How often is the best time for couples to have sex

Couple life a few days before the science of this problem may be a lot of men and women are concerned, in fact, in general, the frequency of married life should be due to race, different areas, different social and cultural backgrounds, as well as personal age, health and psychological state, according to the needs of different.

If only from the physiological prize, then no matter what man or woman, no matter what age, in the excitement, as long as it is not forced, and there is no uncomfortable feeling, then you can have married life, simply do not have to consider the last time how long the interval.

Let’s talk about the number of times between husband and wife life, generally decreasing with age, 22-25 years old, about 3 times a week; 32-35 years old, about 2 times a week; in 41-45 years old, perhaps down to 1 time a week. This may just be an average, each age group will be very different, some people more than a few times a day, and some people are less than once a month, so can not only from the frequency of married life to determine whether sexual intercourse is appropriate.

Couple sex life best how long once

What is the objective measure of the frequency of conjugal life? It depends on whether the next morning is full of energy and pleasure. If in the second day or within a few days after the couple life, the following conditions, and can not find other reasons, it can be considered excessive, should be restrained, appropriate to extend the interval between husband and wife life.

1, mental lassitude, malaise, listless, work easily feel tired, learning energy is not concentrated, drowsy.

2, general weakness, waist sore, weak legs, lazy, light-headed, dizzy, two eyes Venus.

3, pale face, eyes dull, emaciated look, thin body.

4, shortness of breath and heartbeat, sometimes sweating, insomnia and dreams, difficult to sleep.

5, appetite loss, do not think of food and drink, poor stomach, and a mild sense of nausea.

So it is certain that, if a husband and wife life for a long time, on both men and women’s body will have a negative impact. Because of married life, not only men and women, both sex organs in a highly charged state, and from married life excitement to climax, many tissues and organs of the human body are involved in this special physiological process. The whole body muscle tension obviously increased, heartbeat, heart muscle contraction strengthening, blood pressure, breathing deepen to speed up, the whole body skin blood vessel expansion, perspiration increase, and so on. The body’s energy consumption increased significantly, metabolism enhanced.

If the husband and wife life delayed for a long time, can make the human body energy consumption and excessive fatigue, and even make the two sides of the spirit of lassitude, general weakness and other discomfort, which is bound to affect the next day’s work. Therefore, the normal married life should be the next day to get up, both feel last night was a perfect sexual journey!