Why Biden will never be president of all Americans.

Joe Biden has assured us on several occasions that if he wins, he will be president of all Americans, including those who did not vote for him.

This is impossible, and it is not just another “bright lie” that we have become sadly accustomed to. It is absolutely absurd and highlights a real American tragedy.

Under Biden’s leadership, national reconciliation cannot happen. He will take office under a cloud of doubt from which it is difficult to imagine how he can recover.

From the moment Donald Trump took office, Democrats accused him of colluding with Russia, but it turns out that, after a long and expensive investigation, they have not a shred of evidence.

In fact, there are solid arguments that Democrats knew from the beginning that they had no evidence, and even tried to fabricate it, in one of the most offensive political blows in our nation’s history.

The opposite is true of Joe Biden. There is already overwhelming evidence of financial collusion between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party, especially with its top brass, which, combined with his son’s activities, would make them very obvious targets for blackmail and serious coercion.

The evidence accumulated in many forms – emails, text messages, texts, and detailed public statements from former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski, including Bobulinski’s interview with Joe – that he was involved, but the former vice president apparently lied about it.

None of this has been controversial, not even a little, and the evidence is growing daily, with conservative author Peter Schweizer still having a mountain of never-disclosed emails waiting to be released.

And we know that China is just the tip of the iceberg, including a staggering number of other countries around the world, from Oman to Luxembourg, not to mention Russia and Ukraine, of course.

The fact that many in the media are refusing to cover what would normally be a mammoth story only shows that they’re afraid it’s true.

In an act of extreme panic, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey went so far as to block information from the New York Post on his own social media site. (Dorsey lied to Senator Marsha Blackburn at Wednesday’s hearing, claiming that he had never censored Donald Trump, which he has done dozens of times, further discrediting himself.

We can only assume that these media outlets and many Democrats don’t care. So what if Biden really is a crime family? They’re our crime family, and Trump is only worse.

But not Trump. His kids aren’t hanging around Beijing, snorting cocaine with young women (maybe girls), while the former vice president lies about business deals that could easily damage our national interests and slowly but surely lead to the destruction of Western democracy that the Chinese Communist Party wants.

About half the country’s population, the so-called “poor people”, know all this. How should they react if Biden wins? Accept him and give him a chance in the great tradition of peaceful transition in our country? And so many Democrats and almost all of the mainstream media never accepted Trump from day one.

Unlikely. What is more likely is that information about the Biden family will continue to trickle out, though the Justice Department and others will no doubt make changes to try to suppress it. The truth will somehow “eventually” emerge.

Many fear what will happen to our streets if Trump is re-elected. What happened in Philadelphia this week could be the tip of another iceberg.

However, the “poor people” (Trump supporters), though well equipped, are unlikely to react in the same way. To a large extent, they are much more mature than their opponents.

But it will happen someday. I’m not sure when, and I’m not sure what. Although, frankly, I’m not keen on finding out the answer. I’m hoping that Donald Trump wins re-election next week.