8 co-pilots a day. Yim Teck-Fat can’t take it anymore! Don’t arouse resentment among Taiwanese by exploding the Chinese Communist Party.

The Air Force Command confirmed on the 2nd that eight communist aircraft from the Taiwan Strait south of the central line, respectively, into my air defense airspace southwest of the air defense identification zone, this time not only more sorties, models also have new fighter jets appear again, six of them more fighter jets, intimidation of our strong meaning. In the past few years, the government has been trying to improve the situation, but the government has not been able to do so.

The government is also trying to improve the situation by reducing the size of the population of the country,” said Yan.

The Air Force Command reported on the 2nd day that the Communist Party sent one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, one Y-8 technical reconnaissance aircraft, two Sukai 30 fighter jets, two J-16 fighter jets and two J-10 fighter jets into the southwest airspace.

This is also the CPC since September 19 this year sent a large number of military aircraft across the centerline of the Taiwan Strait, disturbing my southwest airspace, once again a fighter jet appeared to disturb Taiwan. According to the information released by the Ministry of National Defense recently on the disturbance of Taiwan, the CPC sent 12 J16, 2 J10, 2 J11, 2 Boom VI and 1 Y8 anti-submarine aircraft on September 19.

Among them, the National Army released a photo of J-16, although it is not known whether it was taken on September 2 because it is noted as “the same type of aircraft”, but the distance is close enough to identify the pilots of the Communist Army, and the release of such a photo can be said to be very special.

In fact, the recent warming of relations between Taiwan and the U.S., so that the Chinese Communist Party to strengthen the military intimidation of Taiwan, the PLA since mid-August, in the Taiwan Strait north and south end of the joint military exercises, recently even more arrogant over the Taiwan Strait centerline many times, and the number of military aircraft, the type of aircraft have increased, and even repeatedly have signs of pushing towards my airspace, the face of the regional situation heating up, Yan De-Fa has stressed that the national army in accordance with the provisions of the response, if the Communist army is closer to our country, will be more active response.