Why do you need such a good ear?

I went to a special Music class for 9 years when I was a child, many fans do not know it.

I say responsibly, in fact, if no one in your Family to learn piano, or your family does not have a piano, you learn for the sake of the child, to buy now, then you still learn some cheap musical instruments, really do not invest so much. If you are a tycoon, buy a piano just to place, the Home is too big, need to occupy an area, when I did not say.

Learn musical instruments, 30% by the teacher, 70% by practice, over and over again. Not a day to practice a half hour on the line. When we were kids, we had to practice for 6 hours a day, 6 hours.

I am considered a good perseverance (when the weight loss can lose 100 pounds can prove), I am tired of it.

I do not want to see the award certificate now. When I was a kid, I went to Beijing Concert Hall to perform, and Jinfan Concert Hall to perform, but now I don’t even have Time to touch the piano.

I took the high school and college entrance exams, but I also froze and didn’t use any specialties.

I really didn’t want to study so hard at Tsinghua, but I also had to go to special classes to rehearse. So I gritted my teeth and didn’t even fill in that I had a special talent, and no one knew about it.

Some Parents may say, I do not pursue the child can professional, can have a hobby to find a date on the line.

Then I would advise you to forget it. The children are mainly looking for a date by face, face is not enough to be able to talk and do things.

If you can use the time to learn how to speak and how to have manners, you have to become a human being.

You have to learn a musical instrument, then you learn a can carry out. Piano generally can not show ah.

You said that the piano is good for ear training. I ask you, is it really good for the ear to hear the pitch exceptionally well?

I think it’s a curse. Every time I turn on a TV show and watch a celebrity sing, I want to kill myself.

What crossover song king. My mom was watching with great pleasure, and to my ears, they were crossing the Marianas Trench, and they were pulling eggs.

If you don’t learn a musical instrument, you can go out with the leader and sing karaoke, and you can still close your eyes and blow. After learning a musical instrument, your whole person’s emotions are going to collapse.

I also belong to the learning of musical instruments inside the ear is not good, you need the ear so good what? What are you suffering from?

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Yesterday, a friend from Suzhou sent me a long paragraph of emotion.

Her child just turned 6 years old this year and was forced to learn piano, calligraphy and foreign languages every day. Until this week, she took a moment to ask her child which one she really likes to learn. If they don’t want to learn, they simply don’t want to learn at all.

Why did she make this change? The reason is that last month she was in a shopping mall and saw a delivery boy sitting at a communal piano playing a tune, and suddenly she felt an unexplainable depression.

She is not “discriminating” against the profession of delivery workers, but she thinks that although they make a lot of money, but in the eyes of the public is not a decent job, this is true, right?

She said that the children of rich families, learned the piano, calligraphy and painting, can become a rich people with elegance.

But the children of poor families who learn qinqi and calligraphy and painting can only become leeks who can play qinqi and calligraphy and painting, “in all probability”.

In the future, the most likely ending is that the child will become an office worker who can play the piano, a copywriter who can play chess, a salesman or a doctor, a programmer who can draw and work late into the night, or even a sudden death of myocardial infarction at his desk.

These training courses are too like to draw dreams for parents, constantly telling them as if they learned those those, they can become a how to how powerful people, how to how different ending.

But when you think about it, it’s just like that, some things are not born, learn what the probability will not have.

“No point, do not force, let him go. “She said so.