I buy children online

At first I did not intend to buy online, mainly because I was afraid to meet a liar, really not my blind worry, my gay honey encountered, on the beginning of last year, it, he ordered a big-eyed pregnant mother of the baby, looking forward to a long Time, every day with us boast that double eyelids how good-looking, the results arrived to see, good guys, the child is a squinting eyes! The actual goods and pictures seriously do not match, he almost did not want to sign the receipt on the spot, questioned the seller is not false propaganda, to take P over the picture to cheat him, the seller hard mouth does not admit, saying what the child is still small to see, and so grow up a little more features will grow open, the results, now almost a year old, the eyes are still small with a pit bull terrier, and IQ is not much better, I gay honey suspect that the pregnant mother’s high Education is mostly also It is fake ……gay honey want to return the goods, the store did not promise, said has passed the package return validity, he was angry, and now is still and customer service tear it.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only in the market, but also in the marketplace. The first thing that we did was to do our homework for a few months, comparing them side-by-side and calculating the price/performance ratio, and choosing the right institution.

Although it was a temporary shock, we quickly adjusted our mindset: if we can’t use my husband’s sperm, why not use my eggs too?

After I figured it out, I thought it would be better, cheaper and more convenient, and as for the blood relationship, it doesn’t matter at all.

After making this decision, my husband and I nestled together every day to choose a pregnant mother, my husband wants white skin, I want long legs, choose half a day, looking at a ten-year old store, the rating is quite high, the style is very full, monthly sales of twenty-five …… my husband was alert, how sales are so high, it will not be a single brush, right?

We clicked into the comments section to see, all positive comments, but not quite like a single look, sun out of the children are beautiful and lovely, my husband and I look more and more tempted to ask customer service after learning that the reason they can get a single so fast, because the team is large, and pregnant mother at least two to three pregnant at a time, high efficiency.

The customer service told us that their Gold medalist pregnant mothers are pregnant with four or five babies at a time, and they all give birth to a full weight and rarely have a premature birth.

We consulted in detail overnight, feeling that this store is reliable, experienced, and fair price, while now doing activities to place an order also comes with a crib …… the only drawback is that his business is too hot, the stock is no longer available, now buy only scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of next year.

I discussed with my husband for a while, we originally wanted to pick up the pieces this month, too lazy to wait, but this one optional pregnant mother is the most satisfied we have seen so far, young and beautiful, not to mention that the education is a real master’s degree from a double-class university, the body is also good, and has never given birth before, the hardware is brand new, said the quality of the first child is the best, now can not be good to buy.

The first thing you need to do is to pay the full price, and your husband is very interested in this child, but also a special purchase of fetal education classes. The next thing to do is to wait, during the waiting period, gay honey side also came good news, they complained through various channels, online exposure and so on, finally let the seller loose promised to return the child, but also held a special celebration party, also invited us to participate in, we are enthusiastic to congratulate them, send the one-year-old child. To be honest that child does look a bit silly, everyone is laughing, he has been staring in horror at the small eyes everywhere, hiding behind gay honey not out, has been clutching his hand and refused to let go, and finally wailed, so I headache.

I hope the child I bought is not like him.

The first two months, the customer service informed me that the pregnant mother had been successfully conceived, the fetus is very stable, she is pregnant with three, because we are the first to pay in full, so after the birth of the child can choose first …… that I must choose the quietest, I can not stand babies always crying.

Everything was going well until the pregnant mother was seven months pregnant when something happened.

The mother itself is fine, eat and drink well, the fetus is also normal, is another customer’s side of the crotch, they had also booked the pregnant mother’s belly child, do not know what happened, suddenly said do not want to do not, according to customer service said it seems to be a young couple in a divorce.

The store’s profile clearly states that unless there are quality problems, no refunds or exchanges, before placing an order are clearly stated, but the young couple is unrelenting, not only to return their own, but also want to force the pregnant mother to abortion – the reason is that the biological Parents of the three children is the two of them, they do not want the world to exist in the crystallization of their wrong love.

My husband and I were dumbfounded and asked customer service what was going on. Customer service said you don’t mind where the germ cells come from, it just so happens that the pair of customers have this special need, we will meet together, who knew they would make a mess in the middle of it?

This can make us anxious, we have waited so long, just two months, which can be said to fight? The young couple was quite adamant, saying they were willing to compensate us for the loss, but the child could never stay. We did not agree, the store also disagreed, the child did not matter, if the mother’s body is hurt, resulting in her future pregnancy can not be what?

The two fetuses they gave up were not wasted, and the store seamlessly found other customers to take over – not others, but my good gay friend, who had just sent the child away, it was the window period, see the ultrasound photos I shared in my circle of friends greedy, take advantage of this opportunity to get the same model with me.

After another month or so, the due date is almost here, my husband installed the crib given by the store, bought a bunch of milk powder diapers, using AI software to measure the name of the child, everything is ready to wait for the unloading …… However, I did not expect that in the middle of the night, customer service called me again.

The phone was blurred and rushed, did not say exactly what happened, anyway, is to inform us that the single child is gone, let us be prepared, take the insurance compensation procedures, or wait for the next batch.

My husband was first confused, then angry, yelling at them to ask what happened, customer service stammering half a day, and finally admitted that the pregnant mother jumped off the building.

Jumped? How can that be?

Customer service said last night on the jump, early in the morning to the hospital to rescue, did not save over. My husband asked what about the child, the adult is gone? You should give priority to saving the child ah! Customer service said you do not worry, is the decision to protect the child, but she was abdominal landing, we can not help ……

Customer service is still apologizing, my husband is still arguing with him, and I have been speechless to the extreme, but still have to try to remain calm, grabbed the phone and asked customer service: jumped? Tell me exactly how and where they jumped, and why they jumped in a good way. Your organization also claims to be the most professional on the net, but you can’t even guarantee the safety of pregnant mothers?

The customer service sighed, pro, this we also did not expect, she actually has prenatal depression, we have been actively giving her treatment and guidance, originally a lot better, perhaps the last return request and stimulated her, suddenly the onset, we can not prevent ……

Excuses, are excuses! I don’t care, you find a way, I was supposed to pick it up next month, I don’t want to wait, you find me a child with the same qualifications to replace it, not even a day late!

Although then put a harsh words, we also know that a short time which is so easy to find a replacement, the store is an old store, dealing with customer disputes experienced, and finally negotiated a compensation price also forget it, we did not even leave a bad review.

Online shopping is risky …… after this period of time several ups and downs, I kind of understand, buy children online is not as good as advertised to buy, my luck how so bad ah.

I’m in a depressed mood, my gay honey is even more angry to die, the beautiful dream once again shattered, he is anxious face acne. The two of us can only comfort each other, arm in arm a piece to go to the spa to relax, talking about what he remembered, mysteriously said to me: with you to discuss a matter.

I asked him what the matter, he said you know, now the most popular that, homie mixed pup, that is, I and sperm and your eggs mixed, and then by you to give birth to children …… we are each other’s children godparents godmother.

I listened to froze, said this what a mess, gay honey said you first do not rush to refuse, I think this thing can be considered, you think about it, now online shopping is too unreliable, you tell how many bad things we encountered? The sperm of your husband can not use it, use a strange man’s and he is not happy, so just use my ah! The two of us know your husband’s relationship, he will not feel cuckolded, we cooperate, the child will have it all.

I immediately refused: no, how can I personally pregnant, or I don’t donate eggs you donor sperm, we group purchase a pregnant mother it?

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this. I can’t trust those online platforms now, I only trust you, you work I am assured, ah you don’t hesitate, just lend your womb to use it ……

I shook my head vigorously, said you do not think, I can not give birth to their own, that is the pregnant mother should do, we directly spend money to buy the line, and my husband so much love me, he certainly do not agree.

gay honey suddenly did not speak, smile shallow fade, looking straight at me.

In fact, I have already discussed with your husband, he agreed.


Your husband’s thinking is actually a little traditional, think the child a little blood relationship better, you can give birth to their own can also save a maternity fee …… you do not get excited, lie back and listen to me, the child looks like you quite good, at least you look good, will not raise two days to take a few pictures after the sun tired …… you do not worry about it, just ten months, soon passed, your physical examination report I read, your uterus is so healthy, idle how wasteful ah ……

The more I listened to the more wrong I wanted to get up and break up a few words with him, but a dizzy spell came over me, my vision began to fail to focus, the world in front of me was spinning, muddled, wanted to scream but could not make a sound, before completely unconscious, I heard gay honey said in my ear: Come on honey, I look forward to this time to not return or exchange, the same city from a perfect child.