Why Google is under “siege” in the U.S.

Google was recently sued by the U.S. Department of Justice in order to stop it from engaging in anti-competitive behavior by taking advantage of its illegally gained monopoly in the search and search advertising market, and it’s worth noting that Apple was treated the same way in early June, accused of having a monopoly over the supply of apps on the iPhone, while U.S. giants including Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are all at risk of being split up.

But the question is, are these so-called monopolies really monopolies? If you don’t know, let’s ask: after the split, will Google Chrome not be part of Google? If it belongs, what is the point of such a split? If it doesn’t, does that mean paying a huge fee to Google? If we follow this logic, then is Apple’s Apple Watch, AirPods, and other businesses splitting up as well?

In fact, if you look at the world, there are countless integrated giants, such as the well-known Samsung in mobile phones, OLED panels, memory and other aspects of the absolute monopoly; such as our domestic Tencent, its game business and social APP business is also an absolute monopoly …… and these are in fact the inevitable trend of market economic development. If according to the United States of America’s line of analysis, then there can be no large enterprises, because large enterprises are comprehensive business, then there is bound to exist monopoly.

If similar to Google class enterprises really split up, then it means that its revenue, technology and other aspects of the loss of the biggest reliance, which will also lead to its innovation in enterprises, research and development and other aspects of the lack of power, thus affecting the entire country’s scientific and technological development, the United States this move, one word: stupid!