North Carolina Christians: Trump awakens people of all ethnicities in America

Chinese people, who have never paid attention to the U.S. election, are actively involved in the 2020 election, and can be seen in the pro-Trump rally and march in Washington, D.C., including Jan. 6. The election fraud has made them feel that the United States is “at a very critical moment” and is in danger of becoming a socialist country. They said that Trump will never make America a socialist country and the idea of making America great again has awakened people of all ethnicities, including Chinese, to come out and care about the future of America and the fairness of the election.

We can no longer stand aside, we can no longer not care about this country.

Mike Chung, a member of the North Carolina church who participated in the January 6 rally for Trump, told this reporter that he believes the greatest value of Trump, whether or not he is re-elected president, is that he has awakened people of all ethnicities.

Mr. Chung said that Trump has awakened them to the fact that “we can no longer stay outside, we can no longer stay out of American politics. We can no longer not care about this country, and we can no longer just live in our own comfortable rooms.” He added, “We can no longer do this. We’ve got to organize and our power is greater than any evil force.”

Ms. Zeng, who came from California to participate in the “Make America Great Again (MAGA), Stop the Steal” rally on December 12, 2020, also said in an interview with reporters that she was not interested in politics and did not understand American politics, and had not voted for more than ten years. She has never participated in voting. After the Chinese Communist Party implemented the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, she became afraid and began to follow current affairs news and wanted to learn about American politics. She said that through the objective reporting of conscientious media such as New Tang Dynasty and Epoch Times, she learned that the mainstream media, which the people call nasty media, covered up the good things President Trump did without reporting them. President Trump’s philosophy of never engaging in socialism in America and his character of keeping his promises prompted her to come out and vote for Trump.

Reasons for supporting Trump

Mr. Chung said he supports Trump “because he represents the voice of the people. He is not afraid of threats to life, and he dares to face evil. He stood up for us under great pressure and risked his life”. Mr. Zhong said, “Trump is under pressure from different parties, various evil forces, including those from overseas such as the mainland, all wanting to make America, the only place that is relatively free and relatively clean, as dirty and nasty as China. I’m very angry to see that.” According to Chung, Trump is an important representative of traditional values.

Adam Young, a Chinese-American citizen who attended the Nov. 6 rally, also said, “Trump stands for justice, and he saved the country from the evil path it was going to slide down. We just want to make our voices heard to let everyone know that Trump is for the good of America as a country, and we’re coming out to have our voices heard.”

Adam Young also said, “Trump stands for justice, and he saved the country from the evil path that it was going to slide down.

Unlike in the past, Chinese-American citizens who fled from the Communist dictatorship on the mainland in the 2020 election have been very active in both this voting election and the pro-Trump rallies. They do not want the U.S. to become a socialist country.

The expressions of Ms. Wei from Virginia in an interview on November 6 may express the common voice of pro-Trump Chinese. She said she did not have any hope for the mainland under the Chinese Communist Party, which is why she settled in the U.S. “As an American citizen, we want to defend the interests of America and make America strong again. Trump is one of the greatest American presidents and will bring America back to its heritage ……” She added that she is supporting Trump in order to make America strong again.

America is at its most critical moment

Chung said that if Trump is not re-elected, “America is in danger of becoming a socialist country.” Adam Young also pointed out that “the country has reached a very critical moment. He said the purpose of his participation in the rally was “to save the country in accordance with the rights granted by the Constitution.

According to Adam Young, the United States has been on the verge of danger since the 1940s and 1950s. The Frankfurt School, as it was known then, was actually socialism. He says, “It has evolved to the point where socialism has taken over all corners of our lives today. Many of the things they have created sound very good on the surface, but in fact they are destroying our values and the most basic founding philosophy that our founding fathers laid out for us. If this goes on, it will corrupt this country.” He added that the United States is really at the “most critical moment”, so Chinese Americans, who adhere to traditional ideas, fully trust Trump and support him on all fronts.

Adam Young stressed that if Trump is unfortunately not re-elected as president, “many American people will still stick to their traditional beliefs, to the Constitution of our country, to the founding principles of the United States. It would be a very bad thing if the fraudulent people got their way. But there’s also this clause in the Constitution that says if the government doesn’t represent the people, the people have the right to rise up against it.”

Peter, who works in air transportation in California, agrees that the United States has never been in more danger than it is now because of election fraud on this scale. He said, “We also will not recognize a man who became president through dishonest means, and we will take the next step.”

Mr. Chung of the North Carolina church also expressed his concerns. He said, “Trump’s life is definitely in danger right now and there is a threat of assassination because Trump has the ability to bring together the forces of justice from all sides and can rally people. This cohesive power of his will make a lot of evil very afraid.”

Trump: election fraudsters are people who only want their own power and money

One month after the election, on Dec. 2, 2020, President Trump delivered a 46-minute speech on social media. He opened by saying, “This is probably going to be the most important speech I’ve ever given.”

Trump said, “As president, my highest duty is to defend the laws of the United States and the Constitution, and that’s why I’m determined to protect our electoral system, a system that now faces systematic attacks.” He noted, “This election was a fraud, and everyone knows it.”

Trump added, “I don’t mind losing an election, but I want to lose fairly, and what I can’t accept is that somebody stole the election, and that’s why I fought, we had no choice.” He also said that what he did was to make sure that Americans can have confidence in all elections this year and in the future.

In his speech, Trump also stressed that he puts the interests of the United States first and that those who cheat in the election are those who “just want their own power and money.