Thyroid nodules should stop smoking and drinking 4 dietary principles to keep in mind

Thyroid nodules are abnormal masses that appear in the thyroid tissue and are caused by the abnormal growth of thyroid cells in the body. In general, it is necessary to be actively aware of the causes of thyroid nodules and the patient’s diet.

What are the causes of nodules in the thyroid gland?

  1. Genetic

When there is an inherited enzyme defect, there is an inability to separate and release thyroid hormones into the bloodstream, which means that the body’s hormone synthesis is impaired, leading to the development of thyroid nodules, which are usually recessive in nature.

Overgrowth of the thyroid tissue.

Overgrowth of thyroid tissue may be the early manifestation of thyroid cancer, so thyroid cancer patients will have nodules.

Iodine deficiency

Iodine deficiency is an important cause of thyroid nodules because iodine can affect the secretion and synthesis of thyroid hormones, and when iodine intake is inadequate, it can lead to abnormal thyroid hormone levels in the body, which increases the risk of nodules.

How should a person with thyroid nodules eat?

1、No smoking or drinking

Patients with thyroid nodules should avoid excessive drinking, smoking and other behaviors, because these behaviors can indirectly increase the risk of cancer and lead to the formation of thyroid cancer induced by thyroid nodules.

Eat more protein-rich food.

Patients with thyroid nodules should eat more protein-rich food and add enough calories to the body, because thyroid nodules patients may have symptoms of hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism will cause patients to consume energy at an accelerated rate, and only with sufficient intake of calories can the body maintain a normal metabolism.

3, a reasonable intake of iodine

Thyroid nodules are caused by iodine deficiency, patients need a reasonable intake of food rich in iodine, but at the same time, we must also pay attention to avoid over-supplementation, because excess iodine will affect the normal treatment, and bring more serious damage to the patient.

4、Eat healthy food.

Patients with thyroid nodules should eat healthy foods and avoid spicy and irritating foods, as they may indirectly affect the condition. Patients can eat more appropriate foods that have the effect of reducing the swelling and effectively promote the recovery of the condition.

The above are the causes of thyroid nodules and the dietary problems that patients with thyroid nodules need to pay attention to, usually from these triggers to prevent thyroid nodules, patients in addition to dietary precautions accident, but also need to pay attention to daily sleep, exercise, such as every day to ensure sufficient sleep time, as well as the appropriate time to exercise, to ensure that the physical quality of improvement.