Dalian railroad system shutdown official use of pirated software is spiteful

Recently, there was news that the train dispatching system of Dalian Railway in Liaoning Province was directly paralyzed due to the suspension of Flash, after which technical staff installed a reduced version of pirated Flash to solve the problem. The official, however, issued an article praising this solution as a technical innovation, which triggered a heated debate among netizens. Subsequently, the Dalian train section deleted the praising article and replaced it with a new set of words, which were still trolled by netizens.

Recently, the internet was buzzing about Dalian Railway’s train dispatching system being directly paralyzed due to the Flash deactivation. Dalian railroad authorities also published an article on the matter in its public number titled “All-out attack for one day and night to ensure transportation of 30 stations”, saying that the system failed on January 12, and the technical team went all out to tackle the problem for more than 20 hours, and finally solved the problem by downgrading the Ghost version of the system back to the low version of Flash, and praised “Everyone is a master in the Dalian section of the car service”, “dare to innovate” and so on.

The article quickly spread on the Internet, and this official praise drew mockery from netizens.

It is reported that in 2017, Adobe announced that Flash will be discontinued at the end of 2020. Adobe stopped all Flash content from running on January 12 this year, and has repeatedly reminded users to uninstall it.

A net article pointed out that the Ghost version of the system is actually what we call a pirated system, plus the downgraded Flash version, but the official summary as “dare to attack, dare to innovate, dare to lead”, is really very ironic, this is “the most hilarious and feel ironic technology news”.

There are also netizens said, “the news of discontinuation has been announced several years ago, early not to make preparations, but also celebrate it.” “Dare to be innovative means using the downgraded Ghost version.” “In all probability, the leader who does not know how to pretend to understand directs everything.” “These days really disgraceful to the family.” “This is put in general Internet companies the entire project team have to roll, put state-owned enterprises here into a book can be a great achievement …… too magical.” “The year of the bull has not yet arrived you began to ‘bullish’, which can also engage in a pass praise out, the brain is a good thing.”

As a result of the online debate, the “Dalian Train Section” later deleted the article and responded again on January 15 that it was not the railroad train dispatching system that was affected by the Flash suspension, but some of the newly purchased computers in the Dalian Train Section with the latest Flash version installed, which could not access the statistical present train system through the browser, and stressed that the system had returned to normal.

This response in turn triggered netizens to troll: “They really don’t know what people are cursing.” “It’s the same as not finding the root of the problem yet.” “People call you stupid and lazy body full of lice, you respond that hello, this dress is cotton absorbent, after washing there will be 8% of water residue, so look dirty.” “Do they really understand what the netizens are mocking them?”