I can also make the fish soup milky white

I used to have ten fingers without touching the water. Learn to cook, pure Life forced.

There will always be a person or a thing in life that will inspire you to challenge yourself. I fell in love with making carp and tofu Soup, only because my white brother said to me with a tone of contempt: “Fish soup is the easiest soup in the world to make! The next Time she made a bowl of fish soup in front of me, the action was flowing, leaving me with a face of admiration.

I looked at the carp and bean curd soup made by my brother, it looked wonderful, both thick and white and clear, with the aroma of fresh ingredients coming to my face, for me who can only boil chicken soup and rib soup, it was like a noble symbol of culinary advancement, which gave me the ambition to conquer this bowl of complicated cuisine.

The first thing I can say is that I have a good understanding of carp and bean curd soup: the fish should be picked well, the fish eyes are clear and the fish body is not hurt; the fishy part, the frying fire should be good, one point more is not sweet and one point less is too greasy; ginger, green onion, fine white southern tofu without seasoning stew is really good.

Carp is a freshwater fish, the meat is tender, and the fishy smell is lighter compared to other fish, before cooking, I like to stuff the ginger into the belly of the fish to finish the work of removing the fishy smell. Before frying the fish, I used to rub the fish with salt and the pan with ginger to remove the fishy smell and keep the fish intact.

When a fresh fish, popped with golden skin in the oil splash, then slow stewed with boiling water and fresh tofu for half an hour, simmering all over with a thick white broth, it is a particularly remarkable thing for its cooks.

Spoon a mouthful of the creamy white fish soup, fresh and delicious, bite into the hot and tender tofu, the warmth comes, a sip in winter, simply to be comfortable to the toes! As “Tongue in Cheek” says: “Legend has it that good fish soup is as white as milk, fatty but not greasy, and drops on the table will naturally coalesce like pearls, and when blown with the mouth, can roll from one side of the table to the other. “

Since then, whenever friends come Home for dinner, I will offer a treasure like a “chef’s wife brand fish soup “. If the fish soup, which is full of color, aroma and taste, is served at the front end of the meal, it can tempt my friends to show their cravings and appetite, and they ask me to hurry up and fry the other dishes for the meal. The satisfaction of having one’s work highly recognized far exceeds the feeling of being busy in the kitchen.

2 years ago, I never thought that one day I would be forced to become a cook from a kitchen boy, because from “can’t ” to “will “This process, mixed with too many quantitative changes, to have the dawn of a qualitative change. I started with the mentality of trying, from how to fry a plate of crisp and refreshing green vegetables to study, and then how to sort out the cooking meat to figure out, cooking skills so gradually into. I did not expect my inexplicable persistence, but unknowingly reaped the fruits.

To my surprise, I found that life began to become interesting because of cooking.

I enjoy the process of cooking. Rubbing and rubbing! When I cut the vegetables, the pieces of vegetables were neatly and evenly arranged, with the style of a warrior with a sword. Zizi zizi! When stir-frying, the oil and fire are noisy, the ingredients in the pan are fragrant, cooked and beautiful, and there is a sense of pride in creating perfection.

I enjoy the process of eating more, imagine, with three or five friends gathered at a small table, for their own hand-made delicious and moving, for each share the life gossip and excitement, how reckless and happy ah!

I will always miss the one who was in the kitchen at that time, pounding away at a bowl of creamy white fish soup.