Farewell to the White House: First Lady Melania calls for unity Violence is not the answer

In a farewell speech posted on Jan. 18 local time, U.S. First Lady Melania Trump called on Americans to focus on unity, transcend differences and always choose peace over violence and love over hate, and in a departure from tradition, she did not invite incoming new First Lady Jill Biden to visit the White House.

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump posted a video of about six minutes on her Twitter feed, in which, as first lady, she bids farewell to the people. She thanked the American people, saying it was “the greatest honor she has ever had in her life”. She mentioned her husband Donald only once, and did not mention Joe Biden, who will take over.

Melania Trump said, “I am inspired by the people of the United States, who are inspiring through their kindness, courage and grace. And said, “The last four years have been unforgettable, and Donald and I close this chapter in the White House with stories of love, love for America and determination welling up in our hearts.

The current First Lady also encouraged Americans to protect others through “caution and common sense” as the United States continues to battle the new coronavirus: “Thank you to all the nurses, doctors, health workers, fabricators, truckers, and all the other people who saved lives… We grieve for the families who have lost loved ones, life is precious, and hope that all Americans will protect the vulnerable through caution and common sense.”

She said, “Please continue to be passionate and do what you love, but always remember that violence will never be the answer and will never be put in its proper name”…” I call on every American to focus on unity, to rise above differences, to always choose love over hate, peace over violence, altruism over self-interest.”

In a change of tradition, Melania Trump this time did not invite Jill Biden, the new first lady about to take the stage, to visit the White House before her husband leaves office. Melania’s move is in keeping with The Donald, who has announced he will not attend Biden’s inauguration. He is the first U.S. president in 152 years to skip attending the inauguration of a new president, and will leave by car for Florida just hours before Biden is sworn in.