Yesterday’s hearing was reprimanded by a senator who asked about Twitter today to unlock the New York Post account

The U.S. media outlet The New York Post recently published a story about the “emailgate” controversy involving Hunter Hunt, son of Democratic presidential candidate Biden, but the news was blocked on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, sparking discontent among Republicans who questioned the suppression of conservative voices, and Twitter has now adjusted its policy and unblocked the Twitter account of the New York Post.

Reuters reported that Twitter said on Friday that they had adjusted their policy on Hacked Materials and unblocked the New York Post account. The New York Post’s Twitter account was blocked on Oct. 14 after posting a story about Hunter, which Twitter claimed violated its “hacking policy.

In a Senate hearing held yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey), “Who the hell elected you to have the power to decide what information the public should receive?”

Dorsey responded that this was the company’s policy for responding to hacking, that Twitter initially reviewed it under the Hacked Materials policy and updated the company’s policy and enforcement practices within 24 hours, and that the Twitter team quickly made corrections to avoid a similar situation.