10 of the most popular aphrodisiac foods!

There are broadly two types of pleasurable foods: those that enhance sexual interest due to their composition and nutritional value, and those that are physiologically aphrodisiac due to psychological factors. On Valentine’s night, if you choose the right foods, you will have more sex.

The 10 most popular foods for aphrodisiacs!


When it comes to fruits that provoke lust, anyone who knows Adam and Eve will think of the apple. Ever since Adam and Eve, the apple has been synonymous with seduction. The apple’s red pigment, formed by exposure to sufficient sunlight, enhances the production of sex hormones, making men more masculine and women more feminine.


Chocolate is not only a pleasure food, it is also the best gift for lovers to have sex. Nutritionists believe that the ingredients in chocolate can stabilize the nerves and help open the senses, bringing people a sense of relaxation and excitement and making them more eager to enjoy sex. Physiologists have shown that the brain reacts to love in the same way as it does after tasting chocolate, which is why people say chocolate is the taste of love.

Red wine.

Red wine brewed from grapes, endowed with a nourishing and juicy nature of the grapes, slightly sweet, sour and spicy flavor. Chinese medicine, “pungent sweet nourish yang, sour sweet nourish yin”, a glass of red wine into the abdomen, Yin and Yang complementary. An appropriate amount of red wine can promote the acceleration of blood circulation, promote the release of energy in the body, can allow lovers to relax, more enjoy a good night. With a nutritious cheese, is really from within to help grow sexual interest!

10 of the most popular aphrodisiac foods!


As early as the ancient Roman period, people found that fish is an ideal food for sexual nourishment, especially shark meat, which still enjoys a high reputation as a “catalyst” for sex. Scientific research has proven that fish is rich in phosphorus and zinc, etc., which is very important for male and female functional health care, with “sexual harmony between husband and wife” said. Generally speaking, zinc deficiency is associated with decreased sperm count and quality in men, as well as decreased sexual and reproductive function, while in women, symptoms such as weight loss and decreased vaginal discharge during sexual intercourse occur.


Nuts have a mysterious substance that affects the production of male hormones and is helpful in enhancing sexual function. Such as sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts and so on. Among them, walnuts are more prominent, strengthening the kidneys, blood, stomach, moisten the lungs …… is simply an aphrodisiac live treasure.

lamb meat

According to the book “From the New Materia Medica”, mutton can “make up for deficiency and strain, benefit vitality, strengthen the Yang Dao, open the appetite and increase strength”. Cooked mutton, eat meat and drink soup, can cure men five and seven injuries and stomach deficiency and impotence, and has the effect of warming the middle to remove cold, warming and tonifying blood. It is also effective in warming the middle and removing cold, warming qi and blood, etc. Lamb kidney is also effective in producing lean blood, strengthening Yang and tonifying the kidney, suitable for people with kidney deficiency.


The fatty oyster is one of the most familiar aphrodisiac foods, and Western men are convinced of its aphrodisiac properties. A small oyster can provide almost all the zinc a man needs in a day and eating oysters raw is the best way to preserve the zinc in them. Other seafoods such as lobster, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, shellfish, seaweed, etc. are also good.


Asparagus is an obvious example of a food that has been dubbed an “aphrodisiac” because of its “physical resemblance”. It is not only similar in appearance, but also in nutritional content, according to modern research. It’s also a great way to get the most out of a woman’s body. However, asparagus is a chronic “drug” that needs to be consumed over a long period of time in order to be effective.

red pepper

Studies have shown that the capsaicin contained in chili peppers can stimulate the nerve endings in the human body, making the heart beat faster and the libido higher. In addition, some experts believe that eating particularly spicy food can promote the secretion of endorphins, which are produced by the brain and can make people feel happy and energetic, thus helping to create a “sexually happy” life.


Eggs are a high-protein food, and human protein composition is similar, so the human absorption rate of egg protein is as high as 99.7% (milk only 85%). Experts pointed out that the egg is the best nutritional additives to enhance the human sexual function, but also after sex to restore vitality of the best “reductant”.