Authoritative official media to open criticism of Jack Ma? From “996” open knife

Chinese tycoon Jack Ma‘s Alibaba Group has been officially investigated for anti-monopoly, and Ma’s past comments have also been brought up for scrutiny at this moment. “A recent commentary by Xinhua News Agency named “996” and other work patterns, saying that “996 and other so-called ‘struggle’ is never a blessing. “, was interpreted as a criticism of Jack Ma.

According to a report in the Free Times today, the company began to turn over old accounts to criticize Jack Ma? China’s Xinhua News Agency criticized the “996 blessings,” a commentary signed by Xinhua’s collective pen name “Xin Qiping,” which is used to promote the official mainstream ideology, based on the Chinese e-commerce company “Jindoduo. The article, signed by Xinhua News Agency under the collective pseudonym “Xin Qiping” to promote the official mainstream ideology, cited the sudden death of an employee after work in the early morning of the Chinese e-commerce company “Jindo” as an example, pointing out that “the phenomenon of abnormal overtime work is getting more and more intense in some places, and some people are seriously deviating from the so-called ‘view of struggle'”, and some enterprises are forcing the implementation of Some enterprises enforce “996”, “small and big week” and other work patterns, and “overtime work and late night overtime have become the norm of life”; the article criticizes that “disregarding workers’ rights and interests and overdrawing workers’ health The article criticizes that “the so-called ‘struggle’ that disregards workers’ rights and interests and overdraws workers’ health is never a ‘blessing’ and violates labor laws and deviates from the spirit of struggle, and its social harm cannot be underestimated.

The article says, “A socially responsible company can not only achieve a positive performance in the fierce competition, but also make the happiness index of employees rise continuously in the shared development.” It also says that “in the guise of struggle, we must strengthen supervision and dare to take real action to tackle the problem of abnormal overtime work.

Although the whole article did not mention Ma Yun, but Ma Yun had in 2019 for the “996” working hours system caused by public grievances, said at an internal event in Alibaba, “to be able to do 996 is a great blessing, many companies, many people want to 996 have no opportunity”, “to be able to 996, is we people cultivate the blessing”, attracted fierce criticism from all sides.

According to the China Times, the “996” system refers to the overtime culture of many Chinese technology and internet companies that work at 9 a.m. and finish at 9 p.m., six days a week.

After Alibaba Group was investigated for anti-monopoly, Jack Ma has not appeared publicly so far, causing speculation. The Financial Times reported on the 7th that officials had issued “instructions” to the media at the end of December last year, requesting that reports be “fully quoted” from the official statement. “No change or extension of analysis without approval. Analysts say the directive is unusual, and that Ma’s provocation of the government at this point is likely to be highly political, not just a speech that offended Xi Jinping or other official party sensitivities.