“All the intestines are coming out”! Prisoner counts down to 1 month out of jail, 4,000 extra cameras installed to keep an eye on him.

South Korea in 2008, a cruel case of “Chao Doo-sun incident” (조 두 순 사건), the convict Chao Doo-sun sexual assault was only 8-year-old girl Na-young (pseudonym), resulting in the girl’s large and small intestine out of the body necrosis, the life of the need to use artificial anus and urine bags. The government said it has installed 3,700 surveillance cameras in Ansan City and expects to reach 4,000 next year to put people’s minds at ease.

According to SBS, MBC and other Korean media reports, Cho Doo-soon abducted 8-year-old Na-young and sexually assaulted her in a toilet. The girl’s life was saved after she was taken to the hospital, but she will have to be fitted with an artificial anus and urine bag for the rest of her life.

The judge, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison, said the judge was not satisfied with the judge’s statement that he was unconscious due to drunkenness, and said he would wait and see when he was released. The brutal incident was also adapted into a movie called “Hope,” which made many people angry. 600,000 people petitioned the government not to release Cho Doo-chun, but the victim’s father argued that the law only protects prisoners.

Even though a psychological test showed that there is a “high probability of recidivism,” he will be released on the 13th of next month and is expected to return to his wife’s residence in Ansan City, 12 years after his release. In an effort to reassure the public, the government has installed 3,700 additional surveillance cameras in Ansan City, which is expected to increase to 4,000 by next year, and said that it will monitor Cho Doo-sun on a one-to-one basis and set up a women’s safety zone within one kilometer of his home.