The contest behind one of Trump’s unfulfilled promises

Trump has done many of the things he promised before he ran in 2016: a border wall, tax cuts, more jobs, fair trade, and more. There is only one major promise that appears to be unfulfilled, and that is the raging public opinion of Hillary’s opponents, which Trump has been claiming since the former Secretary of State Hillary’s email scandal broke, and which is sending Hillary to jail.

Before the 2016 election, along with people have been asking “Benghazi incident” the truth of the investigation, Hillary’s use of a private server to handle classified work correspondence, and delete more than 30,000 emails of the incident fermentation. In particular, from the media “WikiLeaks” founder Assange constantly expose, declassified the obtained top secret content of Hillary’s emails, containing money laundering, collusion with the media to combat opponents and other scandals, especially the disclosure of the Benghazi incident Hillary’s involvement in the suspicion of crime. Coincidentally, many of the tainted witnesses or lawyers who opposed Hillary’s election have died mysteriously. In just over a month or so in July, five deaths have popped up in quick succession. Among them was Seth Rich, the head of the Democratic National Committee’s data center, who was shot and killed on the streets of Washington. Assange had suggested after Rich’s murder that he was the one who broke the story to WikiLeaks. The website Political Insider counted at least 46 mysterious deaths of people in the Clinton family circle or associated with the family in August of that year. The puzzling thing is: almost all the mainstream media is silent on these incidents of suspicion involving the Hillary family political scandal. Instead, speak up for the Hillary campaign, pointing to the leaked emails as the work of Russian spies and their close ties to the Trump team.

Focusing on the truth about Benghazi was a major factor in igniting and escalating Hillary’s email-gate story.

On the night of September 11, 2012, the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was suddenly subjected to a premeditated armed attack by Muslim terrorists. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Benghazi John Stevens, Director of Foreign Affairs Intelligence Management Sean Smith, and two former Navy SEALs and CIA employees, Tyrone. Woods and Glenn Doty, four people were killed.

The online suspicion of the incident is that Stevens had sent more than 600 emails to the U.S. State Department requesting additional security personnel beforehand, but received no response. When the terrorists attacked the embassy, the embassy and the ambassador himself sent numerous requests for help to various agencies, including the Diplomatic Security Command Center in Washington. A security team at a nearby CIA-affiliated base was given the request for help, but the order was delayed. Tyrone. Woods disobeyed orders to take the squad to relieve the embassy and return to the base with the rescued men. As the terrorist attack continues, Tyrone Woods Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doughty, who had volunteered to help, were killed by a shell. Throughout the eight-hour terror attack, Hillary and Obama, who had information, did not send troops to help.

The Benghazi incident was seen as the biggest scandal in the history of the US government. In the aftermath, the Obama administration was reluctant to say it was a terrorist attack, referring instead to spontaneous reprisals by local people triggered by a disrespectful US film. But there was no popular protest march, and it was even more inconsistent with the firepower of the militants’ weapons. In the run-up to the election, it became the focus of opposition accusations of incompetence and dereliction of duty by the Obama administration. And the Democratic left and media counter-accusations against the opposition were conspiracy theories. Although Obama was re-elected in that year’s election, the families of the victims and private citizens never stopped calling for and investigating the truth, and again became a major tool for the Republican Party to question Hillary before the 2016 election.

The emails exposed by WikiLeaks also contained Hillary’s emails stolen by cyber hackers. For example, Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta mistakenly clicked on a phishing email that led to hackers breaking into his mailbox and taking political contributions that proved Hillary had taken tens of millions of dollars from Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Meanwhile, this led to the even more sensational claim on the Internet about Benghazi: the Clinton Foundation arranged for Hillary’s friend Stevens to sell, through a private arms dealer, Stinger missiles held by the CIA at a U.S. military base in Qatar to an Islamic extremist group, Ansar al-Sharia …… Libyan Terrorists Attack U.S. Helicopter The failure of one of the missiles to explode drew an investigation by the U.S. Security Service and the FBI. When Hillary learned of the progress of the investigation, she immediately appointed Stevens as US Ambassador to Libya and sent him quickly to Benghazi on a special mission …… Stevens was taken out by a terrorist attack.

The mainstream media did not report this negative news for political correctness. The Obama administration called Assange a liar while claiming he illegally leaked state secrets and wanted to extradite him back to the United States. The WikiLeaks information that was fermented through the spin media has resonated with the public. Whether or not one cares about the forensics from the media, one has to admit that the revelations have at least shed light on the corruption and other problems of the Hillary family. There were calls to track down and give Hillary a pass, and Trump has repeatedly promised to do so. On October 28th of that year, the FBI reopened the emailgate investigation after announcing that it had new leads, which Hillary’s side pointed to as one of the main reasons for her defeat in the election.

After Trump’s election, he demanded an investigation into Hillary’s emailgate. Things went in fits and starts until the 11th of this month, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released more than 30,000 emails deleted by Hillary at Trump’s urging. On the State Department website page, the number of emails released is 35,575.

Why did Trump insist on releasing this 4 year old stuff? I think it has something to do with his campaign promises and the current state of the election campaign. Trump and the voters who support him believe that these emails that were deleted by Hillary will put Hillary on trial. If Hillary is involved in a crime, the contents of the emails involving Obama, Biden, and other insiders of the Democratic camp back then will also be exposed, helping people consider whether to support Democrat Biden. At the same time, it’s a worst-case scenario: even if Biden wins, the emails will have been exposed, making it difficult for anyone to continue to fool the public.

However, before Hillary’s emails fermented, Biden’s son’s hard drive emails became the biggest surprise of late October, and all eyes of the world turned to Biden. Obviously, in terms of the current situation and the future fate of the United States, the pursuit of the Biden and son scandal is more urgent and practical than Hillary’s emailgate. It seems that Hillary is unlikely to be sent to court in the current term of Trump. Instead, Biden is likely to be indicted first, which is a fatal blow to the Democratic Party. With Election Day looming, Biden is likely to drag out the election. Once Biden wins, everything could be rewritten. That’s the psychology behind the Democrats’ desperation to protect Biden.

In the battle to defend Biden in this election, especially since the Biden father-son hard drivegate scandal came to light, the bias towards the Democratic Party by the old mainstream media as well as the large social network media has been blatantly obvious, more so than under Hillary. At the same time, through the information that was disclosed, the public also knew that the FBI had long been getting the contents of the hard drive and had been silent. It wasn’t until Giuliani spoke up to set the event off that the FBI became active. This inevitably leads one to think of corrupt infiltration. In retrospect, it is only when we look back that we realize how difficult it is to seek the truth about Hillary’s emails.

The mainstream media almost all turned a deaf ear to the false “Russiagate” investigation, even if it turned out to be unsubstantiated. Comey was fired by Trump because of his serious mistakes in dealing with the Hillary email case, and there have been many twists and turns since then. The swamp between the federal government and the judicial system is deeper than one can imagine. That Trump can survive in this swamp and keep draining it can only be best explained by God forbid. As in the last paragraph of the election campaign, Hard Drivegate, the ghost of Hunter Biden sent evidence to the door automatically.

When the corruption of Biden and his sons came to light, it was those who exposed the hard drive and the witnesses who came forward who deserved admiration. It was justice that made them choose to show up and speak out. Contrast that with the dark days four years ago, which touched on the mysterious deaths of the Hillary family scandal’s know-nothings and opponents, now that the light has broken through and the clouds are about to dissipate. This is one result of the constant crackdown on the dark side since Trump’s administration.

When Trump took office, if he had been able to bring the truth about Hillary’s email-gate story to light long ago, and had been able to prosecute her, we might not have seen the oddities of today’s Biden hard drive-gate. The fact that there was Hillary before and Biden after highlights the crisis and gravity of the disease of the United States. The first Hillary’s emailgate exposure, and the second Biden’s hard drive emailgate upgrade exposure, indicate that Trump will once again get heaven’s help to save America.

As the saying goes, “Justice may be late, but it is never absent!” . Those who are guilty will be punished. Whoever is guilty, if they are guilty, they will be held accountable. If Trump is re-elected (and I believe he will be), the promises that didn’t get fulfilled, I believe will all be fulfilled.