Los Angeles hit a new high with an average of one death every eight minutes

The novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) epidemic in Wuhan has not slowed down due to the introduction of the vaccine. Many countries around the world have reported a record number of infections. The epidemic in Los Angeles, California, continues to heat up, the latest data shows that there is now an average of one person dying every 8 minutes.

According to reports, “CNN” wuhan pneumonia since the start of a pandemic, Los Angeles has accumulated more than 11000 people killed quarantinable epidemic, and infection cases recently, growing in all deaths, about more than 5000 deaths in the past two months, while the latest statistics show that in Los Angeles, on average, every 8 minutes have 1 people died of pneumonia in wuhan.

Los Angeles has seen a 941 percent jump in cases since November, doubling the number of new cases in less than 10 days than in the entire month of December, the report said. In the past two months, the city’s wuhan pneumonia positive rate jumped to 21.8 percent from 3.8 percent in the past.

Los Angeles is facing unprecedented medical pressure, the authorities recently ordered emergency workers to prioritize “more likely to save people,” and the local government is considering a state of crisis, if the outbreak, the hospital will be ordered to stop less urgent surgery, to treat the military lung disease patients.