Life is less than 100, the end of the head, there are few left

The Greek philosopher Diogenes used to sleep in a tiled jar. One day Emperor Alexander went to see him and asked him in the usual tone of the emperor: “Do you have a request for me? “The cynical philosopher rolled his eyes and replied: “I ask you to go away and not block my sunlight. I’m afraid the meaning of this little household story is a matter of opinion and opinion.

We usually always feel that the philosopher regarded honor as if it were nothing, rich as a floating cloud, although the emperor arrived, is no more than an ordinary person, not only to him no hope, but also do not need to be especially false color. But Dr. Johnson had another opinion, he thought that the sunlight should be paid attention to, the sunlight is not given by the emperor, so he asked him not to take away what he could not give. This request is not extravagant, but it has a profound meaning. Thus, Dr. Johnson understood from “light and Time” to “time”. Time”, although it is also extremely valuable, it is also often robbed.

Life is not a hundred years” is generally good. Of course, the old but not dead people, not without, but more than a long time is not generally people dare to hope. Dozens of summer and winter, sleep went to a large part. Su Dongpo so-called “sleep to its half”, a little exaggerated, about a third or so always have. During the period of childhood, it is said to be naive or ignorant, anyway, it is muddled and unaware; and then the life of the old and old, old and deaf, and even “the beauty of the present, can not be in love “, more than the dead, there is not much life interest to speak of. The end of life is not much left. It is this short life, time is not necessarily at our own disposal.

Dr. Johnson complained about those uninvited guests who come to the door at any time, no matter how busy you are, he feels at home, this situation is certainly ridiculous, I think it can not be regarded as a serious “time thief I don’t think it can be considered a serious “time thief”. He is just taking a small tax on our limited capital. The bulk of our time consumption, I am afraid, is still our own responsibility.

Some say: “Time is life. ” Others say, “Time is money. “Both are true, because some people simply believe that money is life. But when you think about it, if you have a life, you have money. Those who want money rather than life, of course, there are really a lot of disciples, but give up money rather than life, is still a smarter way. Therefore, “Huainan Zi” said: “the sage is not worth a foot of jade and heavy inch of yin, when it is difficult to gain and easy to lose. “When we were young, who did not do “cherish the yin said” Such class art? But who can appreciate before it is too late that time is “hard to get and easy to lose”?

When I was young, my Family hired a teacher and there was a clock on the desk in the study. My sister and I used to turn the clock forward half an hour when the teacher wasn’t looking, so that we could leave school early, but when the teacher noticed, he used a vermilion pen to draw a mark on the shadow of the sun on the window paper as the time to leave school. Time is constantly flowing, and no one can hold it for a moment.

“The dead are like the people, they do not give up day and night! “We tear a calendar every day, the calendar is getting thinner and thinner, and when it is about to be torn, we can’t help but be hale to be surprised, surprised that it is late in the year, if we put dozens of calendars into a bound book, it will symbolize our whole life, we tear down page by page, what kind of taste is it? “When winter comes, can spring be far away? But how many times can you see the end of winter and the coming of spring? Let it go if it can’t be stopped! The problem is, how to pass the time that has not yet passed that we can grasp.

Mr. Liang Ren Gong hates to hear the word “pastime”, only those who are impatient to live can bear to Only those who live impatiently can bear to “kill time”. He believed that a person had too much to do and not enough time to spend, so where was the time to spend? But the way to pass the time, but also people are different, Shi each have aspirations. The Qianlong Emperor went to Jiangnan, saw the canal oar traffic, bustling, advisers around: “What are they busy with? “Heshen guards on the side, blurted out:” nothing more than the word “fame and fortune. “This answer is quite correct, we must not waste words with people. However, the following three generations are afraid that it is not good name, probably the word name and profit among the greater component of profit.

“People die for money, birds die for food. “Time is money” is still true. The poet Wordsworth has a line: the world consumes too much of our time, sleep at night, make money and squander it, we have wasted our energy. So some people would rather disappear into the mountains and enjoy the breeze and the moon, “the couple of fish and shrimp and friends of the elk”, to live that high and secluded life. The poet Keats would rather spend a long time guarding a flower, watching the buds slowly spread their petals, thinking that it is the greatest joy on earth.

Jikang was playing iron under a big tree with his hammer, “drinking a cup of wine and playing a song on his zither”; Liu Ling “The first is that the person who is in the middle of a goblet and the second is a goblet. This again is a rather unusual way. The most thorough example of transcendence is recorded in the Transcendental Record: “The monk Nanquan asked Lu Hsuan, ‘What is the life of a great master in twelve hours?’ Lu Yun: ‘Not a single inch of silk! The monk Nanquan asked Lu Hsuan: ‘What do you do in the twelve hours? “This state is very high, can be said to be” heaven and earth as a day, ten thousand periods for a moment “, there is no time problem at all.

Man, as the Persian poet Omar Khayyam said, comes from nowhere and goes to nowhere, comes not as he wishes and goes without consent, and stays in the world for some time in a muddle. During this period of time, do we serve the form with our hearts? Or do we strive for immortality by virtue, merit and speech? Or should we investigate life and death and transcend the three worlds? This is a big idea that we need to decide for ourselves.