have we been so preoccupied with other people’s affairs as we are today.

Except for taxi drivers in Beijing, Chinese people have never talked much about politics, and this consciousness has been cultivated for years.

Now, however, for the first time, I’ve seen such political enthusiasm among the Chinese. We have nothing to do with this election, we can’t influence it in the slightest, and we can’t vote in it together.

After all, people like grand issues more than specific events. For example, I saw a news item today that is more relevant to us: the case of a needle in a toddler and the arrest of three teachers involved.

There is also a very interesting news: a man to reward female anchors to steal 2000 pounds of konjac. Rao is magic to this, but also can not resist the magic of a tweet.

Even the foreign news, I also find this one more inspirational for us: the Swiss canton of Geneva has implemented a new minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs per hour or 4,000 Swiss francs per month (about 30,000 yuan) since this month.

Mortals have always liked to fantasize about the lives of immortals, while ignoring the world around them.

I must admit that in this atmosphere, I also unconsciously clicked on some pictures or news about the election, playing the role of an enthusiastic onlooker. It must also be admitted that the quadrennial stuff is still fresh; especially the sense of suspense, which is fascinating.

I read a story that this will be the largest turnout for a general election in U.S. history. I think it’s also going to be the largest number of people who have ever followed an American election in our history.

It was as if we were watching an American drama that we had bothered to find.

It reminded us of Game of Thrones, unrelated to the name and content of the show. I think of the time when the episodes were updated, we asked for download links and extraction codes on Twitter, on MySpace, episode by episode, and then passed them on to more groups and more people.

After each episode, we always post a few thoughts and predictions to our friends, and then there will also be people who haven’t seen the episode for a while who will come out to drink the drama.

Now with the election on the other side, this scene and mood reminds me of the days when I was chasing the drama. The plot has nothing to do with us, even the creators were born in a different continent, but it has magic power over us.

This magic, even beyond the biggest black swan in recent years. The news of the ant’s suspended listing was only half a night’s worth of heat. The headlines, still firmly in the hands of Trump and Biden.

It dawned on me that yesterday we were worrying about the richest man in the country, and today we are worrying about the most powerful man in the world.

The nation has always been a worrying lot, worrying about the trains in India, the poor in Africa, the epidemic in America ……

We couldn’t understand why they were gathering in the streets without masks when more than 200,000 people had died; just as they couldn’t understand why a few cases had to be closed off around them.

It was as if we were two opposite sides of the world, separated by a different kind of excitement and loneliness.